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Chapter 55

Margin Notes
Chap. 55 Preamble.
Chap. 55 Cutting dead and down timber on Menominee Reservation, Wisconsin.
Chap. 55 Indian agent, Green Bay Agency, Wisconsin, instructions to by Commissioner of Indian Affairs, legalized.
    See note to 1874. c. 146, ante, p. 153.
Chap. 55 Rights of the State preserved.

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Chapter 55
    Mar. 31, 1882. | 22 Stat., 36.
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An act to confirm certain instructions given by the Department of the Interior to the Indian agent at Green Bay Agency in the State of Wisconsin, and to legalize the acts done and permitted by said Indian agent pursuant thereto.

Whereas on the twenty-eighth day of November, eighteen hundred and eighty-one, the commissioner of the Indian Affairs addressed to the Indian agent at the Green Bay Agency, in the State of Wisconsin, a letter of instructions as follows, namely:

Washington, November 28, 1881.

“E. STEPHENS, United States Indian Agent “
     Green Bay Agency, Wisconsin:

“SIR: I notice in your annual report a statement that the Indians of your agency complain that they are not allowed to dispose of the dead and down timber going to waste on their reserve.

“You are hereby informed that the sale of such timber is allowed by this office; but great care must be taken by you to see that the Indians dispose of only surplus dead or down wood which without such disposition would soon become worthless, and that they do not take advantage of this permission to cut other timber, in violation of section two hundred and sixty-two, ‘Instructions to Indian Agents.’

“Personal oversight should be exercised by you of the bargains and sales made by Indians under this authority, and that they should under- stand that a failure to observe the restrictions of this permission will result in a forfeiture of the permit
     “Yours respectfully

“Commissioner”; and

Whereas, under the authority supposed to be conferred by the said letter of instructions, said Indian agent permitted the Indians upon the reservations under the charge of the said agency to proceed to cut into logs a considerable quantity of timber of the kind designated in said letter of instructions, in which work they are now engaged; and

Whereas the authority of said Commissioner to authorize such sale, disposal, cutting, or removal of such timber has been called in question Therefore,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of American in Congress assembled, That the instructions of said Commissioner of Indian Affairs contained in the above recited letter to the said Indian agent at the Green Bay Agency, in the State of Wisconsin, be, and the same are hereby, ratified and confirmed, and all acts done or permitted by said agent in pursuance thereof are hereby legalized and declared valid; and the disposal of all timber cut or prepared for market, or which may be cut or prepared for market during the logging season of the present year, is hereby authorized in conformity with said instructions; and the logs or timber so cut shall be subject to all remedies which are provided by the laws of the State of Wisconsin to enforce liens upon logs or timber.

Approved, March 31, 1882.

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