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Public Law 88-540
August 31, 1964 | [H. R. 5837] 78 Stat. 747

To amend the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the purchase, sale, and exchange of certain Indian lands on the Yakima Indian Reservation, and for other purposes", approved July 28, 1955.
Section 2 | 3

Margin Notes
Public Law 88-540 Yakima Indian Reservation. Land purchase.
Public Law 88-540 69 Stat. 392.
25 U.S.C. 608-608c.
Public Law 88-540 12 Stat. 951.
Public Law 88-540 748

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the first section of the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the purchase, sale, and exchange of certain Indian lands on the Yakima Reservation, and for other purposes", approved July 28, 1955, is amended to read as follows:

"That (a) the Secretary of the Interior is authorized, in his discretion, to—

"(1) purchase for the Yakima Tribes, with any funds of such tribes, and to otherwise acquire by gift, exchange, or relinquishment, any lands or interest in lands or improvements thereon within the Yakima Indian Reservation or within the area ceded to the United States by the treaty of June 9, 1855;

"(2) sell or approve sales of any tribal trust lands, any interest therein or improvements thereon, such sales being limited to agencies of the Federal, State, or local governments for recreational, educational, civic, or other public purposes, and to individual members of the tribes;

"(3) exchange any tribal trust lands, including interests therein or improvements thereon, for any lands situated within such reservation or the area ceded to the United States by the treaty of June 9, 1855; and

"(b) Where lands are held in multiple ownership, the Secretary is authorized to sell and exchange such lands to other Indians or the Yakima Tribes only if the sale or exchange is authorized in writing by the owners of at least a majority interest in such lands; except that no greater percentage of approval of individual Indians shall be required under this Act than in any other statute of general application approved by Congress.

"(c) In all cases in which the Secretary is acquiring for the Yakima Tribes lands or interests in lands presently held in trust or under restrictions for the benefit of an individual Indian, title shall be taken in the name of the United States in trust for the Yakima Tribes. In all cases in which land being purchased is presently held by the grantor in fee simple, title shall be taken for and held by the Yakima Tribes in fee and such land shall not, by reason of its being owned by the tribes, be exempt from taxation in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington.

"(d) The Secretary shall obtain the advice and consent of the Yakima tribal council before entering into any of the above transactions involving the acquisition or disposition of tribal land. The terms and conditions of any such transaction, including the price at which any land is so purchased or sold and the valuation of any lands so exchanged, shall be mutually agreed upon by the Secretary, the Yakima tribal council, and the individual Indian or Indians concerned. Any such exchange of lands shall be effected on the basis of approximately equal consideration with due allowance for the value of improvements in determining the value of such lands."

SEC. 2.

The first sentence of subsection 2 (a) of such Act is repealed.

SEC. 3.

Subsection 3 (b) of such Act is repealed.

Approved, August 31, 1964.

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