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Chapter 190

Margin Notes
Chap. 190 Oto and Missouri and Sauk and Fox reservation in Kansas.
   Ante, p. 167.
   See note to 1881, ch. 128, post, p. 190.
   See note to 1885, ch. 337, post, p. 228.
Chap. 190 Portion to be sold.
Chap. 190 Persons intending to settle, and who settle within three months, allowed to purchase.
Chap. 190 Proviso, Terms.
Chap. 190 Interest, Proviso, Price.
Chap. 190 Settlers may buy more than 160 acres in certain cases.
Chap. 190 Proviso. Present occupants may be allowed further time to make payments.

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Chapter 190
    Mar. 3, 1879. | 20 Stat., 471.
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An act to amend an act to provide for the sale of a portion of the reservation of the Confederated Otoe and Missouria and the Sac and Fox of the Missouri tribes of Indians in the States of Kansas and Nebraska.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That section three of the act of August fifteenth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six, chapter three hundred and eight, entitled “An act to provide for the sale of a portion of the reservation of the Confederated Otoe and Missouria and the Sac and Fox of the Missouri tribes of Indians,” be, and the same hereby is, amended so as to read as follows:

That after the survey and appraisement of said lands, the Secretary of the Interior shall be, and is hereby, authorized to offer one hundred

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and twenty thousand acres from the western side of the same for sale, through the United States public land-office at Beatrice, Nebraska, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres for cash, to actual settlers, or persons who shall make oath before the register or receiver of the land office at Beatrice, Nebraska, that they intend to occupy the land for authority to purchase which they make application, and who shall within three months from the date of such application make a permanent settlement upon the same, in tracts not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres to each purchaser: Provided, That if, in the judgment of the Secretary of the Interior, it shall be more advantageous to sell said lands upon deferred payments, he may, with the consent of the Indians expressed in open council, dispose of the same upon the following terms as to payments, that is to say, one-third in cash, one-third in one year, and one-third in two years from date of sale, with interest at the rate of six per centum per annum: And provided further, That no portion of said land shall be sold at less than the appraised value thereof, and in no case less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre: And provided further, That whenever a settler on any of the lands subject to sale under the act to which this is amendatory shall apply to purchase a tract containing a small excess over one hundred and sixty acres, owing to the legal subdivisions being made fractional by boundary-line of reservation, township or section line, his application shall not be rejected on account of such excess; but, if no other objection exist the purchase shall be allowed as in other cases: And provided further, That bona fide claimants at present occupying lands under the provisions of the act of which this is amendatory may in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior be allowed additional time for making the deferred payments required by said act for the lands so claimed and occupied by them in good faith, not exceeding one year on each payment so required to be made.

Approved, March 3, 1879.

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