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Chapter 255
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Margin Notes
Chap. 255 Omaha Indians of Nebraska. Anticipation of annuities.
    1882, c. 434, ante, p. 212, and note.
Chap. 255 Appropriation
Chap. 255 Provisos. Distribution.
    Vol. 2. p. 612.
Chap. 255 Payment by special agent.
Sec. 2 Extension time for purchase of Omaha Indian Reservation lands.
    Ante, p. 212.
Sec. 2 Provisos. Interest.
Sec. 3 Purchasers in default to pay in sixty days.
Sec. 3 Forfeited lands to be sold at auction.
Sec. 3 Proceeds.
Sec. 4 Land to Woman’s National Indian Association.

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Chapter 255
    May 15, 1888. | 25 Stat., 150.
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An act for the relief of the Omaha tribe of Indians in Nebraska, to extend time of payment to purchasers of land of said Indians, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That in view of the advanced condition in civilization of the Omaha tribe of Indians in the State of Nebraska, and to enable said tribe to further improve their condition by making improvements upon their homesteads by the purchase of stock, cattle, agricultural implements, and other necessary articles, and in accordance with their wishes, there is hereby appropriated, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of seventy thousand dollars, being the last seven installments of ten thousand dollars, each unappropriated, and secured to said Indians under the fourth article of their treaty dated March sixteenth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four, to be paid per capita in two annual installments of thirty-five thousand dollars each: Provided, That payment of the second installment shall be made contingent upon their advancement and improvement, and in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior: And provided further, That said money shall be paid to said Indians per capita by a special agent appointed for that

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purpose by the Secretary of the Interior, which agent shall in person direct and advise the expenditure of the same by such Indians in the manner most conducive to their present welfare. He shall give a bond for the faithful performance of his duties and be paid for his services out of said money such reasonable compensation as shall be determined by said Secretary. He shall report to said Secretary, in detail, his doings hereunder.

SEC. 2

That the Secretary of the Interior be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to extend the time of the payment of the purchase-money due for land sold on Omaha Indian Reservation under the sales made by virtue of an act to provide for the sale of a part of the reservation of the Omaha tribe of Indians in the State of Nebraska, and for other purposes, approved August seventh, eighteen hundred and eighty-two, as follows: The time of each payment shall be extended for the period of two years beyond the time now fixed: Provided, That the interest on said payments shall be paid annually at the time said payments of interest are due: And provided further, That the above act mentioned, except as changed and modified by this act, shall remain in full force.

SEC. 3

The Secretary of the Interior is hereby directed to declare forfeited all lands sold under said act upon which the purchaser shall be in default, under existing law, for sixty days after the passage of this act, in payment of any part of the purchase-money, or in the payment of any interest on such purchase-money for the period of two years previous to the expiration of said sixty days. The Secretary of the Interior shall thereupon without delay cause all such land, together with all tracts of land embraced in said act not heretofore sold, to be sold by public auction, after due notice, to the highest bidder over and above the original appraisal thereof, upon the terms of payment authorized in said act. And the proceeds of all such sales shall be covered into the Treasury, to be disposed of for the sole use of said Omaha tribe of Indians, in such manner as shall be hereafter determined by law.

SEC. 4

That the Secretary of the Interior, with the consent of the Omaha tribe of Indians, expressed in such manner as he may determine, be, and he hereby is, authorized to set apart, from the unallotted and unassigned lands of said Omaha Indians, in the State of Nebraska, not to exceed five acres of land, for the use and occupancy of the Woman’s National Indian Association, to be used by the said association for missionary and educational purposes among the Indians; and the use and occupancy of the land so set apart to inure to said association and its successors so long as the same is used for the purposes herein specified.

Approved, May 15, 1888.

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