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    Vol. 2. p. 956.
Agreement with Lake Traverse Indians.
Ante, p. 432.
Lands on Lake Traverse Reservation, North and South Dakota, open to settlement Apr. 15, 1892.
No persons permitted to enter until day of opening.
Lands attached to land districts.
Fargo district, N. Dak.
Watertown district, S. Dak.

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Apr. 11, 1892. | 27 Stat., 1017.

Whereas, by the third article of the treaty between the United States of America and the Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Dakota or Sioux Indians, concluded February 19, 1867, proclaimed May 2, 1867 (15 U. S. Statutes, p. 505), the United States set apart and reserved for certain of said Indians certain lands, particularly described, being situated partly in North Dakota and partly in South Dakota, and known as the Lake Traverse Reservation; and

Whereas, by agreement made with said Indians residing on said reservation, dated December 12, 1889, they conveyed, as set forth in article one thereof, to the United States, all their title and interest in and to all the unallotted lands within the limits of the reservation set apart as aforesaid remaining after the allotments shall have been made, which are provided for in article four of the agreement, as follows:

That there shall be allotted to each individual member of the bands of Indians, parties hereto, a sufficient quantity, which, with the lands heretofore allotted, shall make in each case one hundred and sixty acres, and in case no allotment has been

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made to any individual member of said bands, then an allotment of one hundred and sixty acres shall be made to such individual

Whereas, it is provided in article two of said agreement,

That the cession, sale, relinquishment, and conveyance of the lands described in article one of this agreement shall not take effect and be in force until the sum of $342,778.37, together with the sum of $18,400, shall have been paid to said bands of Indians, as set forth and stipulated in article third of this agreement;

Whereas, it is provided in the act of Congress approved March 3, 1891 (26 U. S. Statutes, pp. 1036-1038, Sec. 30), accepting and ratifying the agreement with said Indians:

That the lands by said agreement ceded, sold, relinquished, and conveyed to the United States shall immediately, upon the payment to the parties entitled thereto of their share of the funds made immediately available by this act, and upon the completion of the allotments as provided for in said agreement, be subject only to entry and settlement under the homestead and townsite laws of the United States, excepting the sixteenth and thirty-sixth sections of said lands, which shall be reserved for common school purposes, and be subject to the laws of the State wherein located: Provided, That patents shall not issue until the settler or entryman shall have paid to the United States the sum of two dollars and fifty cents per acre for the land taken up by such homesteader, and the title to the lands so entered shall remain in the United States until said money is duly paid by such entryman or his legal representatives, or his widow, who shall have the right to pay the money and complete the entry of her deceased husband in her own name, and shall receive a patent for the same,

Whereas, Payment as required by said act, has been made by the United States; and

Whereas, Allotments as provided for in said agreement, as now appears by the records of the Department of the Interior will have been made, approved, and completed, and all other terms and considerations required will have been complied with on the day and hour hereinafter fixed for opening said lands to settlement.

Now, therefore, I, Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States, do hereby declare and make known that all of the lands embraced in said reservation, saving and excepting the lands reserved for and allotted to said Indians, and the lands reserved for other purposes in pursuance of the provisions of said agreement and the said act of Congress ratifying the same and other, the laws relating thereto will, at and after the hour of twelve o’clock noon (central standard time) on the fifteenth day of April, A. D. eighteen hundred and ninety-two, and not before, be opened to settlement under the terms of and subject to all the terms and conditions, limitations, reservations, and restrictions contained in said agreements, the statutes above specified, and the laws of the United States applicable thereto.

The lands to be opened for settlement are for greater convenience particularly described in the accompanying schedule, entitled “Schedule of lands within the Lake Traverse Reservation opened to settlement by proclamation of the President dated April 11, 1892,” and which schedule is made a part hereof.

Warning, moreover, is hereby given that until said lands are opened to settlement as herein provided, all persons, save said Indians, are forbidden to enter upon and occupy the same or any part thereof.

And further notice is hereby given that it has been duly ordered that the lands mentioned and included in this Proclamation shall be, and the same are attached to the Fargo and Watertown land districts, in said States, as follows:

1.    All that portion of the Lake Traverse Reservation, commencing at the northwest corner of said reservation; thence south 12 degrees

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2 minutes west, following the west boundary of the reservation to the new seventh standard parallel, or boundary line between the States of North and South Dakota; thence east, following the new seventh standard parallel to its intersection with the north boundary of said Indian reservation; thence northwesterly with said boundary to the place of beginning, is attached to the Fargo land district, the office of which is now located at Fargo, North Dakota.

2.    All that portion of the Lake Traverse Reservation, commencing at a point where the new seventh standard parallel intersects the west boundary of said reservation; thence southerly along the west boundary of said reservation to its extreme southern limit; thence northerly along the east boundary of said reservation to Lake Traverse; thence north with said lake to the northeast corner of the Lake Traverse Indian Reservation; thence westerly with the north boundary of said reservation to its intersection with the new seventh standard parallel, or boundary line between the States of North and South Dakota; thence with the new seventh standard parallel to the place of beginning, is attached to the Watertown land district, the office of which is now located at Watertown, South Dakota.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed.

Done at the City of Washington this eleventh day of April, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two, and of the Independence of the United States the one hundred and sixteenth.



By the President:
          Secretary of State.

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