Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Wagons, manufactured by Indians on reservation 69,113
Wagon roads, Hoopa Valley Reservation, Cal 522
Sioux and Northern Cheyenne and Arapaho Reservations 169
Wagon transportation, Indians to be employed in 27
Wagoner, team of court at 88,120
Wahpeton band of Sioux (see also Sisseton and Wahpeton Sioux) payment for services in the Army in         certain wars 485,559
Walapai Agency, Ariz., statistics 1034
Walapai Reserve, Executive orders establishing 804
Walker River Reservation, Nev., allotment and cession of unallotted lands 751
Executive orders establishing 869
statistics 1045
Wallawalla, Umatilla Reservation, Oreg., allotments in severalty 224,225,226
statistics 1044
Wallowa Valley Reserve, Oreg., Executive orders establishing 894
Wapakoota Sioux, payment for services as scouts during certain wars 485,559
Wapeto, statistics 1033
Warrants, Creek Nation, payment to bona fide holders 668
Warehouse for Indian supplies, establishment at Omaha, Nebr 87,620
Warm Springs Agency, Oreg., statistics 1045
Warm Springs Reservation, Oreg., northern boundary defined 511
Wasco, statistics 1045,1046
Washington, city of, California agents not to visit except on order of Commissioner 6
violations to be reported to President 6
Washington, Executive orders relating to reservations in 901
Washington and Idaho Railroad Company, right of way through Coeur d'Alene Reservation, Wash 272
Washington Improvement and Development Company, right of way through Colville Reservation, Wash.,         for railroad, telephone, and telegraph 643
Washington Indian wars (1851 to 1856), pension to survivors of 123
Waziaziah Sioux, statistics 1041
Wea, allotments in Indian Territory 344
leases of 345
claim referred to Court of Claims 346
funds of, to be paid per capita 407
included in United Peoria and Miami tribe 148
Miami to unite with 147
mining leases valid for twenty-five years, persons occupying leased lands may be removed if            deemed improper 407
statistics 1040
Wealaka Boarding School, lands reserved for 735
Webbers Falls, Indian Territory, bridge to be constructedat 640
Wenatshapam, allotments in severalty to 530
embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Wenatshapam Fishery, cession of, by Yakima Nation 530
Western Cherokee (see also Cherokee, western band)—  
claim referred to Court of Claims 316
funds of, part of judgment of Court of Claims to be withheld 600
Western judicial district of Indian Territory created 120
Western Miami, allotments in Indian Territory 344
lease of 345
Western Shoshoni Agency, Nev., statistics 1045
Wetumka Boarding School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Wewoka town site, sale of lands in 663
term of court at 120,664
United States Commissioner to be appointed to reside at 105
Wheelock Orphan Seminary, lands reserved from allotment 775
White Earth Agency, Minn., statistics 1046
White Earth Reservation, Minn., all Chippewa may be removed to 303
allotments on 303
Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad Company granted right of way through 342,550
time for construction extended 619
Executive orders establishing 853
land grants for church and school purposes 150
Moorhead, Leech Lake and Northern Railroad Company granted right of way through 306
Ottertail band of Pillagers to settle on 133
Pembina band of Chippewa, purchase of one township of land for 143
pine lands in, sale of 576
St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railroad Company granted right of way through 317,515
time for construction extended 618
White Mountain Apache, funds, proceeds of part of reservation 468,740
statistics 1032
White Mountain Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 810
Indians of, funds from lands sold under act of February 20, 1893 468
part restored to public domain and to be sold 467,739,740
to be sold under mining laws 740
separate agency created 87
White Oak Point Reservation, Minn., Duluth and Winnipeg Railroad Company granted right of way         through 352,593
Executive orders establishing 854
White River Agency, murderers at, to be surrendered 181
White River band of Ute, allotments, lands unallotted restored to public domain 753
boundary of lands to be established 205
census of 184
grazing lands to be set apart for, in Uintah Reservation 799
mineral lands, sale of 753
payments to 753
removal to Uintah Reservation, Utah 181
statistics 1044
Wichita and affiliated bands—  
agreement of June 4, 1891 560
allotments in severalty 561
restrictions upon title 562
selections 561
cession of lands 560
claims not relinquished 562
payment for cessions 562
reservations for religious societies not to exceed 160 acres 562
reservation for schools, etc., reserved from allotment 561
commutation of homesteads for town-site entries 748
lands ceded in 1891, claim of Choctaw and Chickasaw to be determined in Court of Claims 564
mineral laws extended over 565
proclamation opening to settlement 1010
to be settled under homestead and town-site laws 563
proceeds of cession of 1891 to be held pending suit 563
statistics 1035
Wild Yakima, statistics 1046
Wildwood Cemetery Association, Seneca may grant lands to, for cemetery purposes 215
Willie Haskell College, lands in Cherokee Nation reserved for 724,790
Wimimiuchie Ute, agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
statistics 1043
Wind River Reservation, Wyo., cession of southern part 154
Executive orders establishing 936
reconstruction of bridge across Big Wind River 523
settlers prior to establishment to have claims for improvement, etc., investigated 666
southern boundary to be surveyed 154
Wine, introduction into Indian country prohibited 63
Winnebago, allotments in severalty 126,133
alienation 126,127,557
area to be 80 acres 126
cancellation of certain 287
claims of certain members for, settlement of 127
patents for 126
annuities 127
distribution of 189
manner of payment 127
census of those in Nebraska and Wisconsin 188
citizenship to be acquired by allottees on application to United States court 127
civilization of, expenditure for 188
debts, payment of 126
funds, apportionment between bands in Nebraska and Minnesota 189
distribution of 188
expenses of removal from Minnesota refunded 127
homesteads, persons holding to be entitled to participate in appropriation for civilization 188
improvements on ceded lands in Minnesota, sale 125
new reservation, erection 125
lands, alienation 189
legislation relative to, note 125
Omaha lands in Nebraska to be purchased for 153
patents for allotments to show restrictions 189
removal from Minnesota 125
expenses refunded 127
reservation in Minnesota ceded, sale of lands 125,126,286
to be established for use of 125
area 125
erection of houses on 125
removal to 125
Winnebago, statistics 1038
taxation of lands 128,189
treaty of April 15, 1859, payment of debts 126
Winnebago Reservation, Nebr.—  
Eastern Nebraska and Gulf Railroad Company granted right of way through 513
time for construction extended 616
Omaha Northern Railroad Company granted right of way 634
time for construction extended 749
sale of part of reservation 286
allotted lands, sale on cancellation of allotment 287
proceeds to be distributed 286
Sioux City and Omaha Railroad Company, right of way through 287,682
Winnebago Reservation, S. Dak., settlers removed from, claims to be paid 378,565
may reenter lands 338
Winnibagoshish Chippewa, statistics 1046
Winnibagoshish Reservation, Minn., Duluth and North Dakota Railway, granted right of way through 352,593
Executive orders establishing 854
Wisconsin, Executive orders relating to reservations in 928
Wishhams, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Witnesses, United States courts in Indian Territory, fees of 43
in felony cases 122
Wolf Point subagency, Assiniboine of, agreement of December 31, 1886 261
Wolf River, logging on in Menominee Reservation, Wis 153
Women's National Indian Association, 5 acres reserved for use of in Omaha Reservation, Nebr 271
Writ of possession, in actions for lands held by persons denied citizenship in Five Civilized Tribes 92
Wyandot, Absentee (see Absentee Wyandot)—  
allottees of certain land in Quapaw Agency may convey part 600
statistics 1040
Wyandot Reservation, Ind. T., allottees of certain lands may sell and convey part 600
Wylackie, statistics 1041
Wyoming, Executive orders relating to reservations in 936


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