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Volume 57—1977

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Photo of Dr. K. D. Berlin

FOR 1976

At the annual meeting on November 12, 1976, Dr. K. Darrell Berlin received the Award of Merit of the Oklahoma Academy of Science in recognition of his contributions to the fields of organophosphorus chemistry, organic chemical synthesis, and the analysis of complexes formed between azasteroids and clinically efficaceous anticancer agents. These contributions have appeared in more than 115 technical papers, a textbook in organic chemistry, two technical books in the field of organophosphorus chemistry, two chapters in a series on organophosphorus chemistry, and two reviews. A patent was recently issued on part of his work in medicinal chemistry in which he was co-inventor.

Darrell was one of the youngest doctoral students trained by Professor R. C. Fuson in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois. Following a 2-year postdoctoral stint studying polymer chemistry with Professor G. B. Butler at the University of Florida, Darrell joined the staff at Oklahoma State University. In keeping with his early start under Dr. Fuson, in six years he was promoted to Professor of Chemistry; in eleven years he was appointed the first Regents Professor in Chemistry on the Oklahoma State University campus.

During his 16 years with the University, he has trained 20 doctoral students and 13 chemists have earned Master of Science degrees under his tutelage. The research that Darrell and his students performed brought national and international recognition. In concrete terms, this excellence generated more than three-quarters of a million dollars in external funds granted to Oklahoma State University during the last 15 years. In more esoteric terms, this excellence led to recognition in the form of appointments to National Institutes of Health study sections, to National Science Foundation panels, to lectureship in 17 universities in this country and in Poland and Yugoslavia, to the editorial board of the journal of Sulfur and Phosphorus, and to lists such as Who's Who in America and Outstanding Educators of America.

On behalf of the membership, the Council of the Oklahoma Academy of Science congratulates Dr. Berlin for distinguished contributions to science, and wishes for him continued success in his career.

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