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Volume 3—1923

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Pasteur's Contribution to Bacteriology and Medicine
Gayfree Ellison; 3 (1923); pp. 12-15
Louis Pasteur - The Man
L. B. Nice; 3 (1923); pp. 15-23
Gregor Mendel's Life and Achievements
A. Richards; 3 (1923); pp. 23-31
BIOLOGY | Centennial Celebration of the Birth of Louis Pasture and Gregor Mendel | Geology | Physics | Psychology | Home
Responses of Bruchus to Modified Environments
J. K. Brientenbecher; 3 (1923); pp. 32-40
Some Birds of the Oklahoma Panhandle
R. C. Tate; 3 (1923); pp. 41-51
Present Day Objectives in Zoology
A. Richards; 3 (1923); pp. 51-56
Unilateral Inheritance in Bruchus
J. K. Breitenbecher; 3 (1923); pp. 56-59
The Effect of Hydroxides on the Fission Rate of Paramoecium
Dixie Young; 3 (1923); pp. 59-61
Nesting Records from 1920 to 1922 from Norman, Oklahoma
Margaret M. Nice; 3 (1923); pp. 61-67
Identification, and Ecology of Polypodium Incanum (S. W.) An Epiphytic Fern Included in the Oklahoma Cryptogamic Flora
M. M. Wickham; 3 (1923); pp. 67-70
Parasites of Dogs and Cats of Oklahoma
John E. Guberlet; 3 (1923); pp 71-78
Experiments on Egg Production in Bruchus
Alfred Brauer; 3 (1923); pp. 78-83
Fall Grasses of Cleveland County, Oklahoma
C. W. Prier; 3 (1923); pp. 83-87
GEOLOGY | President's Address | Biology | Physics | Psychology | Home
Notes on the Paleontology of the Comanchean of Love County, Oklahoma
Fred M. Bullard; 3 (1923); pp. 88-91
Preliminary Notes on a New Geologic Map of the Arbuckle Mountains of Oklahoma
C. E. Decker; 3 (1923); pp. 91-94
A Study of Some Conglomerates near the Eastern Limits of the Red Beds of Oklahoma
O. F. Evans; 3 (1923); pp. 94-95
Notes on the Area Lying Between the Northwestern Edge of the Arbuckle Mountains and the Wildhorse Sandstone
E. R. Brockway and H. J. Owens; 3 (1923); pp. 95-96
Phosphate Rocks in Oklahoma
A. C. Shead; 3 (1923); pp. 97-102
Notes on Barite in Oklahoma with Chemical Analyses of Sand Barite Rosettes
A. C. Shead; 3 (1923); pp. 102-106
"Drillite" and its Significance to the Geologist
A. C. Shead; 3 (1923); pp. 107-108
Notes on the Black Mesa Basalt
A. C. Shead; 3 (1923); pp. 108-113
Building Materials of Oklahoma
M. C. Oakes; 3 (1923); pp. 113-117
A Preliminary Interpretation of Certain Pecularities of the North and South Canadian River Basins in the Red Beds Area of Oklahoma
C. J. Bollinger; 3 (1923); pp. 117-120*
*This paper was not included in the original table of contents
Some Observations on the South Canadian River Near Norman
O. F. Evans; 3 (1923); pp. 120-123
Buried Mountain Ranges in Oklahoma
Charles N. Gould; 3 (1923); pp. 123-125
Indian Pictographs in the Wichita Mountains
S. Weidman; 3 (1923); pp. 125-128
PHYSICS | Centennial Celebration of the Birth of Louis Pasture and Gregor Mendel | Biology | Geology | Psychology | Home
Present Day Objectives in Physics (Abstract)
Homer L. Dodge; 3 (1923); pp. 129-130
The Cause of the Optimum Angle in a Receiving Conical Horn
Victor A. Hoersch; 3 (1923); pp. 130-131
A Electrometer for Measuring the Radioactivity of Gases from Oil and Gas Wells
F. K. Harris; 3 (1923); pp. 131-134
Sources of Direct Current in High School Laboratories
B. C. Brouse; 3 (1923); pp. 134-139
PSYCHOLOGY | Centennial Celebration of the Birth of Louis Pasture and Gregor Mendel | Biology | Geology | Physics | Home
A Boy's Vocabulary at Eighteen Months
George F. Miller, Margaret D. Miller, Margaret M. Nice; 3 (1923); pp. 140-144
An Experiment in Automatic Spelling
Herbert Patterson; 3 (1923); pp. 144-146
The Magnetism of the Map
Sophie Ravitch Altshiller Court; 3 (1923); pp. 146-151
A Comparison of the Size of Vocabularies of Fifty Children of the Same Age
Miriam E. Oatman-Blachley; 3 (1923); pp. 151-155