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Vol. 8—1943

Executive Order 9337—Authorizing the Secrtary of the Interior to Withdraw and Reserve Lands of the      Public Domain and Other Lands Owned or Controlled by the United States
Wind River Reservation, Wyoming—Order of Restoration
White Mountain, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Akutan, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Shishmaref, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Venetie, Arctic and Christian Villages and Robert's Fish Camp, Alaska—Proclamation Designating      Indian Reservation
Alaska—Modification of Executive Order Designating Lands as Indian Reservation
Wales, Alaska—Designation of Indian Reservation for Native Inhabitants
Executive Order 9398—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands Expiring During Calender Year 1944

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VOLUME 8—1943
May 22, 1943

Modification of Executive Order Designating Lands as Indian Reservation

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VOLUME 8—1943 8557

Page 1445

By virtue of the authority contained in the act of June 25, 1910, c. 421, 36 Stat. 847, as amended by the act of August 24, 1912, c. 369, 37 Stat. 497 (U.S.C., title 43, secs. 141-143), and the act of May 1, 1936, c. 254, 49 Stat. 1250 (U.S.C., title 48, sec. 358a), and pursuant to Executive Order No. 9146 of April 24, 1942: It is ordered, As follows:

1. Executive Order No. 8344 of February 10, 1940, withdrawing Kodiak and other islands, Alaska, for classification and in aid of legislation, is hereby modified to the extent necessary to permit the designation as an Indian reservation of the following-described area:

Beginning at the end of a point of land on the shore of Shelikof Strait on Kodiak Island, said point being about one and one-quarter miles east of Rocky Point and in approximate latitude 57°39'40" N., longitude 154°12'20" W.;

Thence south approximately eight miles to latitude 57°32'30" N.;

Thence west approximately twelve and one-half miles to the confluence of the north shore of Sturgeon River with the east shore of Shelikof Strait;

Thence northeasterly following the easterly shore of Shelikof Strait to the place of beginning, containing approximately 35,200 acres.

2. The area described above and the waters adjacent thereto extending 3,000 feet from the shore line at mean low tide, are hereby designated as an Indian reservation for the use and benefit of the native inhabitants of the native village of Karluk, Alaska, and vicinity: Provided, That such designation shall be effective only upon its approval by the vote of the Indian and Eskimo residents of the area involved in accordance with section 2 of the act of May 1, 1936, supra: And provided further, That nothing herein contained shall affect any valid existing claim or right under the laws of the United States within the purview of that section.

Secretary of the Interior.

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