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Public Law 85-806
August 28, 1958 | [S. 2594] 72 Stat. 974

To transfer certain property and functions of the Housing and Home Finance Administrator to the Secretary of the Interior, and for other purposes.
Section 2 | 3

Margin Notes
Public Law 85-806 Certain Indian housing. Authority of Department of Interior.
Public Law 85-806 5 U. S. C. 133y-16 note.
Public Law 85-806 12 U. S. C. 17018-5.
Sec. 2 975
Sec. 3 Revolving fund.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all right, title, and interest, including contractual rights and reversionary interests, held by the Federal Government in and with respect to project ALAS-50080 heretofore administered by the Housing and Home Finance Administrator, are hereby transferred to the Secretary of the Interior. All of the powers, duties, and responsibilities of the Housing and Hone Finance Administrator under the purchase and sale contract executed on October 1, 1946, by the United States, represented by the Acting Commissioner of the Federal Public Housing Authority, and by the Hoonah Indian Association, and transferred to the Housing and Home Finance Administrator by Reorganization Plan Numbered 3 of 1947 (61 Stat. 954), are hereby transferred to the Secretary of the Interior. There is also hereby transferred out of the fund entitled "Office of the Administrator revolving fund (liquidating programs)" established in the Office of the Administrator, Housing and Home Finance Agency,

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under title II of the Independent Offices Appropriation Act, 1955 (68 Stat. 272, 295), as amended, an amount equal to gross receipts from the project transferred by this section.

SEC. 2.

For the purpose of liquidating such project the Secretary of the Interior is authorized, within the limits of funds available under section 3 of this Act:

(a) To make any surveys of the land on which the project is located that may be needed to vest titles in the individual purchasers of housing units, or to bring the housing project within the Hoonah townsite.

(b) To finance transfers to the individual purchasers of housing units of any interests in the lands on which the housing units are located that may be vested in others.

(c) To refund to individual Indians any payments made by them for housing accommodations which they did not receive.

(d) To pay to individual Indians the fair value, as determined by the Secretary of the Interior, of any land which they conveyed to the Hoonah Indian Association for the use of the project in return for housing accommodations which they did not receive.

(e) To make any repairs or improvements to individual housing units that may be needed to permit the disposition of such units to individual Indians.

(f) To acquire by purchase or eminent domain any lands or interests in lands that are needed for streets and alleys within the project, and to dedicate such lands for public use; and to acquire by eminent domain any interests in land the acquisition of which is authorized to be financed under subsection (b) of this section, and to convey such interests to the purchaser of the individual housing units involved.

(g) To allocate equally to the individual housing units the $240,000 purchase price which the Hoonah Indian Association agreed to pay to the United States, to credit against the allocated purchase price for each unit all payments on principal heretofore made with respect to such unit, and to cancel any portion of the remainder of the debt on any unit that exceeds the value of the unit (as determined by the Secretary) decreased by the sum of all payments on principal heretofore made with respect to such unit.

(h) To release from the mortgage securing the debt of the Hoonah Indian Association any individual housing unit upon payment of the uncanceled portion of the debt allocated to it.

SEC. 3.

All funds transferred to the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to section 1 of this Act and all funds hereafter collected from the project transferred by section 1 shall be established in a revolving fund in the Department of the Interior and may be used to carry out the purposes of this Act, including administrative expenses.

Approved, August 28, 1958.

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