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Volume 52—1972

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Associate Editor —Florene C. Kelly
Managing Editor —James Lovell
Assistant Editors —Harley P. Brown, John D. Naff, George Odell,
James G. Caster, Glenn W. Todd, Otis C. Dermer, Ralph E. Olson,
H. Aldridge Gillespie, Edward A. Grula, Verdine Trout
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Biological Sciences
Growth of White Crappie and Gizzard Shad in Lake Keystone, Oklahoma
Tarik R. Al-Rawi and Dale W. Toetz; 52 (1972); pp. 1-5
Aspects of the Feeding Ecology of Fundulus zebrinus kansae
Anthony A. Echelle, Doyle Mosier, and Loren G. Hill; 52 (1972); pp. 6-9
Effects of Caged Catfish Culture on Water Quality and Community Metabolism of a Lake
Rex Eley, Joe H. Carroll, and Doyle DeWoody; 52 (1972); pp. 10-15
Occurrence of the Mississippi Silversides, Menidia audens (Hay), in Keystone Reservoir and the Arkansas River
Ricardo Gomez and Hague L. Lindsay, Jr.; 52 (1972); pp. 16-18
Food Habits of River Carpsucker and Freshwater Drum in Four Oklahoma Reservoirs
Robert C. Summerfelt, Paul E. Mauck, and Gary Mensinger; 52 (1972); pp. 19-26
Diel Activity Patterns for the Male Snakeskin Gourami Trichogaster pectoralis, (Regan) (Pisces, Belontiidae)
Henry W. Robison and Rudolph J. Miller; 52 (1972); pp. 27-33
Distribution of Oklahoma Grassland Spiders and New Records for the State
Branley A. Branson and William A. Drew; 52 (1972); pp. 34-38
Trichomonas gallinae (Rivolta, 1878) Stabler, 1938, in Mourning Doves, Zenaidura macroura, in Northwest Oklahoma
James W. Carpenter, James C. Lewis, and John A. Morrison; 52 (1972); pp. 39-40
A Comparison of Soil Microfungi of Two Grassland Areas in Central Oklahoma
Susan Hamp, W. G. Sorenson, and E. L. Rice; 52 (1972); pp. 41-44
Ecology of Norway Rats, Rattus norvegicus, on a Deserted Farm in Western Oklahoma
Hobart F. Landreth; 52 (1972); pp. 45-48
Occurrence and Distribution of Arthropods in Travertine Creek, Platt National Park, Murray County, Oklahoma
R. E. McKinley, R. Prins, and L. E. Jech; 52 (1972); pp. 49-52
Apparent Resistance of Chicken Hemmagglutinin Response to Immunosuppressants Methotrexate and Azathioprine
C. D. Barrett and F. Seto; 52 (1972); pp. 53-57
Translocation of 14C-Labeled Compounds in Wheat and Bean Plants as Affected by Water Stress
Richard Couch and Glenn W. Todd; 52 (1972); pp. 58-61
Comparison of Non-Cellular Endosperm Starch from Several Genotypes of Peanuts (Archis hypogaea L.) Using Birefringence End Point Temperatures
J. M. Kubicek and D. J. Banks; 52 (1972); pp. 62-65
Physical Sciences
Methyl Esters and 1,3-Dioxolan-4-ones Derived from Simple Alpha-Hydroxy Carboxylic Acids
O. C. Dermer and Charlie George; 52 (1972); pp. 66-69
Electron Transfer Reactions Involving Trityl Bromide and Phenylmagnesium Bromide. Radical Intermediates from Diethyl Ether and Di-N-Propyl Ether
James P. Maples, Donald E. Grerory, and K. Darrell Berlin; 52 (1972); pp. 70-72
Equation of State from Multiproperty Analysis - General Development
K. E. Starling and J. F. Wolfe; 52 (1972); pp. 73-81
Modified BWR Equation for Propane from Multiproperty Analysis of PVT, Enthalpy, and Vapor Pressure Data
Y. C. Kwok, J. E. Powers, and K. E. Starling; 52 (1972); pp. 82-90
Nonlinear Programming in Equation of State Development
L. D. Clements, J. H. Christensen, and K. E. Starling; 52 (1972); pp. 91-93
Flexural Micromechanics of a Composite Material Containing Large-Diameter Fibers
Charles W. Bert; 52 (1972); pp. 94-100
Dimensionless Parameters in Groundwater Recharge
Jimmie F. Harp and Joakim G. Laguros; 52 (1972); pp. 101-104
Correlation of Engineering and Soil Characteristics in Selected Mollisols
Anant Wanasen, Fenton Gray, and Robert D. Morrison; 52 (1972); pp. 105-112
Social Sciences
Vertical Integration by Marketing Cooperatives - Theoretical Economic Firm Models and Their Application
Mahmoud M. Badr; 52 (1972); pp. 113-116
Estimating Intercounty Benefits from Rural Development Programs
Dean Schreiner and George Muncrief; 52 (1972); pp. 117-119
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Remains of a Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) from Northwestern Oklahoma
Jeffrey H. Black and Troy L. Best; 52 (1972); p. 120
ARTICLES | Reports | Note | Academy Affairs | Home
Environmental Impact of the Oklahoma East-West Water Conveyance System
Constance E. Taylor and R. John Taylor; 52 (1972); pp. 121-124
Can We Afford a Cleaner Vehicle Fuel?
C. M. Sliepcevich and J. L. Lott; 52 (1972); pp. 125-133
Ohio Oil Co. V. Indiana - A Critical Chapter in the Growth of Petroleum Conservation Law
James G. Caster; 52 (1972); pp. 134-137
Environmental and Economic Considerations of Solid Waste Management in Rural Areas of Oklahoma
Daniel D. Badger; 52 (1972); pp. 138-142
Spectrometric Methods for Determining the Water Content of Glass
L. E. Brown and W. E. Martinsen; 52 (1972); pp. 143-144
Geomorphology of the Central Washita River Basin
D. W. Goss, A. R. Ross, P. B. Allen, and J. W. Naney; 52 (1972); pp. 145-149
Commercial Harvest of Mussels in Oklahoma 1966-1971
Gary C. Mensinger; 52 (1972); pp. 150-152
Antimycin - A Fisheries Management Tool for Oklahoma?
Jim Smith; 52 (1972); pp. 153-159
Polymer Concrete and its Potential in the Construction Industry
Luke M. Snell, H. Aldridge Gillespie, and Robert Y. Nelson; 52 (1972); pp. 160-162
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