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CHAP. 209

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Chapter 209

Margin Notes
Chap. 209 Cherokee, N. C., Training School, superintendent to act as agent.
    [27 Stat., 614.]
Chap. 209 Agent abolished.
Chap. 209 Rations, etc., not to be issued on account of children who do not attend school.
    [27 Stat., 628.]
Chap. 209 except when, etc.
    1891, Mar. 3, c. 543, ante, p. 26, Stat. 989.
    1892, July 13, c. 164, ante, p. 63.
Chap. 209 Subsistence withheld to be credited to tribe.
Chap. 209 Costs of legal contests by or against Indians to be paid.
    [27 Stat., 631.]
    1875, Mar. 3, ante, p. 23.
    1884, July 4, ante, p. 31.
    1887, Feb. 8, ante, p. 33.
    1891, Feb. 28, ante, p. 57.
Chap. 209 District attorneys to represent Indians.
Chap. 209 Transportation, etc., Indians to be engaged.
    [27 Stat., 632.]
    R. S. 2069.
    1882, May 17, c. 163, s. 6, ante, p. 29.
Chap. 209 Rations, etc., may be withheld for nonattendance at school.
    [27 Stat., 635.]
    See ante, p. 65.

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Chapter 209
    Mar. 3, 1893. | 27 Stat., 612.
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An act making appropriations for current and contingent expenses, and fulfilling treaty stipulations with Indian tribes, for fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-four.

Be it enacted, &c., * * * The superintendent of the Indian Training School at Cherokee, North Carolina, shall, in addition to his duties as superintendent, perform the duties heretofore required of the agent at said Cherokee Agency, and receive in addition to his salary as superintendent two hundred dollars per annum, and shall give bond as other Indian agents, and that the office of agent be, and the same is hereby abolished at that place;

The Secretary of the Interior may in his discretion, establish such regulations as will prevent the issuing of rations or the furnishing of subsistence either in money or in kind to the head of any Indian family for or on account of any Indian child or children between the ages of eight and twenty-one years who shall not have attended school during the preceding year in accordance with such regulations.

This provision shall not apply to reservations or part of reservations where sufficient school facilities have not been furnished nor until full notice of such regulations shall have been given to the Indians to be affected thereby.

The amount and value of subsistence so withheld shall be credited to the tribe or tribes from whom the same is withheld, to be issued

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and paid when in the judgment of the Secretary of the Interior they shall have fully complied with such regulations.

To enable the Secretary of the Interior, in his discretion, to pay the legal costs incurred by Indians in contests initiated by or against them, to any entry, filing, or other claims, under the laws of Congress relating to public lands, for any sufficient cause affecting the legality or validity of the entry, filing or claim, five thousand dollars:

Provided, That the fees to be paid by and on behalf of the Indian party in any case shall be one-half of the fees provided by law in such cases, and said fees shall be paid by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, with the approval of the Secretary of the Interior, on an account stated by the proper land officers through the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

In all States and Territories where there are reservations or allotted Indians the United States District Attorney shall represent them in all suits at law and in equity.

Transportation of Indian supplies: * * * Provided, that Indians shall be employed in the transportation of supplies and in other work connected with the Indian service wherever practicable.

Hereafter the Secretary of the Interior may in his discretion withhold rations, clothing and other annuities from Indian parents or guardians who refuse or neglect to send and keep their children of proper school age in some school a reasonable portion of each year. [March 3, 1893.]

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