Vol. I, Laws     (Compiled to December 1, 1902)

Compiled and edited by Charles J. Kappler. Washington : Government Printing Office, 1904.

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Paiute, Moapa River Reservation, reduced to 1,000 acres 157
statistics 1035,1037, 1045
Palouse, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Palouse and Spokane Railway Company, right of way through Nez Perce Reservation in Idaho 351
Papago, statistics 1038
Papago Reservation, Ariz., Arizona Southern Railroad granted right of way through 211
Citrous Water Company, may construct an irrigationg ditch through 301
Executive orders establishing 805
Parallel railroads, grants to, forbidden 103
Paris, Choctaw and Little Rock Railway Company, right of way through Indian Territory 281
Park Hill Mission School, lands in Cherokee Nation reserved for 725,790
Parks, Cherokee Nation, town sites may purchase land for 795
Creek Nation, town sites may purchase land for 764
Partition of allotments, laws of State, or Territory to govern 34
Kansas to apply to Indian Territory 34
Passports to persons entering the Indian country 17
Pasturage on reservations, proceeds of, to be held for benefit of tribe 31
Patents for allotments under general allotment act 34,35
surrender of, on taking lien allotments 39
Pauls Valley, term of court at 71
Pawhuska, terms of district court at 87
Pawnee agreement of November 23, 1892 496
allotments in severalty 497
annuities, treaty of September 24, 1857, amended 498
cession of lands 496
disposal of 497
payment for 496,498
Creek lands purchased 161
funds of, proceeds of cession, November 23, 1892 496
surplus proceeds of Nebraska lands, $300,000 appropriated 160
legislation relative to, note 159
removal to Indian Territory, expenses, how paid 160
reservation in Indian Territory, established 160
allotments upon 161
Nebraska, sale of 139,159
advertisement 159
appraisals 159
improvements 159
patents 160
price of lands 159
proceeds, disposal of 160
waste by purchasers 159
statistics 1039
Payments, to contractors, approval of work before 50 per cent of price is paid 12
Indians, by whom to be made 8,79
Choctaw and Chickasaw to be per capita 654
special agents 76
in money, may be paid in goods 8
per capita and not to tribal authorities in Five Civilized Tribes 97
persons under influence of intoxicants not to receive 9
persons 18 years old may receipt for annuities 102
tribes at war not to receive 24
Pecan Creek Colored Boarding School, lands in Creek Nation reserved for 735
Peglow, J. W., lease of sand deposits from Seneca Nation, confirmed 744
Pembina Chippewa, statistics 1046
to settle on White Earth Reservation 143
Penalties, actions for 15
in violations of law relative to intoxicants, actions for 18
Pend d'Oreille, Bitter Root Valley lands to be sold, members of tribe may enter 160 acres 135
statistics 1032
Pension claims, agents may take acknowledgments 21,64
Indians not to take constitutional oath 22
limitations in pending claims of Indians extended 21
payment to pensioners in Indian Territory 30
proofs may be before agents 22
survivors of Indian wars 122
widows of Indian soldiers and sailors 21
proof of marriage 21
Peoria, allotments in Indian Territory 344
general act of 1887 not applicable 35
Quapaw Agency, sale of 100 acres by adult allottees holding over 200 acres 620
leases of 345
persons taking allotment to become citizens 54
sale by heirs of deceased allottees 702
sale to Miami Town Company for cemetery purposes 600
citizenship conferred upon allottees 54
claim referred to Court of Claims 346
funds of, to be paid per capita 407
mining leases valid for twenty-five years; persons occupying leased lands may be removed if           deemed improper 407
parents to be guardians of minor children 54
statistics 1040
surplus lands unallotted, disposal permitted 752
Per capita payments to be made to Indians 97
Cherokee Nation, officer of Indian Department to make 797
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations 654
Indians over 18 years of age may give receipt 102
Perjury, falsely testifying before commissioner to Five Civilized Tribes 99
Permanent annuities, Cherokee, Eastern Band, appropriation for 20
Permit taxes, Creek Nation, lessees of allotments not to pay 738
Perry's Island (Swinomish Reserve), Wash., Executive orders establishing 925
Personal property, mortgages of, in Indian Territory, recording of 84
Quapaw Agency, recording at Miami 700
Piankeshaw, allotments in Indian Territory 344
lease of 345
claim referred to Court of Claims 346
funds to be paid per capita 407
included in United Peoria and Miami 148
mining leases valid for twenty-five years; persons deemed improper may be removed from           leased lands 407
statistics 1040
agreement of February 11, 1887 261
allotments 263
area 263
descent by Montana laws 263
patents, contents of 263
title in trust for twenty-five years 263
tribal rights of allottees not prejudiced 263
preference to industrious Indians 262,263
surplus not required, retention for benefit of tribe 263
boundaries of reservation 262,266
cattle to have brand of Indian Department and not to be sold 262
cession of lands 262
employees at agency, Indians preferred 262
patents to indicate restrictions 263
purpose of agreement 262
rights of way through 264
to be separated from other tribes 262
legislation relative to, note 149
reservation established in Montana 150,262
statistics 1029
Pigeon River Improvement, Slide, and Boom Company, removal of obstruction to floating logs in     Pigeon River authorized 744
Pike, Albert, heirs of, may sue in Court of Claims for amount due from Choctaw Nation 565
Pillagers, Ottertail band, to settle on White Earth Reservation 133
Pima, statistics 1038
Pima Agency, Ariz., statistics 1038
Pima and Maricopa Reserve, Ariz., Executive orders establishing 806
Pima Reservation, Ariz., electric power plant may be constructed for, by Arizona Water Company 714
Pine lands, Chippewa reservations in Minnesota, sale of 303,304,576,757
Pine Ridge Agency, S. Dak., statistics 1039
Pine Ridge Reservation, South Dakota, boundaries defined 328
Pipestone Reservation, Minn.  
(See also “Red Pipestone Reservation, Minn.”)  
industrial schools to be established on 399
Pisquose, embraced in Yakima Nation 529
Pitt River Indians, statistics 1035,1041
Pittsburg, Columbus and Fort Smith Railroad Company, right of way through Indian Territory 359
Plats of surveys in Indian Territory, filing of 82
town sites in Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Creek nations, commissions to commence             work on filing of 106,107
filing of 96,106
town authorities may be permitted to make 107
Pocatello town site, boundaries of, fixed 294,295
water rights in Fort Hall Reservation 295,408
Police authority of Fort Smith extended over strip of land in Arkansas 92
crimes against, laws of United States to be enforced 36
employment of, Indians to be preferred 35
allotments to 332
annuities may be paid in money 599
woolen clothing to those in Nebraska and Dakota to be delivered by November 1 of each                    year 620
bridge across Niobrara River for access to reservation 510
civilization of, fund appropriated for 175
claims to be adjusted 191
fund of $70,000, established 191
lands in Nebraska, title extinguished 946
removal to Indian Territory 167,175
reservation in Indian Territory purchased 191
statistics 1039,1041
Ponca Agency, Oto and Missouri removed to 190
Ponca, Pawnee, Oto, and Oakland Agency, Okla., statistics 1039
Ponca Reservation, allotments on 332
telephone right of way granted Missouri and Kansas Telephone Company 676
Port Madison Reserve, Wash., Executive orders establishing 920
Posse comitatus, marshal may employ in executing process in Indian country 19
Post, Frederick, agreement with Coeur d'Alene for purchase of mill site 424
allotments in Indian Territory to Citizens Band 410
selection of 414
Citizens Band—  
agreement of June 25, 1890 409
allotments 410
cession of lands 409
payment for lands 411
allotments in severalty 410,520
excess of 80 acres may be sold by allottees 520
sale by heirs of deceased allottees 701
sale when allottees do not reside within the State or Territory 520,521,701
claim against United States and Prairie Band referred to the Court of Claims 414
lands in Oklahoma, proclamation opening to settlement 951
payments to, may be made in Kansas as well as in Oklahoma 457
payment of funds remaining unexpended of appropriation to execute agreement of June 25,                   1890 520
claims for losses of property of, referred to the Court of Claims 408
of Potawatomi of Indiana and Michigan referred to the Court of Claims 348
funds for stray bands in Wisconsin 127
lands in Kansas, allotments 568
conveyances by certain patentees confirmed 175
unallotted lands to be sold 567,680
Indians may purchase 568
patents to issue when paid for 588
proceeds to be held in trust 567
school lands excepted 568
surplus to be sold 680
lands in Oklahoma, settlers may commute entries and time for payment extended 505,565
legislation relative to, note 175
Prairie Band, allotments, absentees and children 681
claim of Citizens' Band against, referred to the Court of Claims 414
lands in Kansas to be sold 680
payment for lands 681
statistics 1036,1039, 1042
Potawatomi and Great Nemaha Agency, Kans., statistics 1039
Poteau, term of court at Cameron transferred to 108
Poteau River, Choctaw Nation, bridge across may be constructed by Fort Smith and Choctaw       Bridge Company 279
United States courts to settle controversies 328
Prairie Band of Potawatomi. (See “Potawatomi, Prairie Band.”)  
Presbyterian Board of Home Missions, reserve for school on Omaha Reservation in Nebraska 551
Presbyterian School, Tahlequah, lands in Cherokee Nation reserved for 724,790
President, acts and ordinances of Cherokee council to be approved by 112,728
Chickasaw council to be approved by 654
Choctaw council to be approved by 654
Creek council to be approved by 112,661,739
Five Civilized Tribes to be approved by 88
agents and superintendents, services may be discontinued by 5
allotments in severalty to be made by 56
trust period may be extended 34
appointment of agents 5
Board of Indian Commissioners 4
Commissioner of Indian Affairs 1
field officers of militia in Indian Territory 90
inspectors 4
special agents 6
subagents 6
consolidation and abolition of agencies by 29
detail of army officers as agents 100
discontinuation and transfer of agencies by 6
general superintendence of tribes moved west of the Mississippi 14
location of agencies to be designated by 6
military force may be employed by, to remove intruders 14
regulations regarding Indian affairs to be prescribed 1
settlement of accounts of officers 1
trade with Indians under direction of 17
treaties may be annulled by 8
Proceedings in rem to be as under revenue laws 15
in case of intoxicants seized 18
Proceeds of lands, interest on to be invested at not less than 5 per cent 10
Process, marshals executing in Indian country may employ posse comitatus 19
Property at reservations, not required, removal or sale of 101
Pryor Creek, term of court at 121
Public buildings, Cherokee Nation, sale of 725
lands, entry by Indians entitled to allotment 57
under homestead laws 31
expenses of sales under treaties not to be deducted from proceeds unless specially                   provided 32
land strip (Beaver County, Okla.), boundaries 45
lands open to settlement 46
patents for lands 505
Pueblo and Jicarilla Agency, N. Mex., statistics 1040
Pueblo Indians, statistics 1040
Pueblo Industrial School Reserve, Executive orders establishing 877
Pueblo of San Felipe, N. Mex., Executive orders establishing 878
Purcell, term of court at 71
Purchase of supplies, bids and advertisements 8
in open market under exigency 112
may be before appropriation on the basis of the preceding year 69
Secretary of War to buy from Indians when practicable 387
Push-e-ten-neke-que, life annuity of $500 granted to 701
Puyallup, agreement of November 21, 1876, with agent for Northern Pacific Railroad Company 465
statistics 1040
Puyallup Agency, Wash., statistics 1040
Puyallup Commission, appointment and duties 487,488
authority continued 560,752
completion of work 599
sale of allotted land 621
Puyallup Reservation, Wash., commission to sell lands, etc. (see Puyallup Commission)—  
Executive orders establishing 922
Indians of, alienation of allotments restricted 488
sale of part after ten years 488
Northern Pacific Railroad Company granted right of way through 465
Puyallup Valley Railway Company granted right of way through 290
Puyallup Valley Railway Company, right of way through Puyallup Reservation, Wash 290
Pyramid Lake Reserve, Nevada, Executive orders establishing 868


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