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Chapter 97

Margin Notes
Chap. 97 Payment of annuities to Seminole Indians.
    See note to 1898, ch. 542, post, p. 662.
Chap. 97 How moneys may be expended.
Chap. 97 School fund.
Chap. 97 Consent of tribe required.

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Chapter 97
    Apr. 15, 1874. | 18 Stat. L., 29.
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An act authorizing the payment of annuities into the treasury of the Seminole tribe of Indians.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the sanction of the Secretary of the Interior and the President of the United States, in distributing and paying annuities, interest, or other moneys now due or hereafter to become due to the Seminole tribe of Indians under the provisions of the eighth article of the treaty between the Creek and Seminole Indians and the United States, concluded August seventh, eighteen hundred and fifty-six, shall be authorized to expend the same for such objects as will best promote the comfort, civilization, and improvement of the Seminole Indians, or in his discretion, with the sanction of the Secretary and the President aforesaid, shall be authorized to pay such annuities or any part thereof into the treasury of the Seminole nation to be used as the council of the same shall provide, instead of paying the same per capita according to the terms of said treaty: Provided, That said agreement shall provide that the sum of five thousand dollars shall be annually appropriated out of said annuity to the school fund of said tribe: And provided further. That the consent of said tribe to such expenditures and payment shall be first obtained.

Approved, April 15, 1874.

NOTE.—Indians withhold assent. (See letter to Hon. W. A. Richardson, February 26, 1879, L. B., 55, p. 482.)

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