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Volume 57—1977

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R. John Taylor

Department of Biology, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Durant, Oklahoma

The red algal flora of Oklahoma has been represented by two species. Compsopogon coeruleus (Balbis) Montagne was reported from northeastern Oklahoma (1) and a second species, Batrachospermum crouanianum Sirodot, was listed for Oklahoma by Vinyard (2). On July 5, 1973, I collected Lemanea fuscina Borg. from Cedar Creek about 9.5 miles south of Clayton, Pushmataha Co., Oklahoma. My tentative identification of this species was verified by Dr. Harold Robinson of the Smithsonian Institution. The specimens consisted of a basal attached disk with several branches radiating out from it. The branches were from 2 to 22 cm long. Some of the disks were as much as 8 mm wide. The alga was attached to rocks in a shallow riffle about 70 meters north of U. S. Highway 271. Lemanea fuscina Borg. is usually a species of turbulent water where it is found growing attached in riffles, on falls, small dams, and similar habitats throughout the eastern half of the U. S. (3, 4, 5).

This species was also observed on the spillway at Clayton Lake. The collection, J & C Taylor 13693, is deposited in the Southeastern Oklahoma State University Herbarium (DUR) and the Smithsonian Institution (US). A second duplicate is deposited with Dr. H. C. Bold at the University of Texas, Austin. Dr. G. W. Prescott (5) places Lemanea in the family Lemaneaceae; thus L. fuscina Borg. would represent a third family in the Rhodophyceae of Oklahoma.


Field work was supported by NIH Grant 5506RR08003. I express my gratitude for their assistance to Dr. James J. White and Dr. Harold Robinson of the Smithsonian Institution.


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