Vol. IV, Laws     (Compiled to March 4, 1927)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1929.

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Volume IV


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Page 1381

Oakland Reservation, Okla.,
           trust periods on certain allotments to Tonkawas on, extended
Oasis Hospital, Arizona,
           appropriation for maintenance of
55, 108, 149, 196, 237, 294, 339, 375, 441, 499, 538, 925.
Occupancy of Land, rights, etc., of Indians to possession and 1166-1175
Oconalufty River, N. C.,
           appropriation for constructing bridge across, near Cherokee school;                       local cooperation
162, 209
Oil and Gas Deposits,
           provisions for leases, etc., of, on unallotted lands in reservations
           reserved to Indians on undisposed of lands of Fort Peck Reservation,                       Mont 944
Oil and Gas Lands, Five Civilized Tribes,
           appropriation for inspectors, etc
27, 79, 168
Oil and Gas Lands, Reservations,
           mining leases authorized for 10 years, of unallotted lands
                      lands of Five Civilized Tribes and Osages excepted 418
                      production subject to State taxation 418
Oil, etc., Lands, Osages, Oklahoma,
           provisions for leases, royalties, etc
Oil Lands,
           leases authorized in ceded Shoshone Reservation, Wyo
Oil Royalties,
           Executive order determining, Osage Reservation, Okla
Oil Spring Reservation, N. Y.,
           game and fish laws of New York made applicable to, etc
                      issue of permits and licenses exclusive right of Seneca Nation 911
                      provisions not applicable to lands acquired by New York by                                  condemnation 911
Okanogan County, Wash.,
           purchase of water rights for allotments in; reimbursement
Okanogan Valley (West) Irrigation District, Washington,
           appropriation for paying charges against Indian allotments in
           conveyances, etc., of Five Civilized Tribes in
                      statutes of limitations of, applicable against restricted Indians 519
           drainage assessments allowed on Sac and Fox Agency lands in 95
           Executive orders relating to Absentee Shawnee and Citizen                       Pottawatomie allotments 1032, 1042
                      Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians of 1034, 1043
                      Eastern Shawnees 1035
                      Modoc Indians 1042

Page 1382

           Executive orders relating to Osage Reservation
                      Ottawa, Seneca, and Wyandotte Indians 1038, 1043
                      Pawnee Indians 1040
                      Ponca Indians 1040
                      Tonkawa Indians 1042
           homestead entries on Kiowa, etc., pasture reserve lands, cancelled for failure to                       complete, etc 191
           lands of Choctaws and Chickasaws to be sold to, for game preserve 168
           Pottawatomie County, drainage assessments approved 5
           receipts from designated lands of Kiowa, etc., Indians in, to be set aside as a                       trust fund 558
                      payment of part of, to the State, etc., in lieu of taxes on tribal funds 558
           royalties from oil lands in, south of Red River, to be retained 558
           sale authorized of portion of reserved Choctaw and Chickasaw lands to, for                       sanatorium site 285
                      treatment of both white and Indian citizens of 285
           sale of certain former Kiowa, etc., lands to Tillman County, etc 92
           sale of land in Kiowa County, authorized 479
                      proceeds to purchase tract for cemetery for Kiowa, etc., Indians 479
           sale of land for military purposes to 23
           statue of Sequoyah from, accepted for Statuary Hall 143
           tax allowed on minerals produced from leases of Quapaw restricted allotments 316
Omaha Agency, Nebr.,
           appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at, from tribal funds
222, 261, 315, 349, 385, 502, 540, 927
           deficiency appropriation for civilian employees at 509
Omaha and Winnebago Indians, Nebr.,
           Executive orders extending trust period
Omaha Indians, Nebraska,
           deficiency appropriation for per capita payment to
           drainage assessments on allotments of, in Wakefield district, approved 72
                      payment; limit 73
                                 repayment from Indian funds 73
           per capita payment of interest to, Court of Claims' judgment 477
           trust patent lands of, subject to State, etc., taxes 102
                      not subject to tax, etc., sale 102
                      payment from Indian funds 102
                                 release if none available 102
Omaha Reservation, Nebr.,
           appraisal and sale of all unallotted lands of; limitation
                      sales at not less than appraised value, to highest bidder 469
                      underground mineral rights reserved for benefit of entitled children 469
                      reservations of lands for agency, school, and tribal cemetery 469
                      pro rata division of net proceeds 469
                      amount authorized for expenses 470
                      no sale, etc., while agency and school for tribe maintained 470
           Executive order relating to Indians of 1026
           public roads allowed through 46
Oneida Indians, Wisconsin,
           trust period on allotments to, extended
1052, 1056
Oneida, Wis.,
           appropriation for boarding school at
           purchase of dairy cattle for 87
Oraibi Wash Irrigation District,
           appropriation for maintenance, etc., of
293, 338, 374, 433, 492, 529, 917
           Executive order relating to Grande Ronde Indians of
                      Siletz Reservation 1045
                      Warm Springs Reservation 1045
           gold, etc., mining leases allowed on unallotted withdrawn mineral lands of                       Reservations in 222
           mining leases allowed of metalliferous and nonmetalliferous deposits on                       unallotted withdrawn reservation lands in 910
Osage County, Okla.,
           appropriation for expert services adjusting appraisement, etc., of lands in
           tax allowed on royalties from oil and gas of Osages for road and bridge                       construction 308
Osage Indians, Great and Little,
           may be removed from Kansas with their consent
                      permanent home in Indian Territory provided 945
                      appropriation for removal, subsistence, etc 945
                      sale of lands, etc., in Kansas 945
           diminished reserve of Indians in Kansas to be surveyed 946
           pay for stock, farming utensils, etc 946
           rights of persons not of Indian blood to lands, etc., of, may be sold, etc 409
           treaty of 1863 (unratified) 1129
Osage Indians, Oklahoma,
           appropriation for common schools
                      for support of Osage Boarding School, etc., from oil and gas royalties 164

                      for agency expenses
164, 253, 352, 388, 503, 541, 928
                      for agency office building 164, 212, 253, 308
                                 per capita allowance 164
                      allottees may exchange homestead allotments for other vacant lands 164
                                 may sell surplus and homestead allotments 165

           appropriation for vocational instruction, tribal funds
164, 212, 253, 308, 353, 388

                                 Saint Louis Boarding School
164, 212, 253, 308, 353, 388, 440, 499, 537, 924
                      renewal of contract 440, 499

                      for oil and gas production expenses
212, 308, 352, 388, 503, 541, 928

                      for visits of council to Washington
253, 308, 353, 388, 503, 541, 928
                      for expert services adjusting appraisement, etc., of lands in Osage County 308
                                 paving streets, etc., within Pawhuska, Okla., adjoining tribal                                             property 388

Page 1383

Osage Indians, Oklahoma—Continued
           appropriation for instruction of children from tribal funds
440, 499, 924

           provisions for determining heirs of deceased Indians not applicable to
11, 57, 110, 152, 297, 342, 378, 430, 488, 525, 913
           appraisement of lands of, in Osage County as basis of assessment 121
                      use of tribal funds for expenses 121
                      settlement of claims 121
           deemed Indian country under laws forbidding intoxicants 121
           claim of, for moneys due from sale of ceded lands, submitted to Court of Claims 284
                      jurisdiction; basis of damages, procedure, etc 284
                      award to credit of indiviudal Indians 295
           oil, gas, etc., lands of, reserved to the tribe until April 7, 1946 316
           leases of oil and gas, existing April 7, 1931, extended 15 years 316
           unleased lands to be offered for oil and gas leases 317
           surface owners or lessees to be paid for damages from oil, etc., mining operations 317
                      appeal to courts if dissatisfied with amount awarded 317
           members of tribe declared citizens 317
                      interest in tribal property not affected 317
                      alienation restrictions on adults of less than one-half Indian blood removed 317
                                 determination of status 317
                      homesteads held by original allottees not subject to taxation until April 8,                                  1931 317
           quarterly payment to competent Indians, pro rata share, from income 317
                      adult incompetent members, $1,000 317
                      legal guardian of minors, $500 317
                                 under supervision of agency superintendent 317
                      investment of remainder for individual members, after paying taxes 317
           reservation of amount for expenditures authorized by Congress annually from                       tribal funds 317
           payment of outstanding obligations of incompetents 317
           State tax authorized on oil or gas produced 318
                      payment from royalties 318
                      additional tax authorized from royalties for roads and bridges 318
                                 annual report of county officials of use thereof 318
           quarterly payments to competent adult members, from income 479
                      restricted if without certificate of competency 480
                      to legal guardians of minors 480
                      rentals and other income in addition 480
                      supervision of, to incompetents if wasting income, etc 480
                                 entire income without, allowed unless wasted 480
           investment of remainder after paying taxes,etc 480
           amount reserved for annual expenditure 480
           guardians appointed only for estate of member without competency certificate or of                       more than one-half of Indian blood 480
                      excess moneys, etc., returned to Secretary for disposition 481
                      on death, etc., funds to be delivered to superintendent of agency 481
                      accounting within 30 days, of funds paid to, etc 481
                                 tender all property to superintendent 481
                      action against, for failure to make satisfactory agreements as to                                  investments, etc 481
           payments to estates, etc., of restricted Indians 481
                      allowance for expenses 482
           devised lands to, of one-half Indian blood or more, inalienable 482
           revocation of competency certificate for misusing funds, etc 482
                      supervision of income 482
           no inheritance to person taking life, etc., of an Osage Indian 482
           debts contracted by members without competency certificate not valid unless                       approved by Secretary 482
           payments authorized of indebtedness incurred by incompetents by unlawful act of                       carelessness, etc 482
           no one but of Indian blood shall inherit from those of one-half or more of Osage                       Indian blood any right, title, etc., to restricted lands of tribe 482
                      not applicable to spouses under existing marriages 482
           rights of persons not of Indian blood to lands, etc., of, may be sold, etc 409
Osage Reservation, Okla.,
           Executive order relating to oil royalties
Osage School, Oklahoma,
           time extended for support of, from tribal funds
           land patent to
Otoe Agency, Okla.,
           appropriation for support, etc., of Indians at, from tribal funds
261, 315, 352, 502, 540, 927
Ottawa, Seneca, and Wyandotte Indians, Oklahoma,
           trust periods on allotments extended
1038, 1043
Owen, Robert L., et al.,
           deficiency appropriation for payment to, from Mississippi Choctaw funds
Owens River Valley Reservation, Calif.,
           appropriation for irrigation project on
194, 293, 374

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