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Vol. 4—1939

Blackfeet Reservation, Montana—Order of Restoration
Townsite of Wadsworth, Nevada—Order of Restoration
Executive Order—Transfer of Jurisdiction Over Certain Lands From the Secretary of Agriculture to the      Secretary of the Interior
Washoe Tribe of Indians, Nevada—Lands Proclaimed as Reservation
Lands Proclaimed to be an Indian Reservation for use of Sokaogon Chippewa Community
Flathead Indian Reservation, Montana—Order of Restoration Amended
Temporary Withdrawal of Lands Modifying New Mexico Grazing District No. 2, and Departmental      Withdrawal of July 8, 1931
Modification and Order Establishing Grazing District No. 7 in the State of New Mexico
Executive Order—Extension of Trust Periods on Indian Lands Expiring During Calender Year 1940
Del Norte and Humboldt Counties, California—Indian Reservation Proclaimed
Carson National Forest—Order of Segregation

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VOLUME 4—1939
February 23, 1939 | [No. 8055]

Transfer of Jurisdiction Over Certain Lands From the Secretary of Agriculture to the Secretary of the Interior

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WHEREAS the hereinafter-described lands located within the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana have been acquired under authority of Title II of the National Industrial Recovery Act, approved June 16, 1933 (48 Stat. 195, 200), in connection with the Milk River (LA-MT 2) Land Utilization Project of the Department of Agriculture; and

WHEREAS by Executive Order No. 7908, dated June 9, 1938,1 all the right, title, and interest of the United States in such lands was transferred to the Secretary of Agriculture for use, administration, and disposition in accordance with the provisions of Title III of the Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, approved July 22, 1937 (50 Stat. 522, 525), and the related provisions of Title IV thereof; and

WHEREAS it appears that the transfer of jurisdiction over such lands from the Secretary of Agriculture to the Secretary of the Interior for administrative purposes would be in the public interest:

NOW, THEREFORE, by virtue of and pursuant to the authority vested in me by section 32, Title III of the said Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, it is ordered that jurisdiction over the hereinafter-described

13 F.R. 1389 DI.

Page 1429

lands, together with all improvements thereon, acquired by the United States in connection with the Milk River (LA-MT 2) Project, be, and it is hereby, transferred from the Secretary of Agriculture to the Secretary of the Interior; and the Secretary of the Interior is hereby authorized to administer such lands, through the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, for the benefit of such Indians as the Secretary may designate, under such conditions of use and administration as will best carry out the purposes of the land-conservation and land-utilization program for which such lands were acquired:


Montana Meridian

T. 30 N., R. 42 E.,
Sec. 19, E ½ SE ¼;
Sec. 20, NW ¼ SW ¼;
Sec. 30, NE ¼ NE ¼;

T.30 N., R. 43 E., Sec. 18, lots 1 and 2, and E ½ NW ¼;

T. 32 N., R. 41 E.,
Sec. 6, lots 1 to 4, inclusive;
Sec. 35, N ½ SE ¼, W ½ NE ¼, and NW ¼;
Sec. 36, N ½;

T. 32 N., R. 43 E.,
Sec. 23, SW ¼;
Sec. 26, NW ¼;
Sec. 35, NE ¼ SE ¼;

T. 32 N., R. 45 E.,
Sec. 5, S ½ SE ¼;
Sec. 10, W ½ SW ¼, SE ¼ SW ¼, and SW ¼ SE ¼;
Sec. 16, NE ¼ NE ¼;

T. 33 N., R. 39 E., Sec. 25, lot 5;

T. 33 N., R. 40 E.,
Sec. 30, lots 3 and 4, E ½ SW ¼, W ½ SE ¼, and SE ¼ SE ¼;
Sec. 35, S ½ SE ¼, and S ½ SW ¼;

T. 33 N., R. 42 E.,
Sec. 31, lots 3 and 4, S ½ SE ¼, and E ½ SW ¼;
Sec. 32, S ½ SW ¼.


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