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Chapter 124
February 13, 1931.  |  [S. 615.] 46 Stat., 1092.

An Act Authorizing an appropriation for payment to the Uintah, White River, and Uncompahgre Bands of Ute Indians in the State of Utah for certain lands, and for other purposes
Section 2

Margin Notes
Chap. 124 Uintah, etc., bands of Ute. Indians, Utah. Payment to, for certain lands of, authorized.
Chap. 124 Apportionment to bands.
Chap. 124 Provisos. Value of remaining lands to be ascertained.
Chap. 124 Prompt report thereof to Congress.
Chap. 124 Proportionate share credited to each bard.
Chap. 124 Interest allowed. Administration of fund.
Sec. 2 Attorneys’, etc., fees allowed.
Sec. 2 Provisos. To be determined upon a quantum meruit basis.
Sec. 2 Limitation.
Sec. 2 Satisfactory release required.

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Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there is hereby authorized to be appropriated the sum of $1,217,221.25 for payment, at the rate of $1.25 per acre, to the Uintah, White River, and Uncompahgre bands of Ute Indians in the State of Utah for nine hundred and seventy-three thousand seven hundred and seventy-seven acres of land belonging to such Indians being a part of the one million and ten thousand acres of land withdrawn from entry and sale by an Executive Order dated July 14, 1905, and included within the Uintah National Forest. Such sum shall be in full satisfaction of all claims of said Indians against the United States with respect. to such lands and shall, when appropriated, be apportioned by the Secretary of the Interior among the said bands of Indians in such amounts as in his opinion the interests of said bands require: Provided, That as to the balance of said one million and ten thousand acres, amounting to thirty-sip: thousand two hundred and twenty-three acres, which has heretofore been classified as coal lands, the Secretary of the Interior shall proceed with all convenient speed to ascertain the value thereof and report his findings with respect thereto to the Congress not later than six months after the approval of this Act for such action as to the Congress shall seem appropriate. The amounts so apportioned, less the amount of the attorneys’ fees determined as provided in section 2, shall be credited to such bands on the books of the Treasury Department, shall bear interest at the rate of 4 per centum per annum, and shall be disposed of in the same manner as now or hereafter provided by law for the disposition of other funds belonging to said Indians.

SEC. 2.

The Secretary of the Interior is authorized to determine and pay to any attorney, attorneys, or other persons who may have rendered or performed any actual service or necessarily expended any money in connection with the claim of said bands of Indians, upon which the amount herein authorized to be appropriated is based: Provided, That in determining the fees, as herein authorized, the Secretary of the Interior may consider all contracts or agreements entered into by said bands of Indians with any attorney, attorneys, or other persons, who may have represented them in the prosecution of their claim, and determine the compensation in each case upon a quantum meruit basis: Provided further, That the aggregate of fees and expenses allowed shall not exceed 5 per centum of the amount herein authorized to be appropriated, to be paid out of the appropriation when made pursuant to this Act: And provided further, That before any money is aid to any attorney, attorneys, or person, they shall first execute an deliver to the Secretary of the Interior a satisfaction and a discharge in writing of all claims and demands for services rendered and expenses incurred for said bands of Indians in the matter of their said claim.

Approved, February 13, 1931.

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