Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Volume V


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Page 860

Lac Court Project, Wis.,
           transfer of certain lands from Secretary of Agriculture to Secretary of the Interior in                       connection with
Lac du Flambeau, Wis.,
           block within Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation granted for public-school site
Lac du Flambeau Agency, Wis.,
           appropriation for support and administration
29, 111, 165, 224, 275, 321
Lac du Flambeau Indians, Wis.,
           appropriation for industrial assistance
Lac du Flambeau Reservation, Wis.,
           unallotted lands on, sale of certain authorized
Laforge, Josephine,
           issue of homestead patent to
LaForge, Thomas C.,
           issue of land patent to, authorized
Laguna and Acoma Indians, N. Mex.,
           appropriation for maintenance and operation of irrigation system
19, 102, 155, 213, 265, 313, 349
Laguna Project, N. Mere.,:
           transfer of certain lands from Secretary of Agriculture to Secretary of the Interior in                       connection with
Laguna Pueblo, N. Mex.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Compensation for loss of land and water rights
                      Irrigation system, maintenance and operation 135, 242
Laguna Sanatorium; N. Mex.,
           appropriation for
27, 109, 162, 221, 272, 319
Lake and Missoula Counties, Mont.,
           appropriation authorized for cooperation in school construction; attendance of Indian                       children
                      Appropriation for 438
Lake Andes, S. Dak.,
           appropriation for construction of spillway and ditch
21, 123, 155, 214
Lake County Homesteads, Calif.,
           transfer from Department of Agriculture to Department of the Interior
Lake of the Woods,
           certain lands bordering, ceded by Chippewa Indians of Minnesota, subjected to flowage                       easement; transfer of sum for compensation
                      Certain Executive Orders revoked 568
Lake Superior Indians, Mich.,
           abandoned school-site at Zeba transferred to L'Anse Band
Lamb, Gertrude,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on allotment of, which expires during 1932
Lands and Water Rights,
           appropriation for acquisition of, pursuant to Wheeler-Howard Act
407, 479, 523, 572
L'Anse Project, Mich.,
           transfer of certain lands from Secretary of Agriculture to Secretary of the Interior in                       connection with
Larkin, W. R., payment to 628
Lau, Charles, payment to 628
Lau, Joseph E., payment to 628
Layman, Vida T.,
           payment to, for traveling expenses
Leavitt Act 295, 496

Page 861

Leech Lake Reservation, Minn.:
           Road construction authorized
           Use of tribal funds for construction of sanatorium authorized 110
Leupp Agency, Ariz.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Approaches to Canyon Diablo and Little Colorado River bridges
                      Support and administration 223, 274, 321
Leupp Hospital, Ariz.,
           appropriation for maintenance, etc
108, 162, 221, 272, 319, 353, 417, 490, 535, 583
Leupp Indian School, Ariz.,
           appropriation for flood protection and drainage
268, 315
Lewis, Cora M., payment to 628
Lewis, Omer D.,
           payment to, for hospital, etc., expenses
Lewis, Walter H., payment to 628
Light, William A., payment to, for injuries 69
Liljenquist, Tura (Mrs.), payment to 397
           Appropriation for suppression of traffic in, among Indians
240, 609
           Laws not to apply to former Indian lands now outside Indian reservations 390
           Oklahoma, repeal of certain Acts concerning manufacture, etc., on Indian                       Territory; Indian school lands 358
           Sale, etc., to certain Indians prohibited 600
                      Introduction, etc., into Indian country 601
                      Penalty for violation 601
Liston, Lillie, payment to estate of 626
Little River Drainage District, No. 2, Okla.,
           appropriation authorized for payment of assessments against Indian lands
                      Appropriation for 120
Little Soldier, Eugene, pension granted to 129
           Appropriation for—
                      Dourine, reimbursement for destroyed, infected with
152, 210, 262, 310
                      Suppression of contagious diseases 1, 119
Loneman, Mary, pension granted to 130
Long Bell Lumber Co., Ponca City, Okla., payment to 627
Long, Julia, payment to 509
Looking Elk, Oliver, pension granted to 130
Los Angeles, Calif.,
           exchange of certain lands and water rights in Inyo and Mono Counties for                       benefit of Indians
Lower Brule Agency, S. Dak.,
           appropriation for support and administration
29, 111, 126, 165, 224
Lower Brule Reservation, S. Dak.,
           extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain allotments which will                       expire during 1928
Lower Skokomish, Wash.,
           appropriation authorized for cooperation in construction of school building;                       attendance of Indian children
Lower Umpqua Tribe of Indians, Oreg.,
           claims referred to Court of Claims
82, 285
Loyal Shawnee Indians,
           appropriation authorized for payment of award under treaty of 1868;                       allowances to attorneys
                      Appropriation for 137
Lummi Diking Project, Wash.:
           Appropriation for construction
411, 483, 527, 576
                      Repair of flood damages 331
Lummi Reservation, Wash.:
           Appropriation for—
                      Irrigation and drainage
                      Reclaiming certain lands within 20, 215, 314
                      School improvements 158
           Road construction on, appropriation authorized 36
                      Appropriation for 60
Lynn Brothers' Benevolent Hospital, Idaho, payment to 501

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