Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Volume V


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Page 861

Machook-a-rats (Chester),
           revocation of withdrawal of certain lands containing oil shale, Utah, in order that trust patent can                       be issued to
Mackinac Agency, Mich.,
           appropriation for support and administration
28, 111, 164, 223
Makah Reservation, Wash.,
           appropriation for irrigation and drainage
Manybear, Andrew, payment to 455
Marsh, George, payment to 625
Martin, J. B., Seattle, Wash.,
           payment to, for property damage
Marysville School District, Snohomish County, Wash.,
           appropriation authorized for cooperation in school construction; attendance of Indian children
                      Appropriation for 439
McCallib, David C.,
           claim for compensation for services to Mississippi Choctaw Indians referred to Court of Claims
McCullough, Halle D.,
           credit in accounts
McGhee, L. D., payment to 625
McManigal, E. P.,
           payment to, for grazing fees

Page 862

Medical Attention,
           contracts with States to provide to Indians authorized
364, 469
Medicine Lake, Mont.,
           appropriation authorized for cooperation in school construction; attendance of                       Indian children
                      Appropriation for 439
Medicine Lodge, Kans.,
           erection of marker to commemorate peace council in 1867, appropriation                       authorized
                      Appropriation for 60
Medicine Walk, Belle, payment to 398
Medicine Walk, Catherine, payment to 398
Menominee Indians, Wis.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Advisory board or general council, expenses
                      Audit of tribal funds 420, 483
                      Industrial assistance 14, 98

                      Per capita payments
32, 123, 197, 285, 340, 494, 542
           Appropriations for support and administration made available for hospitalization 474
           Attorneys, employment of general, authorized; expenditure authorized from tribal                       funds 234, 335
           Claims of, referred to Court of Claims 450, 565
           Enrollment of members—
                      Appeal from enrollment decision
                      Application for enrollment 374
                      Back annuities, per capita payments, restriction on 375
                      Certification of list of persons who have applied for enrollment 374
                      Certified roll, preparation of 374
                      Conflicting Acts or customs repealed 375
                      Eligibility to enrollment 374
Menominee Reservation, Wis.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Bridge construction
                      Hospital and quarters, construction 61
                      Keshena Hospital, construction of addition to, from tribal funds authorized 110
                      Timber operations, fair market stumpage value of timber cut during fiscal                                  year to be fixed; payment to members 373
Merrill, F. N., payment to 628
Mescalero Agency, N. Mex.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Employees' cottages
                      Support and administration 29, 111, 126, 165, 224, 274
                      Telephone lines, construction and repair 147
Mescalero Hospital, N. Mex.,
           appropriation for maintenance, etc
27, 109, 162, 221, 272, 319, 354, 417, 490, 535, 584
Mescalero Indians; N. Mex.,
           appropriation for industrial assistance
98, 481
Mescalero Reservation, N. Mex.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Irrigation and drainage
530, 579
                      Office building, construction 589
                      Reimbursement for destroyed, diseased cattle 514
                      Water supply, development 15, 99, 152, 210, 263, 311
                      Catholic Indian Missions, Bureau of, land patent on, issued to 68
Metlakahtla, Annette Islands Reserve, Alaska,
           appropriation for pay of employees, relief, etc
418, 492, 536
Metlakahtla Indians of Alaska:
           Citizenship granted to
           Deposit of certain revenues as trust funds authorized 556
           Ryan, Charles A., citizenship granted to 626
Metropolitan Water District of Southern California,
           certain lands granted for rights-of-way, etc.; Indian lands, payment for
Mexican Border Service Medal,
           issue authorized without expense to recipients; replacement
Mexican Service Medal,
           issue authorized without expense to recipients; replacement
Meyer, Harvey K.,
           credit allowed in accounts of
Michel, William, payment to 455
           conveyance of property of Mount Pleasant Indian School to State; admittance of                       Indian pupils to State institutions
Middle Oregon Tribe of Indians, Oreg.,
           claims referred to Court of Claims
Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, N. Mex.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Government engineers, etc., payment of salaries
135, 214, 266, 314, 349
                      Operation and maintenance assessments on newly reclaimed Indian lands 484, 529, 549, 578
                      Payment to 155, 214, 265, 413, 578
                      Reconnaissance work in conjunction with 2
           Cochiti, etc., Indians, surveys to determine if lands of, can be irrigated 632
           Pueblo Indian lands, agreement with, authorized, for irrigation of 34, 444, 606
                      Appropriation for payment 60, 121, 242, 384

Page 863

Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, N. Mex.—Continued.
           Pueblo Indians, N. Mex., repayment for extra construction work for benefit of lands                       of
           Repayment of unpaid share of construction costs for construction, etc.;                       appropriation authorized 605
                      Agreement for payment of future operation, etc., costs 605
                      Albuquerque Indian School, operation and maintenance charges on lands                                  included within 605
                      Operation and maintenance costs, years 1934-1937 605
Miles City, Mont.,
           amount available for education of youths at United States Range Livestock                       Experiment Station
104, 157, 215, 267, 315
Milk River Project, Mont.,
           appropriation for operation and maintenance
Miller, Edith H., payment to 503
Millichamp, F. Stanley,
           payment to, for property damages
Mills, H. E., payment to 245
Mineral Lands:
           Leasing of, owned by Indians, authorized
                      Approval of leases 592
                      Public sales of leases; terms and conditions 592
                      Surety by lessees 592
Mineral Leasing,
           appropriation for enforcement of acts relating to
168, 227, 277, 358, 495, 542, 591
           Chippewa Indian territory, boundaries established
           Chippewa Indian treaties, modification of certain, so that certain lands no longer                       to be considered "Indian country" 370
           Lands patented to State, title confirmed 177
                      White Earth Indian Reservation, waiver of claim to lands in 178
           Red Lake Indian Reservation, sale of timberland in former, authorized 197
           Swamp Land Act, reimbursement to Chippewa Indians for lands set aside under                       treaty provisions and patented to State under provisions of 424
                      Appropriation for 479
           White Earth Indian Reservation, sale of certain land within ceded portion, to State,                       authorized 200
Minnesota National Forest Reserve, lands withdrawn from, for use of Chippewa Indians            of Minnesota; reimbursement from tribal funds 424
Mission Agency, Calif.,
           appropriation for support and administration
28, 111, 164, 223, 243, 274, 321, 355, 418, 492, 537, 585
Mission Indians, Calif.:
           Capitan Grande Band, certain land set aside for benefit of
           Morongo Band, extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on lands which                       expires during 1933 658
           Pala Band, extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on lands which expires                       during 1935 659
           Torres-Martinez Band, extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on lands                       which expires during 1935 659
           Santa Rosa Band, acquisition of land for, authorized 512
                      Appropriation for 548
Mission Reservation, Calif.,
           appropriation for irrigation and drainage
530, 579
Mississippi Choctaw Indians,
           claims for compensation for services to, in acquisition of citizenship in Choctaw                       Nation referred to Court of Claims
Missouri River,
           bridge authorized across, from Fort Belknap Indian Reservation
Missouria Reservation, Okla.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period covering allotments which will                       expire during 1932
Missouria Tribe, Okla.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain allotments which will                       expire during 1931
Moapa River Reservation, Nev.,
           appropriation for irrigation and drainage
263, 486
Modoc Tribe of Indians,
           reinstatement of suit authorized before Court of Claims by Act of May 26, 1920
Mohuache Band of Utahs in New Mexico,
           unratified treaty with, Sept. 11, 1855
Moiese, Sophie, payment to 455
Mono County, Calif.,
           exchange of certain land and water rights in, by Los Angeles, for benefit of Indians
Monroe, William, payment to 631
           Chief Joseph Battle Ground of the Bear's Paw, withdrawal of certain public lands                       and designation as
           Land claims of certain Indians in, under act of Mar. 13, 1924, amount of 190
Montezuma National Forest, Colo.,
           lands added to; amount to be credited to Confederated Bands of Ute Indians

Page 864

Moore, James R., payment to 628
Moore, Robert F.,
           homestead entry validated
Moqui Indian Reservation, Ariz.,
           status not affected by redefinition of Navajo Indian Reservation
Morongo Reservation, Calif.,
           appropriation for irrigation and drainage
15, 99, 152, 211, 263, 311, 348, 410, 482, 527, 576
Mount Pleasant, Mich.,
           appropriation for support, etc., of Indian pupils
23, 106, 158, 217, 269, 293, 316
Mount Pleasant Indian School, Mich.,
           conveyance of property to State for institutional purposes; admittance of                       Indians to State institutions
Murray, Frank,
           investigation of removal from Bad River Indian Reservation, Wis., directed;                       payment, if removal illegal

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