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Chapter 54
February 10, 1942 [S. 294] |  [Public Law 417] 56 Stat. 86

To authorize an appropriation for payment to the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District of construction costs assessed against certain lands within such district acquired by the United States for the benefit of certain Indians in the State of New Mexico.
Section 2

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Chap. 54 Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, N. Mex. Appropriation authorized for payment to.
Post, p. 716.
Sec. 2 Liquidation of certain liens.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the

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United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated, the sum of $22,415.43, to be expended by the Secretary of the Interior for the purpose of paying to the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, a corporate political subdivision of the State of New Mexico, that part of the cost of works constructed by such district which was assessed against four hundred and eighty-three and twenty-nine one-hundredths acres, more or less, of lands, in addition to the lands covered by the contract of December 14, 1928, between the district and the Secretary of the Interior, executed pursuant to the Act of March 13, 1928 (45 Stat. 312), in Sandoval County within such district as its proportionate share of the cost of construction of such works; such lands having been acquired by the United States for and on behalf of the Pueblo Indians of Cochiti, Santo Domingo, San Felipe, and Santa Ana subsequent to their assessment for construction costs but without the payment of the assessments thereon.

SEC. 2.

The unexpended balance of the amount appropriated by the Act of May 10, 1939 (53 Stat. 685-701), for final payment to the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District on account of Pueblo Indian lands benefited by the works constructed by the district is hereby made available for payment to the district to liquidate liens against three hundred and twenty and sixty-five one-hundredths acres in addition to lands covered by the contract of December 14, 1928, supra, representing unpaid construction assessments at the time the lands were purchased for the Indians.

Approved, February 10, 1942.

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