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Chapter 315
July 24, 1947 [H.R. 2825] |  [Public Law 231] 61 Stat. 418

To provide additional funds for cooperation with public-school districts (organized and unorganized) in Mahnomen, Itasca, Pine, Becker, and Cass Counties, Minnesota, in the construction, improvement, and extension of school facilities to be available to both Indian and white children.

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Chap. 315 Minnesota. Appropriation authorized for school facilities.
54 Stat. 1020.
Chap. 315 419
Chap. 315 Availability of schools to Indian children.
Chap. 315 Plans and specifications.
Chap. 315 Payment for work.
Chap. 315 Recoupment by U.S.
Chap. 315 Transfer of funds.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, in addition to the amount authorized to be appropriated by the Act of October 8, 1940 (Public, Numbered 804, Seventy-sixth Congress), there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, out of any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of $213,000 for the purpose of cooperating with the following public-school districts (both organized and unorganized) in the State of Minnesota, such appropriation to be

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apportioned as follows: Naytahwaush, Independent School District Numbered 29, Mahnomen County, $146,000; Inger, District Numbered 6 (Deer River), Itasca County, $12,500; Lake Lena, District Numbered 129, Pine County, $12,500; Pine Point, District Numbered 133, Becker County, $27,000; Squaw Point area, unorganized territory, Cass County, $15,000; for the construction, extension, equipment, and improvement of public-school facilities: Provided, That the expenditure of any money so authorized shall be subject to the express conditions that the schools maintained by these said districts in the said buildings shall be available to all Indian children of the districts, on the same terms, except as to payment of tuition, as other children of said school districts: Provided further, That plans and specifications for construction, extension, or improvement of structures shall be furnished by local or State authorities without cost to the United States Government, and upon approval thereof by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, actual work shall proceed under the direction of such local or State officials. Payment for work in place shall be made monthly on vouchers properly certified by local officials of the Indian Service: Provided further, That any amount expended on any project hereunder, title to which will, after recoupment is accomplished, vest in the public school district, shall be recouped by the United States within a period of thirty years, commencing with the date of occupancy of the project, through reducing the annual Federal payments for the education of Indian pupils enrolled in public or high schools of the district involved, or by the acceptance of Indian pupils in such schools without cost to the United States, and in computing the amount of recoupment for each project interest at 3 per centum per annum shall be included on unrecouped balances: And provided further, That not to exceed 10 per centum of the amount allocable to any of the several above-named districts may be transferred in the discretion of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, to the amount of any other of the above-mentioned projects, but no project shall be increased more than 10 per centum by any such transfer.

Approved, July 24, 1947.

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