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Vol. 8—1943

Executive Order 9337—Authorizing the Secrtary of the Interior to Withdraw and Reserve Lands of the      Public Domain and Other Lands Owned or Controlled by the United States
Wind River Reservation, Wyoming—Order of Restoration
White Mountain, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Akutan, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Shishmaref, Alaska—Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation
Venetie, Arctic and Christian Villages and Robert's Fish Camp, Alaska—Proclamation Designating      Indian Reservation
Alaska—Modification of Executive Order Designating Lands as Indian Reservation
Wales, Alaska—Designation of Indian Reservation for Native Inhabitants
Executive Order 9398—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands Expiring During Calender Year 1944

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VOLUME 8—1943
May 20, 1943

Proclamation Designating Indian Reservation

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Pursuant to authority vested in the Secretary of the Interior by section 2 of the act of May 1, 1936, 49 Stat. 1250 (U.S.C., title 48, sec. 358a), there is hereby designated as an Indian reservation for the use and occupancy of the native inhabitants of the Native Village of White Mountain, Alaska, and vicinity, the lands reserved by Executive Order No. 4312, dated September 25, 1925, for the use of the Bureau of Education and the natives of Alaska, which lands are described as follows:

Beginning at a point about 2,640 feet in a southeasterly direction from a monument on the summit of White Mountain, at Post No. 1, which is located on the bank of the steamboat channel of Fish River and further marked by two witness posts; thence northerly about 4,000 feet to Post No. 2; thence northwesterly about 3,960 feet to Post No. 3; thence westerly about 7,040 feet to Post No. 4; thence southwesterly about 2,640 feet to Post No. 5; thence southerly about 2,640 feet to Post No. 6; thence easterly about 10,560 feet to Post No. 1, the place of beginning, containing 1,200 acres, more or less, and which lands are understood to include the lands and waters of that part of the Fish River which flows across and within the reservation.

This order shall be subject to any valid existing rights or claims acquired prior to the date hereof and shall become effective only upon its approval by a majority vote of the natives residing in the above-described area, voting in the manner prescribed by the said section 2 of the act of May 1, 1936, supra.

Done in the City of Washington, D.C., this 20th day of May 1943.

Assistant Secretary of the Interior.

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