Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Volume V


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Page 866

Oakland Reservation, Okla.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain allotments which will expire during                       1928
O'Bryan, Barbara E.,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, Eva,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, Gerald,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, John F.,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, Richard,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, Rose Ellen,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
O'Bryan, Rosella,
           payment to, for value of allotment
                      Appropriation for 58
Odekirk, Hannah,
           issue of homestead patent to
Oglala, S. Dak.,
           appropriation for construction at Indian school
Oglethorpe National Trail and Parkway,
           appropriation authorized for survey of old Indian and Oglethorpe Trail with a view to                       construction of
Ojinca, Daniel,
           pension granted to
Okanogan County, Wash.,
           payment authorized of local taxes on allotted Colville Indian lands
                      Appropriation for 59
           Drainage assessments on restricted Indian lands, approval of
           Education, medical attention, etc., contracts with States for, provisions inapplicable to 364
           Extension, by Executive Order, of trust periods on allotted Indian land in, which expire during                       1936 678
           Indian reservations, appropriation for miscellaneous irrigation projects 486
           Indians in—
                      Acquisition of lands, etc., within or without reservations
                      Funds available 499
                      Local cooperative associations, formation; purposes 499
                                 Charters, amendment or revocation 499
                      Organization for common welfare, constitution, etc 498
                      Osage County not affected 500
                      Restricted land, preference right to purchase on behalf of Indians 498
           Intoxicating liquors, certain Acts concerning manufacture, etc., on Indian Territory repealed;                       Indian school land 358
           Lead and zinc, State gross production tax, waiver of immunity in regard to lands of Quapaw                       Indians 512

           Red River, payment to, from royalties, oil and gas, south half of
405, 477, 520, 569
           State gross production tax on minerals, payment of, in respect of restricted Indian lands 552
           Texas, consent of Congress granted to interstate compact with, for construction, etc., of                       highway bridges over Red River; rights-of-way over unallotted Indian lands 139
Oklahoma Historical Society, Oklahoma City, Okla.,
           certain records of Five Civilized Tribes to be placed with
Olberg, C. R.,
           credit in accounts of
Old Natchez Trace,
           appropriation authorized for survey of, for construction of national road to be known as Natchez                       Trace Parkway
Oljeto and Montezuma Creeks Reservation, Utah,
           appropriation for irrigation and drainage
Omaha Agency, Nebr.,
           appropriation for support and administration
29, 111, 165, 224, 274, 321
Omaha and Winnebago Hospital, Nebr.,
           appropriation for construction and equipment
163, 183
Omaha Indians, Nebr.,
           appropriation for industrial assistance

Page 867

Omaha Reservation, Nebr.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain allotments which                       will expire during—
                      1930 668
O'Malley-Johnson Acts 364, 469
Onefeather, Anyoine,
           pension granted to
Ontnagon Agency, Mich.,
           appropriation for support and administration
Oraibi Sanatorium. Ariz.,
           appropriation for construction
Orders. See Executive Orders. Oregon:
           Claims of certain bands or tribes residing in, referred to Court of Claims
           Columbia River, certain lands connected with improvement project                       transferred to Secretary of the Interior 76
           Indian reservations,
                      appropriation for miscellaneous irrigation projects
Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, Ariz., establishment 640
Osage Agency, Okla.,
           appropriation for support and administration
30, 113, 126, 166, 225, 275, 322, 356, 419, 493, 539, 587
Osage County, Okla.,
           manufacture and sale of alcohol in, removal of restriction on
Osage Murder Trials, Okla.,
           appropriation for payment of expenses incident to
Osage Nation, Okla.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Attorneys prosecuting tax matters, expenses

25, 108, 161, 315, 350, 414, 487, 531, 580
                      Monument to those who died in war with Germany 31, 114
           Attorneys' fees, etc., oil and gas suits, sums authorized for, from royalties 190
                      Appropriation for 243
           Blair, Harry W., restrictions respecting certain counsel waived in favor of,                       in proceedings on behalf of 552
           Competency certificates, payment to Indians not holding 88
           Death of Indian not having competency certificate, disposition of property 89
           Homestead allotments of Indians not having competency certificate, tax                       exemption until Jan. 1, 1959 88
                      Extension until Jan. 1, 1984 608
           Lands, etc., held in trust to continue subject thereto until Jan. 1, 1959 87
                      Extension until Jan. 1, 1984 608
           Officers, quadrennial election of; filling of vacancies 90
           Oil, etc., lands reserved to, until Apr. 8, 1958; distribution of royalties 87
                      Extension until Apr. 8, 1983 607
           Outstanding obligations of restricted on Jan. 1, 1929, payment of 90
           Quarterly payment to adult members not having competency certificates                       from oil and gas royalties 606
                      Additional payments 607
           Surface owners, payment to, for damages from mining operations;                       settlement of disputes 88
           Tribal Council, use of funds for travel expenses 607
           Trust funds, deposit in banks only 609
           Unallotted Indians born since July 1, 1907, restrictions applicable to 89
           Unleased land, offering for oil and gas leases authorized; conditions 87, 608
           Wheeler-Howard Act, certain provisions not applicable to 381
Osage Reservation, Okla.:
           Appropriation for expenses incident to oil and gas production
30, 113, 126, 166, 225, 275, 322, 356, 419, 493, 539, 587
           Mineral lands, provisions regarding leasing of, not applicable to lands of 593
Osage Tribal Council,
           appropriation for expenses, visits to Washington, D. C
30, 113, 166, 225, 275, 322
O'Shea, Jerry,
           payment to, for property damage
Otoe Reservation, Okla.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period covering allotments which                       will expire during 1932
           During 1935 678
Otoe Tribe, Okla.:
           Extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain allotments which                       will expire during 1931
           Wheeler-Howard Act, certain provisions inapplicable to 381
Ottawa Tribe, Okla.,
           certain provisions of Wheeler-Howard Act not applicable to
Ownby, A. J.,
           conveyance to, validated
Owyhee River,
           investigation respecting dam construction across, in or near Duck Valley                       Indian Reservation authorized
                      Appropriation for 265
Ozette Railway Co.,
           modification of timber sales contracts, Quinault Indian Reservation, Wash.,                       stipulations to be included

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