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Chapter 304
June 11, 1940 [H. R. 9394] |  [Public, No. 586] 54 Stat. 262

To provide for the establishment of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.
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Margin Notes
Chap. 304 Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Tenn., Ky., and Va. Establishment of, upon acquisition of title to lands, etc., by U.S.
Chap. 304 Provisos. Restriction on use of funds. Lands, etc., to be included.
Sec. 2 263
Limitation on area.
Sec. 2 Lands excluded.
Sec. 3 Acceptance of donations of land, etc., authorized.
Sec. 3 Proviso.
Sec. 3 Acquisition of certain lands from donated funds.
Sec. 3 25 Stat. 357.
40 U. S. C. §§ 257, 258.
Sec. 4 Administration, etc.
Sec. 4 16 U. S. C. §§ 1-4; Supp. V, §§ 1, 2.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That when title to all the lands, structures, and other property in the Cumberland Gap-Cumberland Ford areas, being portions of the Warriors Path of the Indians and Wilderness Road of Daniel Boone, within Bell and Harlan Counties, Kentucky; Lee County, Virginia; and Claiborne County, Tennessee; as may be determined by the Secretary of the Interior as necessary or desirable for national historical park purposes, shall have been vested in the United States such area or areas shall be, and they are hereby, established, dedicated, and set apart as a public park for the benefit and inspiration of the people and shall be known as the "Cumberland Gap National Historical Park": Provided, That the United States shall not purchase by appropriation of public moneys any lands within the aforesaid areas: Provided further, That such area or areas shall include, at least, the following features and intervening lands: Cumberland Gap, The Pinnacle, the remaining fortifications of the War between the States, Soldiers Cave, King Solomon's Cave, Devils Garden, Sand Cave, The Doublings, White Rocks, Rocky Face, Moore Knob, and that portion of the Warriors Path and Daniel Boone's Wilderness Road extending from the city of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, to Cumberland Ford, near Pineville, Kentucky.

SEC. 2.

The total area of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, as determined pursuant to this Act, shall not exceed fifty thousand acres, and shall not include any land within the city limits of Middlesboro and Pineville, Kentucky; Cumberland Gap, Tennessee; or any lands adjacent thereto which the proper officials thereof shall indicate to the Secretary of the Interior prior to the establishment of said park are required for expansion of said cities.

SEC. 3.

That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby authorized to accept donations of land, interests in land, buildings, structures, and other property within the boundaries of the said historical park as determined and fixed hereunder, and donations of funds for the purchase and maintenance thereof: Provided, That he

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may acquire on behalf of the United States out of any donated funds, by purchase at prices deemed by him reasonable, or by condemnation under the provisions of the Act of August 1, 1888, such tracts of land within said historical park as may be necessary for the completion thereof. The title to any lands or interests in lands to be acquired pursuant to this Act shall be satisfactory to the Secretary of the Interior.

SEC. 4.

The administration, protection, and development of the aforesaid national historical park shall be exercised under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior by the National Park Service, subject to the provisions of the Act of August 25, 1916 (39 Stat. 535), entitled "An Act to establish a National Park Service, and for other purposes", as amended.

Approved, June 11, 1940.

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