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Chapter 2290

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Chap. 2290 Sac and Fox Indians in Iowa. Court of Claims to hear claims of.
Chap. 2290 Compensation to attorney.
Chap. 2290 Advancement of suit.
Chap. 2290 Evidence admitted.

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Chapter 2290
    Mar. 1, 1907. [S. 8533.] | [Public, No. 159.] 34 Stat., 1055.
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An act to authorize the Court of Claims to hear, determine, and adjudicate the claims of the Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Iowa, against the Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Oklahoma, and the United States, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That full legal and equitable jurisdiction, without regard to lapse of time, as hereby conferred upon the Court of Claims of hear, determine, and adjudicate, as justice and equity shall require, with right of appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States by any party in interest, all claims of the Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Iowa, against the Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Oklahoma, and the United States for money claimed to be due to them as their proportionate shares, according to theirnumbers, and not heretofore paid to or expended for them, of the appropriations made by Congress for fulfilling treaty stipulations with the confederated tribes of the Sac and Fox Indians of the mississippi, or arising from the disposal or sale of lands of said confederated tribes, or otherwise, including the claims set out in the Senate Document Numbered Sixety-four, Fifty-seventh Congress, first session, for which suit may be instituted in the Court of Claims within ninety days after the passage of this act by petition signed by the principal chief of said Sac and Fox Indians in Iowa, or by the attorney employed by the proper authorities of said Indians; the compensation to be paid to their said attorney by the Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Iowa, for his services and expenses rendered and to be rendered in the prosecution of said claims, shall be fixed by the Court of Claims on the termination of said suit. The Attorney General shall appear and defend in said suit, so far as the United States may be concerned. The Sac and Fox Indians in Oklahoma may appear, by counsel employed by their proper authorities, to defend on their behalf. Said suit, on motion of either of the parties thereto, shall be advanced on the dockets of either of said courts and be determined at the earliest date practicable. The reports made to Congress on any of said claims by any department of the Government and printed as congressional documents shall be received as evidence in said suit, so far as the facts therein may be concerned, and shall be given such weight as the court may determine for them.

Approved, March 1, 1907.1

1  See decision on appeal—Sac and Fox Indians of the Mississippi in Oklahoma v. U. S., 220 U. S., 481.

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