Vols. VI & VII, Laws     (Compiled from February 10, 1939 to January 13, 1971)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office

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Volumes VI & VII


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Page 1668

Dalles Dam, Columbia River, Wash. and Oreg.:
           Lands of Yakima Tribe exchanged
           Payments to Indians for impairment of fishing rights 583, 702, 742, 788, 853
                      Not subject to federal or state tax 881
Dania Indian Reservation, Fla.:
           Designation as Hollywood Indian Reservation
           Long-term leases 950
Deeds of Trust on Individual Trust or Restricted Land, authorized 722
           Indian child—
                      Educational aid payments
           Indian country—
                      Criminal code
                      Liquor offenses 396
           Indian lands—
                      As federally owned or administered forest lands, forest management agreements
                      School construction assistance 719, 822, 1115, 1275
           Indian reclamation project 28,
           Indian reservation—
                      As community, economic opportunity program
1109, 1110, 1348, 1352
           Indian reservation roads and bridges 839
                      federal-aid highways 1216
           Indian tribal organization, embezzlement and theft from 757
           Indian tribe—
                      As local public body or agency, community facilities grants
1048, 1369
                      As public agency, juvenile delinquency control assistance 1141, 1390
                      As unit of local government, lead-based paint poisoning prevention grants 1220
                      Excepted from definition of employer, equal employment opportunity 1007, 1340
           Indian tribe, band, group or nation—
                      As local public body, open-space land preservation grants
1217, 1340
                      As state, urban renewal assistance 1181, 1329
           Indian tribe or authorized Indian tribal organization—
                      As municipality, water pollution control assistance
1090, 1295
           Indian tribe performing law enforcement functions—
                      As unit of general local government, law enforcement assistance
1134, 1383
           Nonprofit institution or organization of Indian tribe—
                      As local eductional agency, bilingual education grants
1186, 1281
           Real property of Indians, trust or restricted—
                      As federal property, educational aid payments
525, 822, 1269, 1277
           Tribal government of Indian reservation—
                      As political subdivision of state, community action programs
1110, 1353
Delaware Indians, Absentee, Okla. See also Wichita and Affiliated Bands.
           Judgment funds, disposition
Delaware Nation of Indians:
           Actions in state courts to quiet title to lands described in treaty of October 3, 1818, authorized
           Judgment funds, disposition 1151
Delaware River Basin Project, authorized 425
           Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966 1091
Denehotso Day School, Navajo Indian Reservation, appropriation for construction of a dormitory 243
Devil's Lake Sioux Tribe, Fort Totten (Devil's Lake) Reservation, N. Dak.:
           East Side and Crow Hill day Schools, transfer to tribe authorized

Page 1669

Devil's Lake Sioux Tribe—Cont.
           Lands donated to
           State jurisdiction over offenses committed on reservation 294
Diocese of San Diego Education and Welfare Corporation, land conveyance from the Pala Band of Indians 927
Diomede Native Village, Alaska, reservation designated 1459
District Courts, Jurisdiction of. See Jurisdiction, federal.
Drug Rehabilitation Program
Duchesne, Utah, sale of certain Indian lands in 496
Duckwater Reservation, Nev., reservation proclaimed 1436
Duwamish Tribe of Indians, judgment funds, disposition 1071

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