Vol. V, Laws     (Compiled from December 22, 1927 to June 29, 1938)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1941.

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Volume V


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Page 846

Dady, John W., credit in accounts 455
Dagenett, Charles E., credit in accounts 453
Damage Claims, appropriation for payment 58
Day Schools, discontinuance of certain, where attendance diminished 21, 104
Dean, W.H., payment to 504
Debts, Reimbursable, adjustment of, authorized 295
Delaware Indians, Okla.:
           Suit before Court of Claims under Act of Feb. 7, 1925, limitation on attorneys' fees
           Wheeler-Howard Act, certain provisions not applicable to 381
Delaware Project, Okla., transfer of certain lands from Secretary of Agriculture to Secretary of the
   Interior in connection with
Departments. See name of Department.
Devils Lake Homesteads, N. Dak., transfer from Department of Agriculture to Department of the
Devils Lake Reservation, N. Dak., extension, by Executive Order, of trust period on certain
   allotments which will expire during—
           1932 642
           1933 642
Dickinson, C.B., credit in accounts 454
Dillon, John S., desert-land entry allowed 509
Docket of Indian Claims Cases, pending in Court of Claims December 1938 809
Dohmeyer, Bessie O'Bryan, payment to, for value of allotment 67
           Appropriation for 58
Dominguez, Felicitas, payment to 627
Donations, acceptance of, to schools, institutions, etc., authorized 198

Dourine, appropriation for reimbursement for destroyed livestock infected with
152, 210, 262, 310
Doyle, John T., issue of homestead patent to, authorized 246
Doyle, Thomas (Mrs.), issue of land patent to, authorized 247
Draper, Joe, land patent to 509
Dredge, Jessie H., payment to 628
DuBoise, Archie, payment to, for value of allotment 67
           Appropriation for 58
Duchesne County, Utah, appropriation for school construction; attendance of Indian children 440
Duck Valley Irrigation Project:
           Concessions on reservoir sites and other lands authorized; use of receipts
           Withdrawal, by Executive Order, of public lands for use in connection with 669
Duck Valley Reservation, Nev.:
           Dam construction across Owyhee River, investigation respecting, authorized
                      Appropriation for 265
Dunlap, Ernest B. (Dr.), payment to 459
Duquaine, David, Jr., payment to 502
Dussome, Carl J. Reid, trust patent to, of lands on Kiowa Indian Reservation, Iowa 70
Dygert, Roy J., payment to 628

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