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Joint Resolution No. 6

Margin Notes
J. R. 6 Preamble.
    See note to 1878, c. 200, ante, p. 175.
J. R. 6 Citizen Band, Potawatomi Indians. Payments may be made to them in Kansas.
    Ante, p. 411.

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Resolution No. 6
    Apr. 6, 1892. | 27 Stat., 394.
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Joint resolution construing article four of the agreement with th Citizen Band of Pottawatomie Indians in Oklahoma Territory and elsewhere.

Whereas the provisions of the articles of agreement by and between the United States and the Citizen Band of Pottawatomie Indians, residing in Oklahoma Territory and elsewhere, ratified by Congress March 3, 1891, requires that large sums of money be paid to them in said tract of country which is construed to mean said Territory of Oklahoma; and

Whereas many members of said band of Indians reside in Kansas who through age, poverty, and sickness suffer great hardships by being compelled to go to said Territory to receive their payments: Therefore

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That article four of said agreement be, and the same is hereby, construed so as to authorize the Secretary of the Interior in his discretion to direct the proper officers of the Department of the Interior to make the payments, as they fall due, to the members of said band residing in Kansas at some point in their original reservation in said State as will accommodate the greatest number of said Indians.

Approved, April 6, 1892.

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