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Chapter 369

Margin Notes
Chap. 369 Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, S. Dak. Sale of lands on, to Milwaukee Land Company, for town site.
Chap. 369 Payment.
Chap. 369 Proceeds to Indians.
    35 Stat., 463, ante, 373.
Chap. 369 Proviso. Reservation for public purposes.
Chap. 369 Construction of buildings, etc.

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Chapter 369
    June 23, 1910. [H. R. 22642.] | [Public, No. 255.] 36 Stat., 602.
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An act to authorize the Secretary of the Interior to sell a portion of the unallotted lands in the Cheyenne Indian Reservation, in South Dakota, to the Milwaukee Land Company for town-site purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized, under such rules, regulations, and conditions as he may prescribe, to sell to the Milwaukee Land Company, a corporation organized and existing under and by virtue of the laws of the State of Iowa and doing business in the State of South Dakota, the northeast quarter and north half of the southeast quarter of section thirty-two; the northwest quarter and north half of the southwest quarter of section thirty-three, all in township seventeen, north of range twenty-two east, containing four hundred and eighty acres, and lots one and two, and the south half of the northeast quarter and south half of the northwest quarter and north half of the southwest quarter, all in section two, township twelve, north of range eighteen east, containing three hundred and twenty-three and two one-hundredths acres of the surplus and unallotted lands in the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, in the State of South Dakota, for town-site purposes. The price of the lands shall be fixed by appraisement, to be made under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, which price shall not be less than

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twenty-five dollars per acre; that upon payment of the price fixed as herein provided patent shall issue to the said Milwaukee Land Company for the lands purchased; the proceeds thereof except as hereinafter provided shall be credited to the Indians in the manner and form prescribed in section six of the act of May twenty-ninth, nineteen hundred and eight: Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to set apart and reserve for school, park, and other public purposes not more than ten acres in each town site herein sold and conveyed, and patents shall be issued for the lands so set apart and reserved for school, park, and other purposes to the municipality legally charged with the care and custody of lands donated for such purposes; and he shall cause at least twenty per centum of the net proceeds arising from the sale of the lands herein provided for to be set apart and expended under his direction in the construction of school houses or other public buildings or in improvements in the respective town sites.

Approved, June 23, 1910.

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