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Public Law 187 | Chapter 422
July 28, 1955 | [H. R. 1802] 69 Stat. 391

To authorize the leasing of certain lands of the Yakima Tribe to the State of Washington for historical and for park purposes.
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Chap. 422 Ft. Simcoe, Wash. Indian land lease. 60 Stat. 962.
Sec. 2 392

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That, notwithstanding the Act entitled "An Act to authorize the leasing of Indian lands situated within the State of Washington for business and other purposes", approved August 9, 1946 (25 U. S. C., secs. 403b and 403c), or any other provision of law, the Yakima Tribe acting through its tribal council may lease to the State of Washington that land more particularly described in section 4 for the purpose of developing, maintaining, and preserving Fort Simcoe (Moot-Mool) for historical and for park purposes.

SEC. 2.

The lease entered into under authority of the first section of this Act—

(1) shall be null and void and the Yakima Tribe shall have the right of immediate possession if the State of Washington ever

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ceases to maintain Fort Simcoe (Mool-Mool) for historical and for park purposes;

(2) shall be entered into for a period of ninety-nine years;

(3) shall not contain any provision permitting the exploitation of any natural resource;

(4) shall specifically reserve to the Yakima Tribe all mineral and other subsurface rights in such lands which such tribe possesses on the date of enactment of this Act; and

(5) shall be entered into under such rules and regulations, and contain such other provisions, as the Secretary of the Interior shall prescribe.

SEC. 3.

The existing agreement between the Yakima Tribe and the State of Washington may be amended to comply with this Act.

SEC. 4.

The land on the Yakima Indian Reservation, Washington, which may be leased pursuant to this Act, is more particularly described as follows:

The east half of the northeast quarter of section 20, and the west half of the northwest quarter of section 21, and the west half of the east half of the northwest quarter of section 21, all in township 10 north, range 16 east, Wilhamette meridian, containing two hundred acres more or less.

(b) Such additional tribal lands of the Yakima Tribe as adjoin the land described in subsection (a) may, pursuant to all of the terms and conditions of this Act, be leased by such tribe, acting through its tribal council, to the State of Washington.

Approved, July 28, 1955.

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