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Volume 37—1956

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Address by the President: Graduate Education in Science - The Last Formal Rampart?
A. M. Stebler; 37 (1956); pp. 15-21
SECTION A, BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |Home
Protecting Trees from Borers with Aluminum Foil Wraps
G. A. Bieberdorf and Kenneth Hunter; 37 (1956); pp. 24-26
A Systemic Insecticide on Ornamental Plants
G. A. Bieberdorf and Kenneth Hunter; 37 (1956); pp. 27-29
Oklahoma Gastropods: Range Extensions, A Faunal Addition, and a Nomenclatural Change
Branley Branson; 37 (1956); pp. 30-32
Reptiles and Amphibians of the Oliver Wildlife Preserve
Charles C. Carpenter; 37 (1956); pp. 33-34
The Effect of Transplantation of Additional Thyroid Tissue on the Basal Metabolic Rate of the Laboratory Rat
W. Eugene Crowder; 37 (1956); p. 35
The Effect of Steroids on Microbial Growth
Norman N. Durham and Margie D. Perry; 37 (1956); pp. 36-39
A Method for Assaying and Studying Induced Mutations in Bacteria
Norman N. Durham and Orville Wyss; 37 (1956); pp. 40-41
The Pit Trap as a Device for Determining Surface Inhabiting Arthropod Populations
F. A. Fenton; 37 (1956); p. 42
Notes on Oklahoma Plants
George J. Goodman; 37 (1956); pp. 43-44
Water Fluctuations as a Factor in the Life of Six of the Higher Plants of Central Oklahoma
James H. B. de Gruchy; 37 (1956); pp. 45-46
Live Bait Imports: Chrosomus eos and Eucalia inconstans as Potential Additions to Oklahoma's Fish Fauna
William R. Heard; 37 (1956); pp. 47-48
The Incidence of Abnormal Mitoses in Cultured Chick Embryo Fibroblasts
Allan A. Katzberg; 37 (1956); pp. 49-51
A List of Mammals Collected in West Central Oklahoma
Otis M. King; 37 (1956); pp. 52-53
The Form of the Protein-Mineral Union in Bone Matrix
F. H. Meyer; 37 (1956); pp. 54-59
The Phenology of Woody Plants in Norman, Oklahoma, During the Spring Seasons of 1954, 1955 and 1956
William T. Penfound; 37 (1956); pp. 60-64
A Staining Technique for the Preparation of Routine Microscope Slides for Biology
Serafin Ramon, Terry Tarrant, Clayton Goff, James Countryman and Harold M. Hefley; 37 (1956); pp. 65-66
Records of Riffle Beetles and a Description of the Larva of Hexacylloepus (Coleoptera: Dryopoidea)
Milton W. Sanderson and Harley P. Brown; 37 (1956); pp. 67-72
Age and Growth of the Channel Catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, in Lake Texoma
Kermit Sneed and Edgar M. Leonard; 37 (1956); pp. 73-78
Studies in the Composition and Distribution of the Oklahoma Flora. XXII
U. T. Waterfall; 37 (1956); p. 79
Chaetotaxy of the Pupa of the Mosquito Culex tarsalis Coq.
John M. White; 37 (1956); pp. 80-82
SECTION C, PHYSICAL SCIENCES |Section A, Biological Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation|Home
A Study of the Effect of Rock Properties on Oil recovery by Solution Gas Drive
Martin Felsenthal; 37 (1956); p. 84
Proposed Direct Measurement of Atomic Transition Probabilities
Thomas Holzberlein; 37 (1956); pp. 85-86
A Study of Steel Aerobic Corrosion Fatigue Life as Related to the pH Level
F. J. Radd and L. H. Wolfe; 37 (1956); pp. 87-88
SECTION D, SOCIAL SCIENCES | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section E, Science Education |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |Home
Learning During Extinction
Irene Mackintosh Hulicka; 37 (1956); pp. 90-94
The Regional Background of Oklahoma's People
James D. Tarver; 37 (1956); pp. 95-99
SECTION E, SCIENCE EDUCATION | Section A, Biological Sciences | Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences |Section F, Geography | Section G, Conservation |Home
Preparation and Certification of High School Teachers of Science: A Survey of Opinion of College Teachers of Science
Horace H. Bliss; 37 (1956); pp. 102-112
Use of the Project Method in Advanced Courses in Zoology
Harley P. Brown; 37 (1956); pp. 113-114
A Method for Working a Speaking Knowledge of the Flora of the Region into the Course in General Biological Science
James H. B. de Gruchy; 37 (1956); p. 115
The Administrator's Responsibility in Science Education
Richard M. House; 37 (1956); pp. 116-118
Study of a Potential Area of Cooperation between Industrial Organizations and Secondary School Science Classes in Western Oklahoma
Earl A. Reynolds and J. D. Affentranger; 37 (1956); pp. 119-120
How a Group of College Freshmen Regard their High School Background
Martin Allen Satz; 37 (1956); pp. 121-123
A Reservoir of High School Science Teachers
Martha W. Shackleford; 37 (1956); pp. 124-127
SECTION F, GEOGRAPHY |Section A, Biological Sciences |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section G, Conservation |Home
History and Development of Tourism in Mexico
William M. Bryan; 37 (1956); pp. 130-131
Diseases Associated with Intensive Subsistence Farming in Japan and Korea
Keith E. Calvert; 37 (1956); pp. 132-134
The Riddle of Midwest City, Oklahoma
Arthur H. Doerr; 37 (1956); p. 135
Some Notes on the Geography of Sugar Cane in Ecuador
Luis Freile; 37 (1956); pp. 136-140
Some Problems Confronted in Selection of Triangulation Stations in Western Panama
Samuel M. Harris; 37 (1956); pp. 141-143
Production and Use of Tagua Nut
Edward E. Keso; 37 (1956); pp. 144-147
The Status of Topographic Mapping in Oklahoma
Ralph E. Olson; 37 (1956); pp. 148-151
Teaching Values of College Workbooks in Geography and Geology
David C. Winslow; 37 (1956); pp. 152-155
SECTION G, CONSERVATION |Section A, Biological Sciences |Section C, Physical Sciences |Section D, Social Sciences |Section E, Science Education | Section F, Geography |Home
Notes Regarding the History and Current Status of the Lesser Prairie Chicken in Oklahoma
Ferrell F. Copelin; 37 (1956); pp. 158-161
Status of the Kit Fox, Vulpes velox, in the High Plains
Bryan P. Glass; 37 (1956); pp. 162-163
Some Results of the Partial Fish Population Removal Technique in Lake Management
Robert M. Jenkins; 37 (1956); pp. 164-173
Changes in the Fish Population of Lake Murray Following the Reduction of Gizzard Shad Numbers
O'Reilly Sandoz; 37 (1956); pp. 174-181
The Occurrence of Salmonella pullorum in Blue Scaled Quail in the Oklahoma Panhandle
George B. Wint; 37 (1956); p. 183 (182)