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Chapter 328
July 25, 1947 [H.R. 2484] |  [Public Law 240] 61 Stat. 455

To authorize the payment of certain sums to jobbers in connection with their logging of timber for the Menominee Indians on the Menominee Reservation during the logging season 1934-35, and for other purposes.
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Margin Notes
Chap. 328 Menominee Indian Mills. Payment for logging of timber.
Chap. 328 Settlement of claims.
Sec. 2 Cancellation of balance due.
Sec. 3 Cancellation of other obligations.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized and directed to pay to the Menominee Indian Mills to the credit of the several accounts of Herman J. Fredenberg; Walter J. Peters, Senior; Charles J. Frechette; Joe Gristeau, Junior; James Tebeau; Joe Caldwell, Senior; John R. Pecore; Roy Oshkosh; Louis Tucker, Junior; James Warrington; Alexander Waupoose; Bernard Grignon; Earl Vaughn; Louis Washinawatok; Reuben Long; Nahpone Perote; George Smith; Paul Vigue, Senior, and Louis Vigue, operating as a partnership; Dan Wescott and Paul Vigue, Junior, operating as a partnership; and the estates of George Irving; Louis Kinepoway; John Tucker, Senior; Dominic Worden; John Mosehart; George Caldwell, John Okimosh; Anton Shawanometta; Mrs. Lillian Oshkosh, Louis Corn out of the Menominee 4 per centum fund, the sum of $1 for each one thousand feet of timber respectively logged by said parties on the Menominee Reservation during the logging season of 1934-35 according to the schedule prepared by the Menominee Indian Mills which schedule shall be approved by the general council of the Menominee Tribe. Said accounts shall be credited against the amounts, if any, respectively owed the Menominee Indian Mills by said parties without taking into account any procedural defenses of a personal nature which might have been interposed in an action at law to collect such debts, and the balance, if any, shall be paid to said parties or their heirs: Provided, however, That the foregoing amounts shall be in full payment of any and all claims which said parties may claim to have by reason of promises made by officers of the Menominee Indian Mills for the logging of timber during the logging season of 1934-35.

SEC. 2.

The Secretary of the Interior, or his duly authorized representative, is hereby authorized with the concurrence of the general council of the Menominee Indian Tribe to cancel any balance still due to the Menominee Indian Mills by any of the jobbers listed in section 1, after the amount allowable under the said section has been credited, if in his judgment the balance of the claim is uncollectible or inequitable.

SEC. 3.

The said Secretary, or his duly authorized representative, with the concurrence of the advisory council of the Menominee Indian Tribe may cancel other obligations due or which may become due to the Menominee Indian Mills when in his judgment such obligations are uncollectible.

Approved, July 25, 1947.

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