Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Tabeguache band of Ute, agreement of September 13, 1873, ratified 151
Tahlequah, term of United States court at 70
Tallehassee Colored Boarding School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Tariff of 1890, goods and effects of Indians exempt 54
Taxation, allotments aliened by heirs of deceased allottees 120
Cherokee Nation, cattle grazing on tribal lands 727,798
leased allotments 727,798
noncitizens leasing allotments, not to pay 726
North Carolina lands, appropriation to pay 457
town-site lots 795
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations, allottees not to be taxed for 21 years 649
Creek Nation, lessees grazing cattle not to be taxed, except on tribal lands 765
of allotments not to pay for permit 738
town lots 660,734
in cities and towns in Indian Territory 95
Osage lands in Kansas 165
Ottawa lands in Kansas 144
town sites in Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 651
Teachers, employment of 7
agents to report names and salaries annually 32
Indian boys to be employed 87
tribe to direct employment, when 7
Telegraph and telephone lines 102,113
charges may be regulated by Congress 113
construction under direction of Secretary of Interior 113
damages for right of way 113
grants of right of way by Secretary of Interior 113
incorporated towns may regulate construction 113
Indian Territory 114
incorporation of companies 110
obstructing or injuring property, penalty 43
Seneca Telephone Company, granted right of way through 703
maps of definite location to be approved by Secretary of Interior 113
Oklahoma 114
Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company granted right of way through 676
regulations to be issued by Secretary of Interior 113
rights of way through Indian lands, allotments, etc., general provisions 102
tax where not locally taxed 113
Tenino, statistics 1045
Terms of United States court in Indian Territory 41
Territories, Indian lands excluded from boundaries of 3
Texas and New Mexico, Indian wars of 1849 to 1856, pension to survivors of 123
Texas, State of, Indians not to go into 28
Tillamook, Naalem band of, payment for release of claims under treaty of August 6, 1851 620
Timber, depredations on Indian reservations, penalty 37
general provisions for cutting and sale of 39
proceeds to be held for benefit of tribe 31
special provisions for, on lands of various tribes—  
Cherokee, orders for sale to pay taxes revoked 457
Chippewa reservations in Minnesota 89,576,685,755,757,760
Colville Reservation 667
Creek Nation, allottees may sell 738
Five Civilized Tribes, allottees may sell 97
sale for use in Indian Territory 108
regulations to be issued by Secretary of Interior 108
rents and royalties payable into United States Treasury 97
Fort Peck Reservation, Indians may use from adjoining lands 264
Grand Portage Reservation, allottees may cut and sell 713
Jicarilla Apache Reservation, N. Mex 522
Menominee Reservation, Wis., cutting of, regulated 194
Indian Department to have charge of cutting and sale 353,354
Minnesota Indians may cut and sell 89
Tishomingo, term of court at 121
Tohee, William, Chief of the Iowa, annuity to 396
Tonasket School, lands reserved for, on Colville Reservation, Wash 442,667
Tongue River Agency, Mont., statistics 1044
agreement of October 21, 1891 495
adopted members of tribe, rights of 495
allotments confirmed 495
additional to be made 495
descent by Oklahoma laws 495
cession of four townships 495
payment for cession 495
statistics 1039
Towns in Indian Territory, acquisition of lands for public uses 93
telephone and telegraph construction to be regulated by 113
Town-sites, all railroads through, to establish stations 66
Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, and Creek nations 95,96,106,107
appraisal of lands 96
cemeteries 93,96
coal lands included within, provisions for 96
commissions, appointment and duties of 95,106
for Creek and Cherokee nations 106
for separate towns 106
vacancies to be filled 112,751,796
pay of delayed commissions, Secretary of Interior to order 107
removal of commissioners by Secretary of Interior 107
towns of less than 200 inhabitants 751,795
work of, to commence on approval of plats 106
compensation to allottees when allotted land is taken 107
corporate limits of towns need not be coextensive with boundaries of town site 107
deeds for lots 96
exterior limits to be designated 107
regulations to be issued by Secretary of Interior 107
lands for cemeteries 93,96
maps, filing of 96,106
to be prepared and approved by Secretary of Interior before work of                          commissions may begin 106
town authorities may be allowed to plat 107
number of inhabitants to be 200 106
exceptions in certain nations 751
railroad stations, number of inhabitants not considered 107
plats and surveys 96,106,112
parks, land to be purchased for 96
railroad stations, establishment at, irrespective of population 107
sale of lots 96
proceeds to be distributed per capita 96
special provisions for—  
Cherokee Nation 718,793,794,795,796
area 793
lands reserved for 724
town of less than 200 751,795
Cherokee Strip 132
Chickasaw Nation 650,782
town less than 200 751
Choctaw Nation 650,782
towns less than 200 751
Creek Nation 659,731
area and selection of lands 763
cemetery lands 764
church lands 734
deferred payments a lien on lots 737
land reserved from allotment 735
park lands to be purchased 764
purchase of land for public buildings 734
railroad stations 763
Five Civilized Tribes, lands reserved from allotment 93
in Indian Territory, maps to be filed with clerk of United States courts 96
persons not to be ejected from 120
persons on leased coal lands not to be interfered with 96
Kansa Nation 768
Kiowa, Comanche and Apache, and Wichita lands ceded in Oklahoma, homestead            entries may be commuted for 748
Seminole ceded lands 341
Trade with Indians, employees of Indian service not to engage in 7
license required 16,29
agents, subagents, and superintendents to issue 16
Five Civilized Tribes excepted 29
term of license 16
to be revoked for trading in intoxicants 18
places for, to be designated and inserted in licenses 16
President to supervise 17
prohibited articles 17
regulations to be made by Commissioner of Indian Affairs 27
removal of cattle from Indian country forbidden 17
sale of arms and ammunition to hostiles forbidden 17
traders, appointment by Commissioner of Indian Affairs 27
bond 16
Five Civilized Tribes excepted 29
license 16,29
Osage Nation, provisions for 741
white employees to be licensed 29
Training schools, superintendents to act as agents 79
at Cherokee, N. C., special provisions 65,446
Transportation, Indian labor to be preferred 27
storehouse may be hired by Commissioner of Indian Affairs 27
Traveling expenses for persons required to travel 7
actual expenses only to be allowed 26
except marshals, clerks of court, and district attorneys 26
per diem for employees on special service 29
inspectors, allowance to 4
annual report of 4
judge of United States court in Indian Territory to be allowed 48
mileage only allowed marshals, district attorneys, and clerks of court 26
superintendent of schools 102
Treasurer of United States, custody of trust funds transferred to 26
interest to be collected and deposited by 26
purchases of stock and bonds to be made by 26
settlement of accounts of Indian service 1
Treaties, cessions of land to be made by 14
States may have representative present at making of 14
claims arising from, Court of Claims no jurisdiction 2
hostility of tribe a cause for abrogating 8
no further treaties to be made with Indian tribes 8
made prior to March 3, 1871, to be valid 8
stipulation as to allotments not affected by general allotment acts 57
Trespasses upon allotted lands by tribal Indians, deductions from annuities for 14
suspension of chiefs for 15
Tribal governments, acts and ordinances of Five Civilized Tribes to be approved by the           President 88
courts of, abolished in Indian Territory 50,100
cases transferred to United States courts 100
Cherokee courts abolished 727
Creek agreement not to revive 739
expiration of Cherokee government 726,796
Choctaw and Chickasaw government 654
laws not enforced in United States courts in Indian Territory 100
observed in citizenship cases 80
payments of money not to be made to 97
property of, abandonment of tribal relations not to forfeit right to 23
tribe to be made a party to suits affecting 90
Tribes, spelling of names 1021
statistics of 1027
treaties not to be made with 8
Truckee River Reserve, Nev., Executive orders establishing 868
Trust companies in Indian Territory 111
Trust funds (see also Funds of tribes and Annuities)—  
appropriation investing 10
bonds, abstracted and nonpaying, value of, to be held in Treasury at interest 69
custody to be transferred to Treasury of United States 26
deposit in Treasury at interest in lieu of investment 28
Five Civilized Tribes, commission to negotiate for disposition of 80
purchase money for reservations ceded under general allotment act to be held in Treasury at 3 per cent for education and civilization of tribe 34
statement of 1022,1023
stock investments to be made by President 10
annual reports to be made to Congress 10
special accounts of, to be kept 10
Tulalip, statistics 1044
Tulalip Agency, Wash., statistics 1044
Tulalip Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 925
Tule River Indians, statistics 1036
Tule River Reserve, Cal., Executive orders establishing 830
Tulerosa Reserve, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 879
Turtle Mountain Chippewa of North Dakota, commission to negotiate for cession of lands and            to report as to status of Indians 450
statistics 1031
Turtle Mountain Reserve, N. Dak., Executive orders establishing 885
Tuscarora, statistics 1037
Tuskahoma Female Seminary, lands reserved from allotment 775
Two Kettle Sioux, statistics 1030,1041


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