Vol. III, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1913)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1913.

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Eastern Cherokees:  
Appropriation to pay judgment of Court of Claims 261
Band status confirmed 16
Compromise of litigation in North Carolina 20
Interest on judgment of Court of Claims 423
Payment of expenses from judgment 412
Payments to members of council 309
Prosecution of suit in Court of Claims 16
Eastern Coal & Mining Co., exchange of leases authorized 516
Eastman, Demas, patent in fee to 225
Elaterite. (See Mining claims.)  
Elk, William, patent in fee to 224
Elko County School, Nevada, appropriation for 1905 61
Ellis, Bela, per capita payment to, 1905 47
Ellis, Charley, patent in fee to 213
Ells, William. (See Runs Bowing.)  
Elm, Abraham, patent in fee to 142
Elm, Abram, patent in fee to 248
Elm, Charles, patent in fee to 248
Elm, Rachel, patent in fee to 248
Emarthia, Okchun, restrictions removed 64
Emarthia, Salina, restrictions removed 64
Names not to be included in annual report 196
Right to practice before department, restricted in certain cases 212
England, Tillman, patent in fee to 213
Episcopal Church, grant of lands in Uintah Reservation, Utah 260
Esterbrook, Frank, minor children of, settlement of claims for attorneys' fees 553
Evans, R. O., & Co., payment to 67
Executive orders, authority of President to create reservations, memorandum concerning 692
Executors and administrators, leases to be approved by court 137
Exedine, Fred, per capita payment to 1905 47
Ezell, Victoria, patent in fee to 233


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