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Public Law 90-537
September 30, 1968 | [S. 1004] 82 Stat. 885

To authorize the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Colorado River Basin project, and for other purposes.
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Margin Notes
Public Law 90-533 Colorado River Basin Project Act.
Sec. 102 886
Sec. 102 887
Sec. 301 888
Sec. 302 889
Sec. 302 62 Stat. 986; 46 Stat. 1421.
Sec. 304 891 Irrigation restriction.
Sec. 304 Water supply, repayment contracts.
Sec. 309 893 Central Arizona project, appropriation.
Sec. 309 894 Non-Indian lands facilities, appropriation.
Sec. 402 Indian lands, repayment capability.
Sec. 402 896
Sec. 501 897
Sec. 501 Report to Congress.
Sec. 501 43 U. S. C. 620a.
Sec. 501 Authorization increase. 43 U. S. C. 620k.

Page 1155

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled,


SEC. 101.

That this Act may be cited as the "Colorado River Basin Project Act".

SEC. 102.

(a) It is the object of this Act to provide a program for the further comprehensive development of the water resources of the Colorado River Basin and for the provision of additional and adequate water supplies for use in the upper as well as in the lower Colorado River Basin. This program is declared to be for the purposes, among others, of regulating the flow of the Colorado River; controlling floods; improving navigation; providing for the storage and delivery of the waters of the Colorado River for reclamation of lands, including supplemental water supplies, and for municipal, industrial, and other beneficial purposes; improving water quality; providing for basic public outdoor recreation facilities; improving conditions for fish and wildlife, and the generation and sale of electrical power as an incident of the foregoing purposes.

(b) It is the policy of the Congress that the Secretary of the Interior (hereinafter referred to as the "Secretary") shall continue to develop, after consultation with affected States and appropriate Federal agencies, a regional water plan, consistent with the provisions of this Act and with future authorizations, to serve as the framework under which projects in the Colorado River Basin may be coordinated and constructed with proper timing to the end that an adequate supply of water may be made available for such projects, whether heretofore, herein, or hereafter authorized.


SEC. 301.

(a) For the purposes of furnishing irrigation water and municipal water supplies to the water-deficient areas of Arizona and western New Mexico through direct diversion or exchange of water, control of floods, conservation and development of fish and wildlife resources, enhancement of recreation opportunities, and for other purposes, the Secretary shall construct, operate, and maintain the Central Arizona Project, consisting of the following principal works: (1) a system of main conduits and canals, including a main canal and pumping plants (Granite Reef aqueduct and pumping plants), for diverting and carrying water from Lake Havasu to Orme Dam or suitable alternative, which system may have a capacity of 3,000 cubic feet per second or whatever lesser capacity is found to be feasible: Provided, That any capacity in the Granite Reef aqueduct in excess of 2,500 cubic feet per second shall be utilized for the conveyance of Colorado River water only when Lake Powell is full or releases of

Page 1156

water are made from Lake Powell to prevent the reservoir from exceeding elevation 3,700 feet above mean sea level or when releases are made pursuant to the proviso in section 602 (a) (3) of this Act: Provided further, That the costs of providing any capacity in excess of 2,500 cubic feet per second shall be repaid by those funds available to Arizona pursuant to the provision of subsection 403 (f) of this Act, or by funds from sources other than the development fund; (2) Orme Dam and Reservoir and power-pumping plant or suitable alternative; (3) Buttes Dam and Reservoir, which shall be so operated as not to prejudice the rights of any user in and to the waters of Gila River as those rights are set forth in the decree entered by the United States District Court for the District of Arizona on June 29, 1935, in United States against Gila Valley Irrigation District and others (Globe Equity Numbered 59); (4) Hooker Dam and Reservoir or suitable alternative, which shall be constructed in such a manner as to give effect to the provisions of subsection (f) of section 304; (5) Charleston Dam and Reservoir; (6) Tucson aqueducts and pumping plants; (7) Salt-Gila aqueducts; (8) related canals, regulating facilities, hydroelectric powerplants, and electrical transmission facilities required for the operation of said principal works; (9) related water distribution and drainage works; and (10) appurtenant works.

(b) Article II (B) (3) of the decree of the Supreme Court of the United States in Arizona against California (376 U.S. 340) shall be so administered that in any year in which, as determined by the Secretary, there is insufficient main stream Colorado River water available for release to satisfy annual consumptive use of seven million five hundred thousand acre-feet in Arizona, California, and Nevada, diversions from the main stream for the Central Arizona Project shall be so limited as to assure the availability of water in quantities sufficient to provide for the aggregate annual consumptive use by holders of present perfected rights, by other users in the State of California served under existing contracts with the United States by diversion works heretofore constructed, and by other existing Federal reservations in that State, of four million four hundred thousand acre-feet of mainstream water, and by users of the same character in Arizona and Nevada. Water users in the State of Nevada shall not be required to bear shortages in any proportion greater than would have been imposed in the absence of this subsection 301 (b). This subsection shall not affect the relative priorities, among themselves, of water users in Arizona, Nevada, and California which are senior to diversions for the Central Arizona Project, or amend any provisions of said decree.

(c) The limitation stated in subsection (b) of this section shall not apply so long as the Secretary shall determine and proclaim that means are available and in operation which augment the water supply of the Colorado River system in such quantity as to make sufficient mainstream water available for release to satisfy annual consumptive use of seven million five hundred thousand acre-feet in Arizona, California, and Nevada.

SEC. 302.

(a) The Secretary shall designate the lands of the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Arizona, and the Fort McDowell-Apache [sic] Indian Community, Arizona, or interests therein, and any allotted lands or interests therein within said communities which he determines are necessary for use and occupancy by the United States for the construction, operation, and maintenance of Orme Dam and Reservoir, or alternative. The Secretary shall offer to pay the fair market value of the lands and interests designated, inclusive of improvements. In addition, the Secretary shall offer to pay toward the cost of relocating or replacing such improvements not to exceed $500,000 in the aggregate, and the amount offered for the actual relocation or replacement of a residence shall not exceed the difference between the fair market value of the residence and $8,000.

Page 1157

Each community and each affected allottee shall have six months in which to accept or reject the Secretary's offer. If the Secretary's offer is rejected, the United States may proceed to acquire the property interests involved through eminent domain proceedings in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona under 40 U. S. C., sections 257 and 258a. Upon acceptance in writing of the Secretary's offer, or upon the filing of a declaration of taking in eminent domain proceedings, title to the lands or interests involved, and the right to possession thereof, shall vest in the United States. Upon a determination by the Secretary that all or any part of such lands or interests are no longer necessary for the purpose for which acquired, title to such lands or interests shall be restored to the appropriate community upon repayment to the Federal Government of the amounts paid by it for such lands.

(b) Title to any land or easement acquired pursuant to this section shall be subject to the right of the former owner to use or lease the land for purposes not inconsistent with the construction, operation, and maintenance of the project, as determined by, and under terms and conditions prescribed by, the Secretary. Such right shall include the right to extract and dispose of minerals. The determination of fair market value under subsection (a) shall reflect the right to extract and dispose of minerals and all other uses permitted by this section.

(c) In view of the fact that a substantial portion of the lands of the Fort McDowell Mohave-Apache Indian Community will be required for Orme Dam and Reservoir, or alternative, the Secretary shall, in addition to the compensation provided for in subsection (a) of this section, designate and add to the Fort McDowell Indian Reservation twenty-five hundred acres of suitable lands in the vicinity of the reservation that are under the jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior in township 4 north, range 7 east; township 5 north, range 7 east; and township 3 north, range 7 east, Gila and Salt River base meridian, Arizona. Title to lands so added to the reservation shall be held by the United States in trust for the Fort McDowell Mohave-Apache Indian Community.

(d) Each community shall have a right, in accordance with plans approved by the Secretary, to develop and operate recreational facilities along the part of the shoreline of the Orme Reservoir located on or adjacent to its reservation, including land added to the Fort McDowell Reservation as provided in subsection (b) of this section, subject to rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary governing the recreation development of the reservoir. Recreation development of the entire reservoir and federally owned lands under the jurisdiction of the Secretary adjacent thereto shall be in accordance with a master recreation plan approved by the Secretary. The members of each community shall have nonexclusive personal rights to hunt and fish on or in the reservoir without charge to the same extent they are now authorized to hunt and fish, but no community shall have the right to exclude others from the reservoir except by control of access through its reservation or any right to require payment by members of the public except for the use of community lands or facilities.

(e) All funds paid pursuant to this section, and any per capita distribution thereof, shall be exempt from all forms of State and Federal income taxes.

SEC. 304.

(a) Unless and until otherwise provided by Congress, water from the Central Arizona Project shall not be made available directly or indirectly for the irrigation of lands not having a recent irrigation history as determined by the Secretary, except in the case of Indian lands, national wildlife refuges, and, with the approval of the Secretary, State-administered wildlife management areas.

Page 1158

(b) (1) Irrigation and municipal and industrial water supply under the Central Arizona Project within the State of Arizona may, in the event the Secretary determines that it is necessary to effect repayment, be pursuant to master contracts with organizations which have power to levy assessments against all taxable real property within their boundaries. The terms and conditions of contracts or other arrangements whereby each such organization makes water from the Central Arizona Project available to users within its boundaries shall be subject to the Secretary's approval, and the United States shall, if the Secretary determines such action is desirable to facilitate carrying out the provisions of this Act, have the right to require that it be a party to such contracts or that contracts subsidiary to the master contracts be entered into between the United States and any user. The provisions of this clause (1) shall not apply to the supplying of water to an Indian tribe for use within the boundaries of an Indian reservation.

SEC. 309.

(a) There is hereby authorized to be appropriated for construction of the Central Arizona Project, including prepayment for power generation and transmission facilities but exclusive of distribution and drainage facilities for non-Indian lands, $832,180,000 plus or minus such amounts, if any, as may be justified by reason of ordinary fluctuations in construction costs as indicated by engineering cost indices applicable to the types of construction involved therein and, in addition thereto, such sums as may be required for operation and maintenance of the project.

(b) There is also authorized to be appropriated $100,000,000 for construction of distribution and drainage facilities for non-Indian lands. Notwithstanding the provisions of section 403 of this Act, neither appropriations made pursuant to the authorization contained in this subsection (b) nor revenues collected in connection with the operation of such facilities shall be credited to the Lower Colorado River Basin Development Fund and payments shall not be made from that fund to the general fund of the Treasury to return any part of the costs of construction, operation, and maintenance of such facilities.


SEC. 402.

The Secretary shall determine the repayment capability of Indian lands within, under, or served by any unit of the project. Construction costs allocated to irrigation of Indian lands (including provision of water for incidental domestic and stock water uses) and within the repayment capability of such lands shall be subject to the Act of July 1, 1932 (47 Stat. 564; 25 U. S. C. 386a), and such costs that are beyond repayment capability of such lands shall be nonreimbursable.


SEC. 501.

(a) In order to provide for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Animas-La Plata Federal reclamation project, Colorado-New Mexico; the Dolores, Dallas Creek, West Divide, and San Miguel Federal reclamation projects, Colorado; and the Central Utah project (Uintah unit), Utah, as participating projects under the Colorado River Storage Project Act (70 Stat. 105; 43 U. S. C. 620), and to provide for the completion of planning reports on other participating projects, clause (2) of section 1 of said Act is hereby further amended

Page 1159

by (i) inserting the words "and the Uintah unit" after the word "phase" within the parenthesis following "Central Utah", (ii) deleting the words "Pine River Extension" and inserting in lieu thereof the words "Animas-La Plata, Dolores, Dallas Creek, West Divide, San Miguel", (iii) adding after the words "Smith Fork:" the proviso "Provided, That construction of the Uintah unit of the Central Utah project shall not be undertaken by the Secretary until he has completed a feasibility report on such unit and submitted such report to the Congress along with his certification that, in his judgment, the unit is physically and financially feasible, and the Congress has authorized the appropriation of funds for the construction thereof:". Section 2 of said Act is hereby further amended by (i) deleting the words "Parshall, Troublesome, Rabbit Ear, San Miguel, West Divide, Tomichi Creek, East River, Ohio Creek, Dallas Creek, Dolores, Fruit Growers Extension, Animas-La Plata", and inserting after the words "Yellow Jacket" the words "Basalt Middle Park (including the Troublesome, Rabbit Ear, and Azure units), Upper Gunnison (including the East River, Ohio Creek, and Tomichi Creek units), Lower Yampa (including the Juniper and Great Northern units), Upper Yampa (including the Hayden Mesa, Wessels, and Toponas units)"; (ii) by inserting after the word "Sublette" the words "(including a diversion of water from the Green River to the North Platte River Basin in Wyoming), Ute Indian unit of the Central Utah Project, San Juan County (Utah), Price River, Grand County (Utah), Gray Canyon, and Juniper (Utah)"; and (iii) changing the period after "projects" to a colon and adding the following proviso: "Provided, That the planning report for the Ute Indian unit of the Central Utah participating project shall be completed on or before December 31, 1974, to enable the United States of America to meet the commitments heretofore made to the Ute Indian Tribe of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation under the agreement dated September 20, 1965 (Contract Numbered 14-06-W-194).". The amount which section 12 of said Act authorizes to be appropriated is hereby further increased by the sum of $392,000,000, plus or minus such amounts, if any, as may be required, by reason of changes in construction costs as indicated by engineering cost indices applicable to the type of construction involved. This additional sum shall be available solely for the construction of the Animas-La Plata, Dolores, Dallas Creek, West Divide, and San Miguel projects herein authorized.

Approved, September 30, 1968.

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