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Volume 6—1926

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1926 VOLUME 1 | 1926 Volume 2
Research as a State Policy
Homer L. Dodge; 6 (1926); pp. 14-23
BIOLOGY | Presidential Address |Home
A Preliminary Report on the Seasonal Aspects of Six Habitats Near Norman, Oklahoma
H. M. Hefley, Jr.; 6 (1926); pp. 24-33
Overgrazing from an Ecological Point of View
W. E. Bruner; 6 (1926); pp. 34-38
Preliminary Observations on the Depth, Spread and Characteristics of the Root Systems of Our Common Garden Plants
W. E. Bruner; 6 (1926); pp. 39-49
Preliminary Observations on the Root Development of Cotton, Tobacco and Peanut
W. E. Bruner; 6 (1926); p. 50
Preliminary Observations on the Movement of Solutions in the Soil
W. E. Bruner; 6 (1926); p. 51
The Activities of Young Chicks after the Removal of their Semi-Circular Canals
L. B. Nice and John B. Todd; 6 (1926); pp. 52-53
Nystagmus in Young Chicks
John B. Todd; 6 (1926); p. 54
The Effect of Hot and Cold Applications on Normal Uterine Contractions
Alma J. Neill and Harold M. Hefley, Jr.; 6 (1926); pp. 55-58
Factors Concerned in the Formation of Renal Anomalies with Report of an Unusual Case
John M. Thuringer; 6 (1926); pp. 59-62
Census of the Song and Insectivorous Birds of Oklahoma
George B. Saunders, Jr.; 6 (1926); pp. 63-70
Observations of Some Oklahoma Birds
George B. Saunders, Jr.; 6 (1926); pp. 71-78
September Nesting of the Mourning Doves in Norman in 1925
Margaret Morse Nice; 6 (1926); pp. 79-80
A Study of a Nesting of Magnolia Warblers
Margaret Morse Nice; 6 (1926); p. 81
A Preliminary List of the Protozoa of Cleveland County
Geraldine Gabel; 6 (1926); pp. 82-84
The University of Oklahoma Museum of Zoology Expedition of 1925
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 85-88
A Report on the Amphibians and Reptiles of Oklahoma
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 89-100
Field Observations on Some Amphibians and Reptiles of Pima County Arizona
A. I. Ortenburger and R. D. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 101-121
Some Bats from Oklahoma
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); p. 122
A Report on the Fish of Oklahoma, with Description of New Genera and Species
A. I. Ortenburger and C. L. Hubbs; 6 (1926); pp. 123-141
Notes on Coleoptera from Southeastern Oklahoma with a few Records from Adjacent Portions of Texas and Arkansas
A. I. Ortenburger and Melville H. Hatch; 6 (1926); pp. 142-148
Notes on Oklahoma Orthoptera with a List of Species from the State
T. H. Hubbell and A. I. Ortenbuger; 6 (1926); pp. 149-183
Some Oklahoma Hemiptera
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 184-192
Bird Records from Southern Oklahoma
R. D. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 193-196
A Key to the Snakes of Oklahoma
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 197-218
Odonata Collected in Southern Oklahoma during the Summer of 1925
A. I. Ortenburger; 6 (1926); pp. 219-221
1926 VOLUME 2 | 1926 Volume 1
GEOLOGY | Physics |Social Sciences |Home
The Highest Point in Oklahoma
C. L. Cooper; 6 (1926); pp. 227-228
A Stream Valley Type of Oklahoma
O. F. Evans; 6 (1926); pp. 229-231
The Norman Special Topographic Sheet
Robert Muldrow; 6 (1926); pp. 232-233
Dead Ones, or Obsolete Geological Formation Names in Oklahoma
Charles N. Gould; 6 (1926); pp. 234-238
Radiate Structure of Sand Barite Crystal Masses
C. N. Gould; 6 (1926); pp. 239-242
Detailed Geology of the Northern Part of Murray County, Oklahoma
V. E. Monnett; 6 (1926); pp. 243-245
Spirifer Horizons of the Ohio Mid-Devonian
H. Andrew Ireland; 6 (1926); pp. 246-250
A. The Pennsylvanian of Oklahoma and its Problems
B. Problems of Stratigraphy in Oklahoma
Roy A. Wilson; 6 (1926); pp. 251-253
Preliminary Report on the Sycamore Limestone
C. L. Cooper; 6 (1926); pp. 254-259
Some New Fossil Algal Horizons in the Arbuckle Mountains
Charles E. Decker; 6 (1926); pp. 260-262
New Leaf Fossils from the Permian of Central Oklahoma
Charles N. Gould; 6 (1926); pp. 263-264
The Age of Rounded Sand Grains
G. E. Anderson; 6 (1926); pp. 265-267
The "Buried Hills" as a Structural Agency
V. E. Monnett; 6 (1926); pp. 268-272
Can We Classify the Methods by Which Oil Fields are Discovered?
John A. Udden; 6 (1926); pp. 273-278
Some Features of Ore-Bodies Formed in Synclines by Meteoric Waters
C. E. Sanborn; 6 (1926); pp. 279-285
Producing Sands in the Garber Oil Field
Harold Vanderpool; 6 (1926); pp. 286-289
PHYSICS |Geology | Social Sciences |Home
On Space Charge in Electrolytes
Duane E. Roller; 6 (1926); pp. 290-293
The Effect of the Concentration Gradient on the Electric Field in an Electrolyte
Duane E. Roller; 6 (1926); p. 294
A Determination of the Melting Point of Sodium Electrolyzed Through Glass
J. R. Nielson and Ruth Bieber; 6 (1926); pp. 295-296
The Phoneloscope for Sound Intensities
J. H. Cloud; 6 (1926); pp. 297-298
A Few Errors in Text Books
J. H. Cloud; 6 (1926); pp. 299-300
Test of a Wind-Electric Plant and the Relation of Wind Movement to Generated Electricity
Edwin Kurtz; 6 (1926); pp. 301-309
An Excellent, Inexpensive Conservation of Momentum Apparatus
H. C. Roys; 6 (1926); pp. 310-312
An Extreme Case of Electrolytic Conduction
J. R. Neilson; 6 (1926); p. 313
Transmutation of Elements
J. R. Nielsen; 6 (1926); pp. 313-314
Poggendorf's Fallmaschine
William Schriever; 6 (1926); pp. 314-316
A New Frequency Meter of Wide Range
Homer L. Dodge; 6 (1926)*
This paper was in the table of contents, but was not printed in this volume
SOCIAL SCIENCES |Physics | Geology |Home
A Child's Vocabulary from Fifteen Months to Three Years
Margaret M. Nice; 6 (1926); pp. 317-333
Some Sentences of a Boy of Three Years, Eight Months Old
Sophie R. A. Court; 6 (1926); pp. 334-343
The Teaching of Ideals and Development of the Traits of Character and Personality
M. L. Perkins; 6 (1926); pp. 344-347
The Materials of Educational Sociology
J. V. L. Morris; 6 (1926); pp. 348-357
Some Tendencies in the Popularity of Secondary School Subjects in the Last Decade
H. L. Foster; 6 (1926); pp. 358-360
An Experiment in the Objective Measurement of a Result of Teaching
George F. Miller; 6 (1926); pp. 361-368
A Progress Report on Oklahoma Archeology
J. B. Thoburn; 6 (1926); pp. 369-371
Prehistoric Migrations
J. B. Thoburn; 6 (1926); pp. 372-378
Alber Heald Van Vleet, a Pioneer Oklahoma Scientist
R. E. Jeffs; 6 (1926); pp. 379-382