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Vol. 14—1949

Executive Order 10027—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands During the Calendar Year 1949
Office of Indian Affairs—Delegation of Authority
Delegations of Authority;—General
Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota—Order Amending Order of Restoration Dated June 12, 1941
Proclamation Establishing A Reserve For The Native Inhabitants Of The Village Of Barrow, Alaska
Order Designating Reservation for the Indians of Hydaburg, Alaska
Proclamation Establishing a Reserve for the Inhabitants of the Native Villages of Shung-Nak and Kobuk,      Alaska, and Vicinity
Delegations of Authority;—General
Executive Order 10091—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands Expiring During the Calendar Year      1950

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Volume 14—1949


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By virtue of the authority vested in the Secretary of the Interior by section 2 of the act of May 1, 1936 (49 Stat. 1250, U.S.C. title 48, sec. 358a), the following described public lands in Alaska are hereby withdrawn from settlement, location, sale, or entry, and reserved to the Native Village of Barrow, Alaska, namely, all that area bounded as follows:

Beginning at a point on the east end of Peard Bay on the Arctic Coast of Alaska, 100 yards west of a cabin, in approximate latitude 70°50' N., longitude 158°20' W.; thence south 2 miles; thence northeasterly following a line parallel to and 2 miles distant from the shore of the Arctic Ocean to a point due east of a point on the shore 2 miles northeasterly of the Village of Sinaru; thence due east to the west shore of Dease Inlet; thence northeasterly, westerly and southwesterly along the

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shore, at extreme low tide, of Dease Inlet, the Arctic Ocean, and Peard Bay to the point of beginning, together with all rocks and islands within 10 miles of the said shore.

Together with the following area, to be designated as the Barrow Coal Reserve, namely, all that area bounded as follows:

Beginning at a point one mile north of a point on the west bank of the Meade River about 10 miles south of the big bend of that river and opposite the Eskimo village site of Atkasuk, at approximate longitude 157°6' W., latitude 70°30' N., thence one mile east, thence two miles south, thence two miles west, thence two miles north, thence one mile east to the point of beginning.

The foregoing order is estimated to cover approximately 750 square miles.

All oil and gas deposits underlying the lands withdrawn by this order are reserved to the United States.

This order shall be subject to the following prior withdrawals:

(1) Executive Order of May 4, 1907, reserving an area at Barrow for school purposes, now designated as U.S. Survey No. 2244, embracing 8.96 acres.

(2) Executive Order No. 3797-A of February 27, 1923, establishing a naval petroleum reserve, as amended by Public Land Order No. 289 of July 20, 1945.

(3) Executive Order No. 6132 of May 15, 1933, which withdrew 14.1 acres of land at Point Barrow for use as a radio station by the War Department.

(4) Public Land Order No. 151 of July 19, 1943, which withdrew 1.7 acres of land near Barrow as Air Navigation Site No. 205 for the use of the Civil Aeronautics Administration, Department of Commerce.

This order shall be further subject to any valid existing rights or claims acquired prior to the date hereof and shall become effective only upon its approval by a majority vote of the natives residing in the above-described area, voting in the manner prescribed in the said section 2 of the act of May 1, 1936.

This order is also subject to the condition that a relinquishment be filed with the United States by duly authorized representatives of the native inhabitants of the Village of Barrow, acting in their behalf, relinquishing all claims of said villagers or any clans, families or subdivisions thereof to present possessory rights to lands outside the area herein reserved.

This proclamation shall in no way impair the right of the Natives of the Village of Barrow, through their municipal organization or otherwise, to manage their own economic and political affairs and otherwise to exercise all rights of citizenship.

Done in the city of Washington, D.C., this 30th day of November 1949.

Secretary of the Interior.

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