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Chapter 474
November 10, 1941 [S. 1840] |  [Public Law 295] 55 Stat. 765

To supplement the Federal Aid Road Act, approved July 1, 1916, as amended and supplemented, to authorize appropriations during the national emergency declared by the President on May 27, 1941, for the immediate construction of roads urgently needed for the national defense, and for other purposes.
Section 4

Margin Notes
Chap. 474 Defense Highway Act of 1941. "Strategic network of highways."
Chap. 474 Changing locations of routes.
Sec. 4 Correction of critical deficiencies. Appropriation authorized.
6 F. R. 2617.
Sec. 4 42 Stat. 217.
23 U. S. C. § 21.
Sec. 4 Proviso.
Sec. 4 Increase of Federal share in certain States.
Sec. 4 766

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That as used in this Act the term "strategic network of highways" means all existing or proposed highways which conform to routes designated on the diagrammatic map of principal highway traffic routes of military importance dated October 25, 1940, revised to May 15, 1941, and approved by the Secretary of War. The Federal Works Administrator is authorized to designate existing or proposed highways conforming to such approved routes and interconnections as lines of the strategic network of highways. The location of any strategic highway route between control points shown on the revised diagrammatic map of May 15, 1941, may, without regard to State lines, be changed by the Federal Works Administrator, but no such change shall increase the length of such route between the termini of such change by more than 10 per centum.

SEC. 4.

STRATEGIC HIGHWAY NETWORK.—(a) For carrying out projects to correct critical deficiencies in lines of the strategic network of highways and bridges, during the continuance of the emergency declared by the President on May 27, 1941, there is hereby authorized to be appropriated the sum of $25,000,000. Such sum shall be immediately apportioned among the States in accordance with the provisions of section 21 of the Federal Highway Act, as amended and supplemented, and shall be expended in accordance with the provisions of such Act, as amended and supplemented: Provided, That during the continuance of the emergency declared by the President on May 27, 1941, when funds heretofore, herein, or hereafter made available for expenditure in accordance with the provision of the Federal Highway Act, as amended and supplemented, on the system of Federal-aid highways, or on secondary or feeder roads, are expended for any project on the strategic network of highways, including all such projects under construction during the period of said emergency, the Federal share payable on account of any such project shall be increased to three-fourths of the total cost thereof, plus a percentage of the remaining one-fourth of such cost in any State containing unappropriated and unreserved public lands and nontaxable Indian lands, individual and tribal, exceeding 5 per centum of the total area of all lands therein, equal to the percentage that the area of such lands in such State is of its total area.

Approved, November 19, 1941.

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