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Vol. 30—1965

Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority With Respect to Authority Under Specific Acts
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority With Respect to Authority Under Specific Acts
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority With Respect to Lands and Minerals
Alaska—Revoking Executive Order 2347 and Public Land Order 1301
Commercial Indian Fishing in Alaska—Delegation of Authority to Enforce Regulations
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority
Wapato-Satus Unit—Redelegation of Authority; Irrigation
Agua Caliente Indian Reservation—Adoption and Application of State and Local Laws
Indian Property in California—Adoption and Application of State Laws
Allegany Indian Reservation, N.Y.—Delegation of Authority
Ponca Tribe of Native Americans of Nebraska
North Dakota—Restoring Certain Lands, and the Minerals in Other Lands, to Tribal Ownership
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority Regarding State and Local Regulation of Use      of Indian Property
Property of Certain California Rancherias and Individual Members Thereof
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority
Property of Big Valley Rancheria in California and Individual Members Thereof
South Dakota—Restoration of Lands to Tribal Ownership
Cloverdale Rancheria, Calif.—Termination of Federal Supervision Over Property and Individual      Members Thereof

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Volume 30—1965
August 30, 1965

Notice of Termination of Federal Supervision

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Notice is hereby given that the Indians named under the Rancherias listed below, and the dependent members of their immediate families, are no longer entitled to any of the services performed by the United States for Indians because of their status as Indians, and all statutes of the United States which affect Indians because of their status as Indians shall be inapplicable to them, and the laws of the several States shall apply to them in the same manner as they apply to other citizens within their jurisdictions. Title to the land on the Rancherias has passed from the United States Government under the distribution plan of each Rancheria.

[Names of individuals omitted]

Scotty Valley Rancheria, 56.68 acres in Sec. 13, Twp. 14 North, Range 10 West, M.D.M., Lake County, Calif.

Robinson Rancheria, 168 acres, the NE ¼ NE 2/4 Sec. 24, Twp. 15 North, Range 10 West; Lots 1 and 10 and part of the NE ¼ NW ¼ Sec. 19, Twp. 15 North, Range 9 West; E ½ SE ¼ and S ½ NE ¼ Sec. 15, Twp. 16 North, Range 10 West, M.D.B.& M., Lake County. Calif.

Guidiville Rancheria, 244.12 acres, Lot 4 in Sec. 23; SW ¼ Sec. 24; and part of Lot 1, Sec. 26, all in Twp 15 North, Range 12 West; and Frac. Lots 79 and 148 of Healey's Survey and Map of Yokayo Rancho, all in Mendocino County, Calif.

This notice is issued pursuant to the Act of August 18, 1953 (72 Stat. 619), amended August 11, 1964 (78 Stat. 390), including the provisions in the 1964 Act that this notice affects only the Indians and dependent members of their families who are not members of any other tribe or band of Indians and that all restrictions and tax exemptions applicable to trust or restricted land or interests therein owned by the Indians who are affected by this notice are terminated.

This notice becomes effective as of the date of publication in the FEDERAL REGISTER.

Under Secretary of the Interior.

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