Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Volume V, page 180, insert:
[Seventy-first Congress, 2d Sess., Ch. 593, 1930]
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Chapter 593
June 24, 1930.  | [S. 3258.] 48 Stat., 805.

An Act To amend the Act entitled "An Act to provide that the United States shall aid the States in the construction of rural post roads, and for other purposes," approved July 11, 1916, as amended and supplemented, and for other purposes.
Section 2

Margin Notes
Chap. 593 Federal Highway Act.
42 Stat., p. 212, amended.
Chap. 593 Cooperative road construction, etc., through Federal reservations.
Chap. 593 Sums authorized to be apportioned among States.
Chap. 593 Proviso. Preference to projects on Federal-aid high-way system.
Chap. 593 Map published annually to show progress.
Sec. 2 Conflicting laws repealed.

Page 633

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Federal Highway Act, approved November 9, 1921 (Forty-second Statutes at Large, page 212), as amended or supplemented, be further amended by amending the second paragraph of section 3 of said Federal Highway Act to read as follows:

"The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized to cooperate with the State highway departments and with the Department of the Interior, in the survey, construction, reconstruction, and maintenance of main roads through unappropriated or unreserved public lands, nontaxable

Page 634

Indian lands, or other Federal reservations other than the forest reservations. Such sums as the Congress may hereafter authorize to be appropriated under the provisions of this section shall be apportioned among those States having more than 5 per centum of their area in the lands hereinbefore described and shall be prorated and apportioned to said States in the proportion that said lands in each of said States is to the total area of said lands in the States eligible under the provisions of this section, and no contribution from the States shall be required in the expenditure thereof: Provided, That in the allocation of any such funds authorized to be appropriated under this section or any subsequent Act preference shall be given to those projects which are located on the Federal-aid highway system as the same are now or may hereafter be designated.

"The Secretary of Agriculture shall prepare, publish, and distribute a map and other information, at least annually, showing the progress made in the expenditures of the funds authorized under this section."

SEC. 2.

All Acts or parts of Acts in any way inconsistent with the provisions of this Act are hereby repealed, and this Act. shall take effect on its passage.

Approved, June 24,1930.

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