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Vol. 20—1955

Bureau of Indian Affairs—Delegations of Authority
Order Designating Reservation for Indians of Hydaburg, Alaska—Notice of Invalidation
Fort Peck Indian Reservation—Withdrawing Lands in Aid of Proposed Legislation; Partially Revoking      Departmental Orders of March 14, 1913, and November 27, 1917, Which Withdrew Lands for      Reclamation Purposes
Solicitor and Chief Clerk—Delegations of Authority Pertaining to Enrollment of Indians and Contracts for      Supplies and Services
Commissioner of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority with Respect to Contracts for Services of      Engineering and Architectural Firms
Bureau of Indian Affairs—Delegations of Authority
Oahe Dam and Reservoir Project, South Dakota—Ratification and Approval of Act for Acquisition of      Lands
Bureau of Indian Affairs—Authority Under Specific Acts
Alabama and Coushatta Tribes of Indians of Texas, and Individual Members Thereof—Proclamation      Regarding Termination of Federal Supervision Over Property
Bureau of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority
Montana—Partially Revoking Departmental Order of February 6, 1911, Establishing Babb Townsite and      Restoring Released Lands to Ownership of Blackfeet Tribe of Indians
Bureau of Indian Affairs—Delegations of Authority
Trust Periods Expiring During Calendar Year 1956

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VOLUME 20—1955
September 13, 1955 | [Order 2508, Amdt. 13]

Delegations of Authority
Section 19 | 31

Margin Notes
VOLUME 20—1955 7017

Page 1497

Order No. 2508, as amended (14 F. R. 258; 16 F. R. 473, 11620, 11974; 17 F. R. 1570, 6418; 19 F. R. 34, 1123, 4585; 20 F. R. 167, 552, 3834, 5106), is further amended as follows:

1. The following paragraph (i) is added to section 10 Health and Welfare Matters to read as follows:

(i) The approval of sentences imposed on Indian employees of the Bureau of Indian Affairs by Courts of Indian Offenses as provided in 25 CFR 161.2 (d), and by tribal courts as provided by any law and order code.

2. Paragraph (n) of Section 13 Lands and minerals is amended to read as follows:

(n) All those matters set forth in 25 CFR 171.

3. Section 19 Litigation; Five Civilized Tribes is amended to read as follows:

SEC. 19.

Litigation: Five Civilized Tribes. The Commissioner or the Superintendent for the Five Civilized Tribes may exercise the authority of the Secretary (a) to make determinations against the removal to the United States District Court of cases in which notices have been served upon the Superintendent under Section 3 of the act of April 12, 1926 (44 Stat. 239), and (b) to submit to the Department of Justice recommendations for the removal of such cases to the United States District Court.

4. A new Section 31 is added to read as follows:

SEC. 31.

Forms. The Commissioner may exercise the authority of the Secretary to approve and revise forms prescribed or required in 25 CFR.

5. Section 26 Repeal is amended by the addition of Section 14 after Section 13 (g).

Secretary of the Interior.

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