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Volume 10—1930

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Maurice Greer Smith
Homer L. Dodge; 10 (1930); pp.5-6
Science, Education, and the Museum
A. Richards; 10 (1930); pp. 7-12
BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Social Sciences |Home
Two Stylet Cercariae from Douglas Lake, Michigan
Frank G. Brooks; 10 (1930); pp. 13-16
A Specimen of Streptocephlus Taken in Oklahoma County
Cliff Otto and Roy Jones; 10 (1930); p. 17
Differential Reactions to Environment of a Host and its Parasite
A. O. Weese; 10 (1930); pp. 18-19
Some Grasses Not Previously Reported from Oklahoma
H. I. Featherly; 10 (1930); p. 20
Some Experiments on the Effects of Liver Substance on the Uric Acid Content of the Blood
K. L. Dickens; 10 (1930); pp. 21-23
The Present Status of Radium
Everett S. Lain, M. D., F. A. C. P.; 10 (1930); pp. 23-25
Seral Communities of a Muddy Sea Bottom
A. O. Weese and James A. MacNab; 10 (1930); pp. 26-28
Some Biotic Data at the Edge of a Snowslide
Mary J. Brown and L. O. Jackson; 10 (1930); pp. 29-38
Directions for the Plant Life Cycle Chart
No Author Listed; 10 (1930); p. 38
SOCIAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address |Biological Sciences | Geological Sciences |Physical Sciences |Home
The Physical Condition of the Self Supporting and Partially Supporting College Student at the University of Oklahoma
Alma J. Neill and Louise Perkinson; 10 (1930); pp. 39-42
A Statistical Study of College Students' Views of Classroom Teaching
Herbert Patterson; 10 (1930); pp. 43-47
The Relation of the Principal's Salary to the Salary of the Superintendent in Independent Districts in Oklahoma
C. L. Kezer; 10 (1930); pp. 47-50
Housing Conditions Among the Working Class Population of Oklahoma City
Jennings J. Rhyne; 10 (1930); pp. 51-55
A Neural Theory of Association: Chronaxic Switching
M. O. Wilson; 10 (1930); pp. 56-60
Mobility of Rural Teachers and School Children in Oklahoma
J. T. Sanders; 10 (1930); pp. 61-63
The Present Status of Large Scale Farming
P. H. Stevens; 10 (1930); pp. 64-66
Costs of Health Maintenance Among Oklahoma Farm Families
Otis Durant Duncan; 10 (1930); pp. 66-68
GEOLOGICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address | Biological Sciences |Social Sciences |Physical Sciences |Home
The Dolomites of the Stillwater, Wellington, Garber, Hennessey, and Duncan Formations
C. A. Merrit and J. W. Minton; 10 (1930); pp. 69-71
The Age of the Spavinaw Granite
H. A. Ireland; 10 (1930); pp. 72-77
Probable History of the Holloman Gravel Pit at Frederick Oklahoma
O. F. Evans; 10 (1930); pp. 77-79
Some Problems Concerning the Antiquity of Man in the New World
Maurice G. Smith; 10 (1930); pp. 79-82
Age of Toads in the A. H. Holloman Sand Pit at Frederick, Oklahoma
C. E. Decker; 10 (1930); pp. 82-84
Characteristics of the Sylvan Shale in Widely Separated Areas
Harold S. Thomas; 10 (1930); pp. 85-87
Conodonts in Oklahoma Sediments
Frederic A Bush; 10 (1930); p. 87
The Pennsylvanian-Permian Boundary in South-Central Oklahoma
Robert H. Dott; 10 (1930); pp. 88-89
Some Characteristics of the Pre-Pennsylvanian Detrital Zone in the Oklahoma City Field
Hubert H. Bale, Wm. H. Atkinson and L. R. McFarland; 10 (1930); pp. 89-91
A Report of Progress of the Results of Flushing Oil Sands with Alkaline Solutions
W. E. Gordon and O. T. Lund; 10 (1930); pp. 92-94
Report of Progress on the Organic Acids Produced by the Bacterial Decomposition of Plant Material
A. N. Murray and Lewis Cline; 10 (1930); pp. 95-96
The Collection and Interpretation of Drill Cuttings
J. T. Richards; 10 (1930); pp. 97-99
Deep Well Temperatures in Oklahoma
John A. McCutchin; 10 (1930); pp. 99-101
The Boundary Between the Hennessey and Garber Formations in Northwestern Oklahoma
Charles G. Carlson; 10 (1930); pp. 101-102
Pitted Cobbles of Northwestern Oklahoma
G. A. Waring; 10 (1930); pp. 102-105
Rate of Sedimentation in Boomer Lake
J. T. McCormack; 10 (1930); p. 105
Formation Testers and What They May Accomplish
I. F. Bingham; 10 (1930); pp. 106-109
Petroleum and Surface Vegetation
Chas. N. Gould; 10 (1930); pp. 110-114
A Study of the Amount of Sediment Carried by Runoff Water
Horace J. Harper and Henry F. Murphy; 10 (1930); pp. 114-117
A New Echinoid Horizon
J. T. McCormack; 10 (1930); p. 118
Lithologic Facie's of a Portion of the Stillwater Formation
Don B. Gould; 10 (1930); pp. 118-122
PHYSICAL SCIENCES | Presidents Address |Biological Sciences |Social Sciences | Geological Sciences |Home
Effect of Temperature on the Photoelectric Behavior of Solid and Liquid Mercury
Duane Roller and Carl S. Woodward; 10 (1930); pp. 122-126
On the Spatial Distribution of the Electric Field in a Conducting Electrolyte
William Schriever; 10 (1930); pp. 126-127
The Fundamental Atomic Quantities and Atomic Weight
Duane Roller; 10 (1930); pp. 127-128
Atomic Resonance Radiation in Potassium Vapor
J. Rud Nielsen and Norman Wright; 10 (1930); p. 128
Excitation of the Second Positive Band System of Nitrogen in the Presence of Hydrogen or Sodium Vapor
J. Rud Nielsen and Tully Watson; 10 (1930); pp. 128-129
The Vanishing of the Magnetic Pole
F. W. Warburton; 10 (1930); pp. 129-141