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Private Law 90-325 | Private Law 90-326

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Private Law 90-326
September 21, 1968 | [H. R. 11782] 82 Stat. 1424

To authorize and direct the Secretary of the Interior to accept allotment relinquishments, approve a lieu allotment selection, and issue appropriate patents therefor to the heirs of Dolly McCovey.

Margin Notes
Private Law 90-326 Dolly McCovey, heirs.
Private Law 90-326 1425


Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, upon receipt from those heirs of Dolly McCovey, deceased Hoopa Extension allottee numbered 197-H, representing more than one-half of the undivided interests, of a relinquishment of all of their right, title, and interest in her Hoopa Extension allotment, free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, the Secretary of the Interior shall cancel the patent to said allotment described as commencing at southeast corner of lot 4 in section 32, township 11 north, range 3 east, thence north 15 chains, west 16 chains, south 15 chains, east 16 chains, to place of beginning and southwest quarter of southeast quarter of section 32, township 11 north, range 3 east, Humboldt meridian, California, containing 64 acres, more or less, and approve a lieu allotment selection described as the northeast quarter of northeast quarter, section 13, township 11 north, range 2 east, Humboldt meridian, California, comprising 40 acres, more or less, and issue a trust patent to all of the Indian heirs and a fee patent to all of the non-Indian heirs as their respective interests may appear.

If after reasonable search a non-Indian patentee cannot be located, the Secretary shall publish in a newspaper which is sold in the area where the lands are located a notice that the patent has been issued, and no claim against the United States with respect to the issuance of such patent or the cancellation of the trust patent to Dolly Mccovey shall be entertained by any court unless commenced within one year from the date the notice is published.

Approved, September 21, 1968.

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