Vols. VI & VII, Laws     (Compiled from February 10, 1939 to January 13, 1971)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office

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Volumes VI & VII


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Page 1658

Babb, Mont., townsite restored to ownership of Blackfeet Tribe 1497
Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians, Wis. See also Chippewa Indians, Wis.
           Lands excluded from Apostle Islands National Lakeshore
Badlands National Monument, S. Dak.:
           Boundary revision
           Exchange of lands between U. S. and Oglala Sioux Tribe, Pine Ridge Reservation 1144, 1168
Bald Eagle, protections, exception for religious purposes of Indian tribes 989
Bannock Tribe. See Shoshone-Bannock Tribes.
Barrow Native Village, Alaska:
           Public lands withdrawn for proposed designation as reserve
1459, 1486
           Reserve established 1472
                      Revoked 1482
Battle Mountain Colony of Indians, Nev., lands placed in trust 1102
Beaverhead National Forest, Mont., lands excluded from, and added to, the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument 1223
Bernalillo County Hospital, N. Mex.:
           Construction, payments for treatment of Indians, appropriation authorized
                      Extended 624
           Land conveyance 446
Big Bend Dam and Reservoir Project:
           Acquisition and payment for lands—
                      Crow Creek Sioux Reservation
                      Lower Brule Sioux Reservation 972
           Payment of individual claims 1137
           Time extension for suit filed by Indian rejecting payment 1135
Big Hole Battlefield National Monument, Mont.:
           Lands added to
           Revision of boundaries and name 990
Big Sandy Rancheria, Calif., distribution of land and assets authorized 831
Big Valley Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1556, 1557
Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, establishment 1073
           Crow Indian Tribe, lands, hunting and fishing rights, etc. 1074
Birds, Migratory, protection 1235, 1236
Bismarck Indian School Plant, N. Dak., conveyed to State of North Dakota 258
Blackfeet Highway, Mont., police jurisdiction retroceded to Montana 798
Blackfeet Indian Irrigation Project:
           Irrigation charges, deferment approved
           Piegan unit conveyed to landowners 1005
Blackfeet Tribe, Blackfeet Reservation, Mon.:
           Babb townsite restored to tribal ownership
           Browning townsite restored to tribal ownership 1506
           Construction and repair, appropriation 131, 170
           General support and administration of Indian property, appropriation 307
           Industrial assistance, appropriation 65, 417, 460
           Irrigation project, appropriation 15, 17, 68, 70, 120, 160, 162, 203, 241, 273, 289, 456
           Lands—                      Conveyances of individually owned land See Conveyances—Blackfeet Reservation
                      Fee Patents—
                                 Authority to issue to holders of exchange assignments
                                 Individual fee patents issued See Fee patents—Blackfeet Reservation
                      Homestead allotments, removal of restrictions on alienation 582
                      Purchase and lease, appropriation 199, 270

Page 1659

                      Restored to tribal ownership
1428, 1435, 1497, 1502, 1506, 1532, 1533, 1538, 1569, 1581
                      Sale of certain allotted land 553
                      Sale to Cut Bank, Montana 142
28, 80, 133, 172, 214, 252, 283, 311, 317
                      Blackfeet Highway and connecting roads, retrocession to Montana 798
Blue Lake Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1560
Blue Ridge Parkway, N. C.:
           Conveyance of land within Cherokee Reservation to State of North Carolina
           Exchange of U. S. and Cherokee lands 448
Bois Fort (Nett Lake) Reservation, Minn. See also Minnesota Chippewa Tribe.
           Lands restored to tribal ownership
Bonneville Project:
           Replacement of Indian fishing grounds submerged or destroyed by construction of dam
263, 698
           Right-of-way across Yakima Reservation 38
Boundary Markers and Warning Signs on Indian Reservations, penalty for destruction 910
Bozeman Trail Ditch Co., Mont., payments for maintenance of irrigation systems on Crow Reservations, appropriation 15, 69, 121, 160, 203, 242
Bridges. See Roads, highways and bridges.
Broward County Reservation, Fla. See Hollywood Indian Reservation.
Browning, Mont., museum, appropriation
123, 162, 205, 243, 276, 302, 347, 412, 455
           Townsite restored to ownership of Blackfeet Tribe 1506
Buena Vista Rancheria, Calif.:
           Distribution of land and assets authorized
           Termination of federal supervision 1533
Buffalo Bill Dam and Reservoir, Wyo., name changed from Shoshone Dam and Reservoir 288
Buildings, Federally Owned, on Tribal Lands, authority of Secretary of Interior to convey to tribes 773
Bureau of Indian Affairs:
           Abolishment of offices in certain states, sense of Congress resolution
           Appropriations See Appropriations—Bureau of Indian Affairs
           Assistant and deputy commissioners, appointment
           Bidders, requirement of submission of checks or bonds repealed 4
           Commissioner of Indian Affairs, authority delegated by the Secretary of Interior 318
                      Compensation 1016, 1065
           Contracts for utility facilities authorized 942
                      Classified status conferred on certain Indians exempted from Civil Service examination
                      Indians exempted from Civil Service examination 1400
                      Permission to hold state, municipal or local office 1400
Burnside Consolidated School District Numbered 3. Goodhue County, Minn., BIA funds available for school facilities 571
           BIA funds available for school facilities 571
Bushnell General Hospital, Brigham City, Utah, transfer to Secretary of Interior for vocational school, etc. 433
           Appropriation for conversion 436

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