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Volume 5—1925

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Conservation from a Biological Standpoint
C. E. Sanborne; 5 (1925); pp. 14-19
EDUCATION | Presidential Address | Biology |Physics | Geology |Home
Tinkering With a True-False Test
George F. Miller; 5 (1925); pp. 20-30
Formulas for Scoring Tests in which the Maximum Amount of Chance is Determined
George F. Miller; 5 (1925); pp. 30-42
BIOLOGY | Presidential Address | Education |Physics | Geology |Home
The Effect of Secretin on the Secretion of the Glands of the Body, Particularly the Pancreas, Kidney, Liver, and Submaxillary Glands
Alma J. Neill and Lester L. Fritz; 5 (1925); pp. 43-51
The Effect of Thyroparathyroidectomy on Body Activities
O. O. Stoland and Homer L. Bryant; 5 (1925); pp. 51-58
On the Action of Lobelin upon the Circulatory Organs
Gertrude Nielsen; 5 (1925); pp. 58-66
Adaptation in Caudal Musculature
Ruth Holzapefel; 5 (1925); pp. 66-70
Observations of the Definitive Sex-Cells of the Chick
Harold Hulpieu; 5 (1925); pp. 70-74
Further Notes on the Oviposition of Burchus and the Orientation of the Embryo in the Egg During Development
Alfred Brauer; 5 (1925); pp. 74-76
A Parasite of the Larva of the Tomato Worm Moth: Protoparce quinquemaculatus
Harold M. Hefley, Jr.; 5 (1925); pp. 77-80
Notes on the Reptiles and Amphibians of Okmulgee County, Oklahoma
Edith R. Force; 5 (1925); pp. 80-83
A Preliminary List of the Snakes of Oklahoma
A. I. Ortenburger; 5 (1925); pp. 83-87
Ecological Succession in the Arbuckle Region
Audrey F. Shultz; 5 (1925); pp. 88-90
Distribution of Spiders as Correlated with Environmental Factors
Vera G. Smith and Dixie Young; 5 (1925); pp. 90-91
Oklahoma Climagraphs and Biotic Regions
A. O. Weese; 5 (1925); pp. 91-95
"Supertidal" Animal Communities in the Puget Sound Region
A. O. Weese; 5 (1925); pp. 95-97
Linkage Relations in Animals (Abstract)
W. A. Craft; 5 (1925); pp. 97-99
Notes on the Oklahoma Species of Onthophagus
W. J. Brown; 5 (1925); pp. 99-101
Evidence of Increase in Certain Rare Species of Birds in Oklahoma
R. O. Whintenton; 5 (1925); pp. 101-103
Some Materials Used in Nest Construction by Certain Birds of the Oklahoma Panhandle
R. C. Tate; 5 (1925); pp. 103-104
Some Bird Observations in Cleveland County in 1924
Margaret M. Nice and L. B. Nice; 5 (1925); pp. 104-107
PHYSICS |Presidential Address | Education | Biology | Geology |Home
The Theory of the Dodge Design Rheostat
Homer L. Dodge; 5 (1925); pp. 108-109
Note on the Energy Dissipation in Branched Electric Circuits with Direct and Alternating Current
J. Rud Nielsen; 5 (1925); pp. 110-113
The Measurement of Small Capacities by the Condensers-in-Parallel Method
William Schriever; 5 (1925); pp. 113-115
On the Theory of the Photo-Electric Effect
J. Rud Nielsen; 5 (1925); pp. 115-116
An Inexpensive Electric Hot Plate
Sylvan Wood; 5 (1925); pp. 116-118
GEOLOGY | Presidential Address | Education | Biology |Physics |Home
A Preliminary Division of Oklahoma into Major and Minor Provinces on the Basis of Rainfall Adequacy
C. J. Bollinger; 5 (1925); pp. 119-123
The Eastern Boundary of the Great Plains in North Central Oklahoma
C. J. Bollinger; 5 (1925); pp. 123-124
Some Stalactic Forms of Marcasite
H. C. George; 5 (1925); pp. 125-127
Notes on a Possible Explanation for the Circular White Spots Found in the Red Shales of the Permian Red Beds
A. C. Shead; 5 (1925); pp. 127-128
Preliminary Report on the Comanchean of Northwestern Oklahoma
R. L. Clifton; 5 (1925); pp. 128-132
Occurrence of Caliche in Oklahoma
John T. Lonsdale; 5 (1925); pp. 132-136
Unsolved Geological Problems in Oklahoma in 1925
Chas. N. Gould; 5 (1925); pp. 136-140
Oklahoma's Rank among the States in New Wealth per Year
Chas. N. Gould; 5 (1925); p. 141
Geology and Oil Fields of the Mid-Continent Area
Chas. N. Gould; 5 (1925); pp. 142-145
Celestite, A New Mineral for Oklahoma
Chas. N. Gould; 5 (1925); pp. 145-147
Lichens as Weathering Agents of Limestone
S. Weidman; 5 (1925); pp. 147-150
Some Processes in the Formation of the Stream Valleys of the Interior Plains Region of the United States
Oren F. Evans; 5 (1925); p. 150
Notes on the Extension of the Blaine Gypsum in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Texas
Chas. N. Gould; 5 (1925); pp. 151-152
Correlation of the Whitehorse Sandstone
R. L. Clifton; 5 (1925); pp. 152-155