Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Chapter 180

Margin Notes
Chap. 180 Oklahoma Territory. Lands ceded by Wichita etc., Indians open to commutation town-site entries.
    26 Stat. 91.

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Chapter 180
    Mar. 11, 1902. | 32 Stat., 63.
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An act providing for the commutation for town-site purposes of homestead entries in certain portions of Oklahoma.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That that portion of section twenty-two of the Act approved May second, eighteen hundred and ninety, entitled “An Act to provide a temporary government for the Territory of Oklahoma, to enlarge the jurisdiction of the United States court in the Indian Territory, and for other porposes,” providing for the commutation for town-site purposes of homestead entries in certain instances, be, and the same is hereby, made applicable to the lands in the Territory of Oklahoma ceded to the United States by the Wichita and affiliated bands of Indians and the Comanche, Kiowa, and Apache tribes of Indians, under agreements, respectively, ratified by the Acts of Congress of March second, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, and June sixth, nineteen hundred.

Approved, March 11, 1902.

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