Vols. VI & VII, Laws     (Compiled from February 10, 1939 to January 13, 1971)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office

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Volumes VI & VII


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Page 1674

Galen, Mont.:
            State tuberculosis sanatorium, cooperation with state in construction, payment for treatment of Indians
                      Appropriation 414, 439
Galic Creek Indians, Oreg., termination of federal supervision 641, 1499
Gallup-Durango Highway, Navajo Reservation:
           Annual appropriation authorized
                      Repeal 733
           Appropriation 25, 77, 130, 169, 212, 251,281, 306, 349
           Navajo tribal funds relieved of reimbursable obligations 733
Gambling Devices, restrictions on manufacture, sale, etc., in Indian country 526
Game. SeeWildlife.
Ganado Irrigation Project, Ariz., construction, maintenance, etc., appropriation 13, 67, 119, 159, 202, 240, 272
Garrison Dam and Reservoir Project. See Fort Berthold Reservation—Garrison Dam and Reservoir Project.
Gavins Point Dam and Reservoir Project, payment for property losses 772
Genoa Indian School, Nebr., conveyance to state 513

Page 1675

Geothermal Leases, conditions of issue, Indian lands excluded 1215
Gifts for Advancement of the Indian Race, acceptance 1131
Gila Pueblo, Ariz., acquisition by Secretary of Interior 560
Gila River, Ariz., ssettlement of water rights claims appropriation 275, 304
Gila River Basin Project, authorized 426
Gila River Reservation, Ariz.:
           Buildings transferred to BIA for housing of Indian veterans
Irrigation See San Carlos Indian Irrigation Project
           Long-term leases 1108
Giles McNulty and Thomas Wilson Indian Reservations, Alabama:
           Release of U.S. interest in tract
Golden Eagle, protection, exception for religious purposes of Indian tribes 989
Goodin, B.H., His Heirs or Assigns, right to maintain a suit to partition certain land in Cleveland County, Oklahoma 333
Goshute Reservation, Nev., lands open to entry 1462
Government Records, records of certain tribes, title to; possession, certified copies of 551
Grand Coulee Dam (Columbia Basin) Project:
           Acquisition of Indian lands on Colville and Spokane Reservations
86, 258
Reservoir lands reserved for hunting, fishing and boating 86
Grand Portage National Monument, Minn.:
           Preference in employment for members of Minnesota Chippewa Tribe 860
Grand Portage Reservation, Minn. See also Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.
           Condemnation of lands for state highway authorized 170
           Lands relinquished for Grand Portage National Monument 859
Lands restored to tribal ownership 1421
           Roadless and wild areas (Fort Charlotte and Grand Portage) 1411
Grand River Dam Project, Okla.:
           Flowage easement on Seneca Indian School lands
           Lands conveyed for, consent of Indians 59
           U.S. Indian school lands to be used for flowage 322
Grand Ronde Community, Confederated Tribes, Oreg., termination of federal supervision 641, 1499
Granite Falls Indian Community. See Upper Sioux Indian Community
Graton Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1558
Grave (Creek) Indians, Oreg., termination of federal supervision 641, 1499
Gray, Charlie, homestead site on Chilocco Indian Industrial School Reserve conveyed to 943
Fees from ceded Indian lands, disposition
                      Appropriation 453, 514, 548
           Permits and Fees 366
           Preference rights for users of restored public lands 617
Great Falls Subsistence Homestead, Mont., authority for sale; use of proceeds to enlarge Rocky Boy's Reservation, Mont. 509
Great Lakes Agency, Wis.:
           Construction and repair, appropriation
           Construction of school at Hunter, Wis., appropriation 414
Great Lakes Basin Project, authorized 426
Great Plains Water Conservation and Utilization Projects:
Repayment of construction, costs on Indian lands 101
Great Smoky Mountains National Park, grant of lands to Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, payment, etc. 58
Greater Leech Lake Reservation, Minn. See Cass Lake Reservation, Leech Lake Reservation, White Oak Point Reservation.
Greene Ville, Treaty of, provision for observance and celebration of anniversary of signing 286
Greenville Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1561
Greenwood, Esau, homestead site on Chilocco Indian Industrial School Reserve conveyed to 943
Gros Ventres (Hidatsa) Indians on Fort Berthold Reservation. See Fort Berthold Reservation.
Guidiville Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1556, 1584

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