Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Uintah band of Ute, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
allotments in severalty 753
grazing lands to be set apart in Uintah Reservation 799
lands unallotted restored to public domain 753
payments to 753
statistics 1044
Uintah and Ouray Agency, Utah, statistics 1044
Uintah Reservation, Utah, allotments to Uncompahgre Ute on 621,642
to be agricultural lands only 800
to Uintah and White River Ute 753
commission to allot lands and secure cession of residue 642
grazing lands to be set apart in 799
used in common 800
Indians of, to be credited with proceeds of sales of lands 272
irrigation right of way may be granted by Secretary of Interior 686
Indians to be protected 686
regulations to be established 686
mineral lands, sale of 753
part of reserve to be sold as public lands with consent of Indians interested 272
railroad right of way granted to Utah Midland Railroad Company 25
Raven Mining Company may enter certain claims 753
White River Ute to be removed to 181
Uintah Valley Reserve, Utah, Executive orders establishing 900
legislation relating to, note 271
sale of lands 271
Ukie, statistics 1041
Umatilla, allotments on Umatilla Reservation 224,225,226
statistics 1044
Umatilla Agency, Oreg., statistics 1044
Umatilla Irrigation Company, canal may be constructed by, through Umatilla Reservation, Oreg 387
time for construction extended 509
Umatilla Reservation—  
allotments in severalty 224
agricultural lands to be allotted 224
area of allotments 224
descent of, according to Oregon laws 225
disputes regarding, to be settled by Secretary of Interior 226
patents, to restrict sale for twenty-five years 225
boundaries 225
line between, and town of Pendleton 211
commission to allot lands, duties 225
Executive orders establishing reserve 891
funds of tribes on, proceeds of sale of part of reservation 211
industrial school, funds for support 227
reserve for 225
irrigation canal and reservoirs may be constructed by Blue Mountain Irrigation and Improvement          Company 457
canal may be constructed across by Umatilla Irrigation Company 387
time for construction extended 509
lands reserved for use in common 225
legislation relating to, note 209
patents for allotments, contents of 225
removal of tribes on, permissible 225
sale of lands 209,226,286,798
Oregon Railway and Navigation Company, rights not to be affected 211
surveys 225
Umpqua, statistics 1033
Uncompahgre Ute, allotments 546
confined to agricultural lands 800
on Uintah Reservation, Utah 621,642
Uncompahgre Reservation, Utah 621,686
census 184
commission to make allotments 546
removal to Grand River 181
statistics 1044
unallotted lands to be settled under homestead and mineral laws 546
Uncompahgre Ute Reservation, Utah, allotments to Ute on, unallotted lands to be sold 621,686
boundary of lands in Colorado to be established 205
Executive orders establishing 901
railroad right of way granted to Utah Midland Railroad Company 255
Union Agency, Ind. T., statistics 1045
United Peoria and Miami, allotments in Indian Territory 344
alienation restricted for twenty-five years 345
church and school lands reserved 344
patents, restrictions to appear on 345
lands unallotted to be divided after twenty-five years 345
sale permitted 753
leases of allotments and communal lands 345
United States commissioners in Indian Territory 53,72
additional to be appointed to reside at Durant, in Choctaw Nation 118
Wewoka 105
appeals from 53,73
appointment of three for each division 53
bond and oath of 53
civil jurisdiction of 73
complaints for arrests of persons selling or introducing intoxicants into Indian country before 64
criminal jurisdiction of Arkansas. Justices of the peace conferred upon 73
examination of persons accused of crime before 53
jurisdiction, irrespective of race 88
marriage may be solemnized by 53
not more than six for each district 72
place of holding court to be fixed by district judges 72
powers 73
salary 73
to act as notaries public and justices of the peace 53
western judicial district of Indian Territory 121
additional commissioner to be appointed 121
three continued in office 121
United States courts in Indian Territory—  
actions affecting tribal property, tribe to be made a party 90
appeals from 54
to circuit court of appeals, Eighth circuit 58,77
court of appeals of Indian Territory 75
Supreme Court 41,54
appeals to—  
from United States commissioners 73
in ascertaining damages for railroad rights of way 103
crossings and intersecting roads 55,116
station lands 78
attachment of improvements on tribal lands prohibited 50
buildings to be procured by marshal 41
central district of 71
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, in certain actions, irrespective of race 653
citizenship cases 91
appeals to United States district court 81
Supreme Court 101
clerks of court 40,72
appointment 40,72
bond 40,72
deputies 48
district court clerks 111,112
duties 40,72
marriages, to issue license and certificate, and may solemnize 52
oath 40
relative to, selection of jurors 42
recording of deeds 52
residence 40,72
salary 72
town-site plats to be filed with 96
district courts, $1,000 additional per annum to be allowed in place of fees 111,112
coal mining leases in Five Civilized Tribes, jurisdiction over 41
constables 73
corporations, jurisdiction over 111
court of appeals (see Court of Appeals in Indian Territory).  
criminal actions to be brought within division in which offense was committed 48
deputy marshals 40,72
additional for emergencies 72
district attorneys 39,71,85
assistants 48,72,85
salary, fee system abolished 85
districts 47,48,70
actions to be brought in district where defendant resides 48
boundaries between central and southern 118
western district created 120
English language to be used in all proceedings 41
equity powers in Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 654
executions 50
extradition of criminals 54
fees of jurors and witnesses 43
habeas corpus writs may be issued 43
injunctions may be issued 43
judges 39
additional to be appointed 71,88
assignment of districts 71
powers 71
salary 71
term of office four years 71
appointment 39
districts, substitution of judges in 71
extradition of criminals 54
habeas corpus, injunction and other process may be issued by 43
municipal bonds to be authorized by 118
oath 40
place of holding court 70,71
term of office 39
traveling expenses to be allowed 48
jurisdiction 39
actions between Indians 51,87,100
civil suits 40,47,74,87
corporations 111
criminal actions 40,74,87
circuit courts of Arkansas and Texas 51
district in which actions shall be brought 48
intoxicants, concurrent with Arkansas and Texas district courts 51
justice, crimes against 51
laws for protection of Indians to be enforced 51
lotteries, prohibition of 52
defendant in criminal prosecutions to be a resident of district 48
irrespective of race 87
in Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 653
Creek Nation 661
Seminole Nation 664
mining leases 41
jurors 74
fees 43
qualifications 42,43
Choctaw and Chickasaw to be competent 654
Indians speaking English language 88
to serve in Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 653
selection of 42,48
jury commissioners 42,48
Kansa Nation, district court at Pawhuska to have jurisdiction 87
mandamus, writ may be issued 43
marriages, licenses and certificates may be issued by clerks and deputies 52
may be solemnized by clerks and deputies 52
marshals and deputies 39,71,73,83
appointment 39,40
bond 40,83
fees and salary 39,85,122
oath 40
term of office 39
murder, trials for in Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, change of venue 654
northern judicial district 70
pleading and practice to be according to Arkansas law 41
procedure in conformity with United States laws 41
terms of court 41,70
held twice each year 41,48
judge to fix 70
places for 71,120
at Cameron transferred to Poteau 108
Wagoner 88
Wewoka 120,664
tribal courts, dissolved and cases transferred to United States courts 100
laws, not to be enforced 100
western judicial district 120
witnesses, fees 43
in felony prosecutions 122
United States district attorneys, Indians to be represented by, in all suits 66
Unsurveyed lands, allotments to Indians upon, to be adjusted when surveyed 33
Upper and Middle Spokan (see also Spokan), statistics 1030
Utah, Executive orders relative to reservations in 899
Utah and Northern Railroad, right of way granted across Fort Hall Reservation, Idaho 199,293,295
Utah Indian disturbances of 1850-1853, pension to survivors of 123
Utah Midland Railway Company, right of way through Uncompahgre and Uintah Reservation, Utah 255
Ute (see also Southern Ute in Colorado, Uintah Ute, and White River Ute)—  
agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
agency building for Weeminuche, Capote, and Muache bands 152
fund of $25,000 created 152
hunting on ceded lands permitted 152
intruders to be excluded from reservations 152
Ouray, salary of $1,000 per annum 152
reservation in Colorado ceded 151,152
treaty stipulations reaffirmed 152
Uncompahgre Park not ceded 152
agreement of November 9, 1878, appropriation to execute 176
agreement of March 6, 1880, ratified 180
agencies may be removed 182
allotments, area of 181,182
patents for 182
allottees not to remove 181
amendments 180,181
annuities, permanent fund for 182
to certain persons 180
treaty stipulations reaffirmed 183
cession of reservation may be made 181
Commission to have charge of removal and allotments 181
education to be provided for 183
funds, apportionment among bands 182
improvements on ceded lands, compensation for 183
murderers to be surrendered 181
removal of Southern Ute to La Plata River 181
Uncompahgre Ute to Grand River 181
White River Ute to Uintah Reservation 181
schools to be established 183
survey of lands 182
title to allotments 182
allotments, commission to make 184,185
patents 185
surveys 185
taxation forbidden 185
Uintah and White River bands 753
annuities, proceeds of ceded Colorado lands 185
Capote Band, agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
removal to new reservation 176
census of 184
consolidation of, in Colorado, upon White River Agency, President may negotiate for 174
funds, apportionment between bands 182
payment per capita in lieu of certain annuities 181
perpetual annuities created 182
fund of $50,000, annual interest on 185
proceeds of ceded lands 185
stipulations relating to, confirmed 183
stock may be delivered in payment 216
Grand River Band, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
lands in Colorado, disposal of those ceded 185,205
entries 205
homestead laws not applicable 185
improvements 185
proceeds of 185
establishment of boundary 205
part restored to public domain 217
laws of United States extended over allottees 185
legislation relative to, note 151
map of lands showing allotments, etc., to be prepared 184
Moache Band, agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
removal to new reservation 176
on Uintah Reservation, allotments to and cession of unallotted lands 642
funds of, proceeds of sale of lands under act of June 4, 1898 642
salaries to members, Ouray to receive $1,000 per annum 152
to be discontinued 186
statistics 1043,1044
stock may be delivered in lieu of per capita payments 216
survey of lands 185
Tabeguache Band, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
treaty stipulations reaffirmed 152
Uintah Band, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
Weeminuche Band, agency in Colorado to be established 157
agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
removal to new reservation 176
Yampa Band, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
Ute Commission, appointment 183
duties 182,184
removal and allotment of Ute 182
valuation of improvements on ceded land 183
report of proceedings 184
to be discontinued 216
Ute Reservation, Colo., establishment authorized 176
Executive orders establishing 834
lands ceded 151,180


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