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Joint Resolution No. 16

Margin Notes
J. R. No. 16 Red Cliff Indian Reservation, Wis. Lands added to.
    Vol. 2, p. 648.
J. R. No. 16 Proviso. Division of allotments.

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Resolution No. 16
    Feb. 20, 1895. | 28 Stat., 970.
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Joint resolution to confirm the enlargement of the Red Cliff Indian Reservation in the State of Wisconsin, made in eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and for the allotment of same.

Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the lands in townships numbered fifty-one and fifty-two north, of range three west; fifty-one and

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fifty-two north, of range four west; and fifty-one and fifty-two north, of range five west, in Bayfield Country, Wisconsin, withdrawn from sale or location for the purpose of an enlargement of the Red Cliff Indian Reservation in said county by the several orders of the Commissioner of the General Land Office bearing dates May twenty-seventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, June third, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and September eleventh, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, be, and they hereby are, declared to be a part of said Indian reservation as fully and to the same effect as if they had been embraced in and reserved as a part of said Red Cliff Reservation by the provisions of the treaty with the Chippewas of Lake Superior dated September thirtieth, eighteen hundred and fifty-four; and said lands shall be allotted to the members of the Red Cliff band of said Chippewas of Lake Superior in accordance with the provisions of said treaty: Provided, That the President of the United States in making allotments may divide said lands between said Indians in such manner as will in his judgment be the most equitable.

Approved, February 20, 1895.

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